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Chastantine is the slash ship between Francis "Chas" Chandler and John Constantine from the DC Comics and Constantine fandom.


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Non Est Asylum

While talking to Liv, John knock on the hood of the cab and the driver steps out. John introduces the man as Chas, his oldest friend and that he was the one who left the carving on the door. Chas says that he's glad that Liv is safe, and returns to the cab. Constantine says that he doesn't talk much and that they need to get back to business.

The two then take Liv with them. As John tries to get some sleep he tells Chas to turn down the music. Chas attempts to, but it won't work and the traffic lights start to flicker. John then notices a truck coming and brings Chas's attention to it, but the truck crashes into them.

John wakes up and is able to get the demon attacking them to settle down. He yells for Chas to get Liv out of the cab and he does as quick as he can. He hands Liv to John, when John see's the demon. He yells for Chas to look out, but it ends up attacking and killing him.

Constantine arrives back at the safe house with Chas in tow, shocking Liv. Constantine says that Chas has been his friend for so long because he has the skills to survive, but Liv is still confused. John ignores this and tells Chas to make them dinner since they're going up against a demon.

John is chatting up a bar keep when Chas walks in. John tells him to pick a side between the two but Chas tells him that Liv is leaving. He puts her necklace down and tells him that she's not coming back. John says that they're not all cut from the same cloth and Chas asks if she'll be safe. John says he'll put a cloaking spell on her. Chas then pulls out a map, telling him that Liv spent an hour scrying, and that there's supernatural activity happening everywhere. Liv would want him to keep going. John just tries to drink his beer, but Chas knocks it away. Chas says that John doesn't have to forgive himself for Astra, but he should try and give her loss some meaning. He then folds the map back up and leaves.


Non Est Asylum

  • John tells Chas to get everyone out of the building.
  • John calls for Liv, but Chas tells him that she's gone.
  • Liv asks Chas to tell her what John was going to tell her about her dad.


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On AO3, Chasstantine is the second most written ship for Constantine and the most written for Chas. It is also the third most written ship in the Constantine (Comic) tag and the most written in the Constantine (TV), Hellblazer and Hellblazer & Related Fandoms tags.



Chas/Constantine tag on AO3





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