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Cheleanor is the het ship between Chidi and Eleanor from The Good Place fandom.


Though they never knew each other when they were alive, they are told they are soulmates in The Good Place. At first, Eleanor tries to disguise her true nature, but she eventually relents and tells Chidi how her placement was a mistake. Despite being hesitant, Chidi agrees to help teach Eleanor ethics to become a better person and earn her place in The Good Place.

Right before the first reset, Eleanor has enough time to leave a note. She scribbles something down and stuffs it into Janet's mouth. This note is revealed to say "Find Chidi", but she doesn't even recognize that as a name.

Throughout the many resets, their relationship varies. In one, they are able to escape to the Medium Place, and they sleep together, which Mindy records. Eleanor says she loves Chidi, and he reciprocates.

During the loop where they teach Michael ethics, Eleanor is in love with Chidi, but he doesn't feel the same way. Her feelings make him uncomfortable, even though she tries to play them off. After the Judge says they must return to the Bad Place, Chidi kisses Eleanor.

However, Michael shows up to save them from that fate. He turns back time to right before their deaths and saves them. Eleanor becomes a better person for a short while, but relapses back into her old ways. Michael leaves her a message: "what we owe each other". Eleanor googles this, which leads her to a lecture given by Chidi. His words move her and she books a plane to visit his office.


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On AO3, it is the second most written ship in The Good Place fandom.



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