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Cheryl Blossom is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.



Cheather — the ship between Cheryl and Heather
Chermidge — the ship between Cheryl and Midge Klump
Cheronica — the ship between Cheryl and Veronica Lodge
Cherosie — the ship between Cheryl and Josie McCoy
Choni — the ship between Cheryl and Toni Topaz


Archeryl — the ship between Cheryl and Archie Andrews
Chantle — the ship between Cheryl and Reggie Mantle
Cherchuck — the ship between Cheryl and Chuck
Cherpea — the ship between Cheryl and Sweet Pea
Chilton — the ship between Cheryl and Dilton Doiley
Chughead — the ship between Cheryl and Jughead Jones


Blossom Twins - the ship between Jason Blossom and Cheryl


Toni Topaz

Main article: Choni

Moose Mason

Cheryl and Moose make out on the dance floor, after crashing Jughead's birthday party at Archie's house. A year later, they coincidentally turn out to both have been struggling with their sexual identities and have come out. Cheryl, albeit well-intentioned, all but outs Moose in a school-wide announcement. She seeks him out at Pop's and offers her sincere apologies for taking his choice away and not understanding how wrong that was. Moose forgives her and shares with her that he and Kevin are getting together for the first time. It's a moment shared between two formerly lost and tortured people, who have trodden similar paths, and are free to finally be themselves.

Archie Andrews

Main article: Archeryl

With his red hair and well-meaning approach to people, Cheryl possibly sees someone she might get the affection her brother gave her, in her time of grief. She is flirtatious and shows interest in Archie, but is mean to his friends. When the Blossoms implore Archie to escort Cheryl to various maple syrup related events at Thornhill, Cheryl lets up on her eternally plotting behavior and lets Archie see how vulnerable she is, which leads him to defend her to the Blossom board of directors and supporting her. Cheryl's crush on Archie only grows, with him blissfully unaware, and she also puts her need for someone to care for her on him, resulting in a kiss. Archie reciprocates, but breaks it off and tells her it's not going to be.


When Cheryl was in junior high, she had a best friend named Heather. Cheryl and Heather were really close and eventually fell in love, but Cheryl's mother, Penelope, a homophobe (who's closeted), found them in bed together and excised Heather from Cheryl's life. Cheryl, already lonely and suffering from parental abuse and neglect, hid away this huge part of herself and internalised her mother's self-hatred.


Veronica Lodge

Main article: Cheronica

Cheryl welcomes Veronica into her world once the latter arrives at Riverdale High, but is startled when Veronica returns Cheryl's mean tactics with interest, positioning Veronica as a clear rival to Cheryl's high school imperialism. Although they square off on many occasions, Veronica comforts Cheryl over Jason's death, which culminates in Veronica sleeping over at Thornhill to support Cheryl the day before the funeral. While Veronica is there for Cheryl, their relationship remains semi-antagonistic, especially with both of them nursing feelings for Archie, although this reason is never vocalized.



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2034 Choni Toni Topaz femslash
310 Cheronica Veronica Lodge femslash
58 Archeryl Archie Andrews het
54 Cherosie Josie McCoy femslash
50 Blossom Twins Jason Blossom family
42 Cheryl & Toni Toni Topaz gen
41 Cheryl & Betty Betty Cooper family
40 Chughead Jughead Jones het
36 Cheryl & Veronica Veronica Lodge friendship
30 Cheryl & Jughead Jughead Jones gen



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