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Charisk is the non-binary ship between Frisk and Chara from the Undertale fandom.


Chara, the first human felt in the Underground, died long before Frisk began their journey, but somehow their essence was attached to Frisk's body when they fell in the Underground. Their very ambiguous relationship is determined by player's choices:

  • Chara remains silent during Neutral and True Pacifist run, except for showing their remembrance in some occasions; during Pacifist final boss battle, Frisks calls "someone else's" name, which have been speculated been Chara.
  • During a Genocide run, instead, there are some elements which have been interpreted by fans as if Chara was possessing Frisk's body;
  • At the end of a Soulless Pacifist run, Chara seems to take full control of Frisk's body, as their appearances are changed into Chara's ones.



Since canonically they're both children and Chara is some sort of ghost, many Charisk shipping AUs presumes Chara has somehow to be brought back. Many also take place after they've both grown up. Alternatively, they can be in an AU where Chara was born around the same time as Frisk and never died.

Since neither of their genders are specified in game, they're variously portrayed as an het, slash or femslash couple.

Some people ship it because Chara and Frisk have the a 'soul buddies/connected personalities/dark mirror'. They're both tied up with the Player Concept as well and are both shown to be kids, so it means there's effectively a heap of common ground between the two, especially for fans of pacifist interpretations of Chara/sympathetic Chara.

Regardless, the ship is mostly all sorts of headcanon. Most popular option is Frisk being the passive, cute and kind, while Chara is the strong, protective and caring; two people from the opposite angle.


Due to their similar appearances, the two are sometimes portrayed as siblings or otherwise related in fanon. Most commonly, they are either twins or Chara is the older sibling by a few years. In a combined Undertale/Deltarune AU, Kris is sometimes included as both of their older sibling.



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  • The names Frara and Chisk, which also combine "Frisk" and "Chara", exist in the fandom, but usually refer to unofficial characters combining traits of Frisk and Chara rather than the ship between the two.


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