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“You're like the stars in the night sky, comrade. You never cease to surprise me.”
— Childe to Lumine, Labyrinth Warriors event

ChiLumi is the het ship between Tartaglia and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Archon Quests

Lumine first meets Childe in Archon Quest in Chapter I Act I "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths." Suspected of killing Rex Lapis at the Rite of Descension, she attempts to flee the scene but they are intercepted by the Millelith after she accidently steps on a glass shard. Just as she draws her sword, the Millelith are suddenly defeated by a hydro user who tells them to follow him. After escaping to safety, he introduces himself as "Childe." Lumine and Paimon recognize him as a Harbinger and are instantly wary but Childe assures them that he means no harm and that he was here to help them. He tells Lumine that having heard of her deeds in Mondstadt, he couldn't help but keep an eye on her at the Rite of Descension and so he knows that she was not guilty of murdering Rex Lapis. To clear her name he advices her to seek out the adepti and lends them a Sigil of Permission to prevent the adepti from harming them. After meeting with all the adepti, Lumine returns to Northland Bank and informs him of all that transpired. Since Rex Lapis's death posed a problem to both of them, Childe offers to help her out again and promises to find someone to break the impasse.

The following day, Lumine heads to Northland Bank where Ekaterina informs her that Childe was waiting for them at Liuli Pavilion. At the restaurant he introduces her to Zhongli from Wangsheng Funeral Parlor who was in charge of conducting the Geo Archon's last rites. Zhongli tells Lumine that in order to see Rex Lapis's vessel she would have to participate in the Rite of Parting, which she agrees to. As Zhongli, Lumine and Paimon shop for the necessary materials required for the ceremony, they are secretly tailed by Childe and Ekaterina. The group heads to Bubu Pharmacy purchase Everlasting Incense which Baizhu offers to sell for 3 million mora. Since they cannot afford the sum they are forced to turn to Childe who agrees to pay for the incense. Outside the pharmacy he asks Ekaterina if she learnt anything useful and she informs him that the Exuvia was hidden at the Golden House.

In Chapter I Act III "A New Star Approaches," a special paper on Ningguang's board points Lumine and Paimon to some ruins where they discover that the Fatui were researching and reproducing Sigils of Permission. After Lumine and Zhongli wrap up the final preparations for the Rite of Parting, they return to Liyue Harbor where a tense atmosphere has gripped the city. They are informed that Ningguang had started cracking down on the Fatui and that even the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor was being questioned because of their ties to the Fatui. Before leaving to assist Hu Tao, Zhongli advises Lumine to look for the "fuse" which she interprets as Childe. She rushes to the Golden House realizing that he must've have headed there in pursuit of the Exuvia. There they discover that Childe had knocked out the Millelith and was about to take the Geo Archon's gnosis from the Exuvia. To prevent this, Lumine duels him and she is able to push him to use his Delusion but during the battle Childe manages to reach the Exuvia. He plunges his hand into it only to discover the gnosis missing in the vessel. Assuming that Lumine had somehow taken it before him he demands that she hand it to over. When she doesn't (since Lumine never had it) he takes it as refusal and enraged, he unleashes his Foul Legacy Transformation and continues their battle. Lumine ultimately manages to defeat him and Childe returns to normal again. As he cools off, he remarks that he now realizes that there was no way Lumine could've taken the gnosis before him. He also comments that Lumine was far stronger than Signora's assessment of her in Mondstadt and asks her how that was possible. Lumine does not reply but muses to herself that it was because she was gradually restoring her former power. Childe does not press her further and with a newfound respect for Lumine, he declares that their battle satisfied him and that he considers anyone who sought to grow stronger like he does to be a friend. He then realizes that the gnosis being absent in the Exuvia meant that Rex Lapis was not dead. To lure him out he resorts to his backup plan - releasing the Sigils of Permission reproduced by the Fatui to summon Osial. After the Osial threat is quelled by Lumine, the Liyue Qixing and the Adepti, Lumine and Paimon look for Zhongli who is found with Childe and Signora at Northland Bank. Seeing their hostility he tells her that even though he misled them he never had anything against her personally and that the real deceivers were Zhongli and Signora. The truth is revealed - Zhongli is Rex Lapis and he had forged a contract with the Tsaritsa in exchange for the gnosis which he hands over, the contract being fulfilled. The two Harbingers leave for Snezhnaya.

Monoceros Caeli

While investigating a ruin near Lingju Pass, Lumine and Paimon are warned by the Millelith of Ruin Guards wandering about and Lumine offers to help them. After defeating one they come across a young boy near a powered-down Ruin Guard which he calls "Mr. Cyclops." He introduces himself as Teucer and tells them that he came from Snezhnaya to see his big brother who is a toy seller. He hands Lumine a bag of Mora as instructed by his brother who had told him "find a nice person to give this to, and they will take good care of Teucer." Lumine accepts the bag and Teucer makes a pinky promise with her. They take him to Northland Bank where it is revealed that Teucer's big brother is Childe. Surprised to see Teucer in Liyue, Childe initially ignores Lumine and Paimon, his attention fully on his little brother but he soon tells Teucer that he would've been in a lot more danger if he hadn't run into them and that he hoped he thanked them for bringing him to safety. He tells Lumine that apart from a few "minor quibbles" he felt that they got quite along well and when she expresses suspicion at his friendly demeanor he says that he was just a pawn in everything that happened and what he really cared about was the outcome of their sparring matches. He then sincerely thanks her for taking care of Teucer. When Paimon almost reveals his identity as a Fatui Harbinger in front of his brother, Childe leans over to Lumine, out of Teucer's earshot and confides in her that he only told him that so he'd look up to him and that he didn't want him to know about Snezhnaya's "darker side" at such a young age. Turning back to Teucer he declares himself as Snezhnaya's greatest toy seller attached to the Liyue branch of the Institute for Toy Research. Looking to Lumine again he requests her to play along with him for Teucer's sake. Childe then entrusts babysitting his brother to them while he deals with some business at Qingxu Pool and also provides them with some funds for Teucer's entertainment. After visiting the toy store, Wanmin Restaurant and the wharf, Teucer tells Lumine that he misses his brother so they take him to Qingxu Pool where Childe was collecting debt from a group of treasure hoarders. After they agree to repay the loan, a Fatui diplomat comes in and informs Childe that there were a group of Fatui recruits awaiting orientation from a Harbinger so Childe heads there with Teucer, Lumine and Paimon following. There he is forced to speak to the recruits while keeping his cover as toy-seller in front of Teucer who was watching them. Instead of continuing with his elaborate cover-up Childe tells the recruits to spar with him. After sparring with the group, he dismisses them and Lumine notes that he had gotten stronger but did not use his Foul Legacy transformation to which he replies that using it caused great strain on his body and he still had not completely recovered from the injuries he got during their duel in the Golden House. Impressed, Teucer says he wants to learn to fight to protect his sister Tonia and Lumine remarks that wanting to protect family is an admirable motivation. Childe then advises Teucer to return home which he accepts to under the condition that Childe take him to visit Liyue's "Institute for Toy Research". Childe agrees to grant his wish.

Childe takes the group to the "Institute" which was actually a Ruin Guard research lab abandoned by Dottore. Inside the facility, Lumine and Childe clear out the enemies while taking Teucer around the lab. At the heart of the facility, they reach a place where Teucer believes Mr. Cyclops takes his friends to visit. Telling him he has surprise for him, Childe tells Teucer to close his eyes and count to 60 during which he and Lumine clear out the Ruin Guards but waves of them keep coming. Asking Teucer for 10 more seconds, Childe uses his Foul Legacy Transformation and swiftly deactivates them all and the machine producing them. On opening his eyes, Teucer is delighted to see so many "Mr. Cyclops" around him and runs off to find his brother. Lumine and Paimon find Childe hiding in a corner room nearby, the strain of using his Foul Legacy transformation again rendering him weak and fatigued. He remarks that he was glad it was they who found him because he wouldn't know what he would've done if Teucer saw him in such a state. If Lumine threatens to finish him off then and there Childe replies that since she had family too, he knows she wouldn't hurt him in front of his littler brother. (In the Japanese dub he instead says that he understands her and so he knows she is not the type of person to hurt someone who was weakened,) When she asks him if all of this was worth the effort he says that he never passes up an opportunity to test his limits and childhood dreams are shattered too easily so someone ought to protect them. He believed that family was all about keeping promises, apologizing for mistakes and defending dreams. At his words Lumine gazes off into the distance, seemingly remined of something. Childe then gives her a Mr. Cyclops action figure that he had custom made for Teucer which he requests her to give it to him in his stead. Lumine agrees, having made the pinky promise to Teucer, and tells Childe to "go in peace". He thanks her before discreetly leaving the facility.

Teucer is upset when Lumine tells him that Childe had to leave but perks up when she gives him the action figure. With his tour over, Teucer agrees to return to Snezhnaya and they escort him back to Northland Bank. At the bank, Andrei is awaiting them as he was in charge of arranging Teucer's trip back home. Teucer is suspicious of him as his brother had told him to never go off with strangers. Paimon remarks that he had still followed them around and Teucer says that it was because he had known who they were all along much to Lumine and Paimon's surprise. He reveals that Childe had written home about Lumine so he had recognized her right away but couldn't remember her name. When Lumine asks him if Childe said anything bad about her in his letter Teucer says no, in fact he had said that if he ever got the opportunity he would quit his job and join her in her adventures. Teucer soon leaves but not before making another pinky promise with her that she come visit him in Snezhnaya. After his departure, Childe comes out of hiding, having heard the whole conversation but not wanting Teucer to see him all haggard and weak as his final memory of Liyue. He says that he even though had subordinates to escort Teucer he couldn't help feel a little uneasy and that he felt much more at ease leaving his brother in Lumine's care despite what had happened between them not long ago. He then offers them compensation for their help and reminds her of their promise to have a rematch again. He says that despite the outcome of the match he would like to invite her to his home and introduce her to his other siblings. They bid farewell, looking forward to their next meeting in Snezhnaya.

Labyrinth Warriors

Lumine and Childe meet again in the Labyrinth Warriors event of Version 2.2. Lumine, Paimon and Xinyan venture into the Mystic Onmyou Chamber to help Shiki Taishou recover his memories of the place. There, they run into Childe who was also investigating the domain. Childe asks to join them and says that he can help them in return. Lumine initially hesitates but accepts his offer. Reaching the end of the dungeon, after a brief conversation Lumine thinks to herself that after what happened in Inazuma with the Fatui, Childe being there was no coincidence and that he was probably looking for something. After clearing the domain, they enter a portal but Lumine, Xinyan, Paimon and Shiki Taishou are dumped outside. Taishou suggests waiting for the domain to rearrange itself before they enter again. After a few days they reenter the domain where Childe had managed d to get some shikigami cutouts which Taishou absorbs, regaining more of his memories. After entering the portal they are cast out again. A few days later they explore the domain again and with everyone's help, Shiki Taishou completely recovers his memories. Childe then pulls Lumine aside to tell her about his goal in Inazuma. Lumine guesses that it has to do something with her past experiences to which Childe remarks that she was as sharp as ever and that he sometimes wondered if she could read minds. He tells her that he was in Inazuma in search of Scaramouche who was suspected to have gone rogue with the Electro Archon's gnosis. He says that he will let gnosis run for a little while longer as it would only be a matter of time before Lumine discovers its whereabouts. He asks her what she would do when that time comes and where her final destination lay. Before leaving, Childe likens Lumine to the stars in the night sky and says that she always manages to surprise him.

Genshin Anthology

In the Anthology commissioned by MiHoYo, Childe meets Lumine in Liyue and she assumes he wants to fight her again but he asks her out on a date (デートしよう dēto shiyou in Japanese). She is surprised at his sudden request but agrees. Childe had also given Paimon some Mora to spend on food so she would leave the two of them alone. They walk around the city eating snacks but later it is revealed that he did indeed want to spar with her as Lumine had guessed. He says that he knows she enjoyed their fights as well and that it was their way of "getting along." Lumine ultimately defeats him and at the end of the fight she is seen leaning over him as she pushes a manjuu into his mouth. Before she leaves, she smiles and tells him that their date "wasn't too bad." After she leaves, Childe laughs to himself and says "so sweet" as he eats his manjuu.

Tartaglia's Birthday Mail

On July 20th 2021, Tartaglia gives Lumine 5 frozen meat and Starsilver ore, along with his special dish, A Prize Catch. He says he wants to meet up with her and asks her to come to his place.

“Hey, pal! How have you been? You must have traveled far and wide since we last saw each other, right? For me, I can only seek out some entertainment for myself. These past couple of days, I've used a work opportunity to explore Dragonspine and seek out some local specialties. I hope they will be of use to you. The harsh cold of the snow-capped mountains is reminiscent to the scenery of my hometown... Sigh, I've had many mundane days that makes me nostalgic of our time together. Whether it's a fight or a challenge, I always feel that having you around is what makes life really interesting. Haha, to be honest, I've been planning a special day to meet up with you, today could be that chance! If you have no special plans, how about you swing by my place?”


“Well... It wasn't too bad. Our "Date".”
— Lumine to Tartaglia, A Stroll With Monoceros Caeli
(Note: This quote is translated from the Japanese Genshin Anthology)
“I wish I could stay here a while longer. The more time you spend somewhere, the more joy it brings you when you return. You're like the stars in the night sky, comrade. You never cease to surprise me.”
— Childe to Lumine, "Away with Obsessions and Falsehood"
Lumine: How do you like it here?
Tartaglia: It's the perfect place to make a home.
Tartaglia: Charming, peaceful, and warm.
Tartaglia: I'd love to bring Tonia, Anthon, and Teucer to stay here…
Lumine: I'm not actually good with kids, as you think.
Tartaglia: Hahaha, sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
Tartaglia: I just think that Tonia and the others would be very happy in your company.
-Childe's Serenitea Pot voiceline
Lumine: Would you like to have a chat with me?
Tartaglia: Of course. I'm more than willing.
Tartaglia: In Snezhnaya, there's a kind of liquor called Fire-Water.
Tartaglia: If a friend will join you outside in the bitter cold to drink Fire-Water and chat together, you know they're the kind of person you want with you on the battlefield.
Tartaglia: I would join you for just such a conversation.
Tartaglia: And in the heat of battle, I know that you'd have my back.
Lumine: You're not afraid that I might backstab you?
Tartaglia: This is the level of trust I place in you.
Lumine: What if I fall first?
Tartaglia: Hah, you lack conviction in your own abilities.
Tartaglia: If you joined me on my path to world domination, we would be unstoppable.
Tartaglia: What do you say? Do you accept my proposal?
- Childe's Serenitea Pot voiceline, after reaching Friendship Level 4
Lumine: Is there anything you'd like to do?
Tartaglia: Hmm... When can you spare a few weeks?
Tartaglia: I want to take you to see the scenery of my homeland.
Tartaglia: To gaze upon the endless snowy sky, to stand on frozen lakes that won't shatter, no matter how hard you tread.
Tartaglia: Some people even carve gigantic ice sculptures there.
Tartaglia: If you like snowball fights, I'll pair with you and we can face off against my siblings.
Tartaglia: Oh, and I almost forgot! I can also make authentic Borsch for you with specialty ingredients from my hometown.
Tartaglia: ...And of course, we have to go ice fishing! The fish are much larger than the ones you find in ponds.
Lumine: Sounds like a blast!
Tartaglia: Alright, it's settled then!
Tartaglia: Mmm, seems like I'll have to give my family a heads-up.
Tartaglia: I can see it now, the beaming smiles on their faces as they gather around and read the letter.
- Childe's Serenitea Pot voiceline, after reaching Friendship Level 7
Lumine: Morning, Tartaglia.
Tartaglia: Good morning, comrade.
Tartaglia: If there's ever a battle that even you find a challenge, don't forget to call me.
Tartaglia: I'd appreciate the... exercise.
- Childe's Serenitea Pot voiceline, 6:00-19:00


Chilumi is one of the most popular ships in the fandom. Many people began to ship them when Childe saved Lumine and because of the "Hey girlie" , and the ship became even more popular because of the Childe Story Quest, in which Lumine is befriending Childe and is promising Childe to visit him and his Family in Snezhnaya.

There is also a lot of Fan content for Chilumi, such as; Fanfictions, Comic dubs and Fan art. With the ship Aether (Lumine's brother) is portrayed as very overprotective of his sister. Same goes with Childe. Some fan art can be seen with Childe comforting Lumine. On AO3 Chilumi has over 1000 fanfictions, it's the third most popular relationship and most popular het ship on the Genshin Impact tag on AO3.

This ship currently rivals ChiLi, which is the ship between Childe and Zhongli, as well it happens to be one of Childe's most popular ships. There also is a Poly ship between Lumine, Childe and Zhongli. Chilumi tends to be controversial depending on fans as Lumine has no official age, so a few fans decrypt Lumine as a minor, while others consider Lumine to be an adult. Confusion began to stir up when Lumine's English VA has presumed Lumine to be 16 years old, which worsened the destructive criticism against the ship. However, it was then revealed to be a false assumption from her VA, to which she apologized since MiHoYo stated nothing about the Traveler having a physical age.

After the release of the Archon Quest "We Will Be Reunited", it is revealed Lumine is at least five hundred years old due to having been around for the destruction of Khaenri'ah, but controversy still existed as those who opposed the ship earlier on despite the number of her age still insisted upon Lumine 'still' having the body of a minor due to her looking short and young. Additionally, the PlayStation wings lore backs up that claim by describing the twins to be witnesses of the birth and death of the stars, making them ancient.



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  • Childe is estimated to be around the age of a young adult, approximately 18-21 years old, and is considered one of the youngest Harbingers. Childe's constellation is the Monoceros Caeli.
  • Lumine is older than 500 years, due to witnessing the fall of Khaenri'ah and traveling dozens of worlds before being separated from Aether. Lumine's constellation is the Viatrix.
  • Even though Lumine still considered him an enemy at that point, Childe apparently wrote home about her in such positive terms that Teucer recognized and trusted her on sight.
  • Besides his story quest, Childe also invites Lumine to his home in his Serenitea Pot dialogue and in his birthday story.
  • In the Japanese dub of the Labyrinth Warriors event, Childe calls Lumine "ore no aibō" which translates to "my comrade."
  • Lumine's voice lines and Childe's birthday art imply that they often spar together.
  • They both enjoy fishing.
  • Childe's boss fight theme "Never-Ending Performance" is an electro tango. A tango is an intimate dance between two individuals who need to be completely in sync with each other so as to be able to match the other's steps.
  • Lumine's Chinese VA said she ships the two. [citation needed]
  • Childe's English VA, Griffin Burns has liked Chilumi fanart before.[1]
    • He has also commissioned the artist for prints of the art.
  • Scaramouche‘s Japanese VA, Tetsuya Kakihara, has stated that among the three Harbingers that have already made an appearance, one (Tartaglia) is “in a very close relationship“ with the Traveler.[2]
  • Tartaglia‘s Japanese VA, Ryōhei Kimura, has mentioned that Childe is showing his “cute side“ due to his will to cooperate with the Traveler.[3]
  • Official HoYoLab on Twitter has retweeted the post of two cosplayers, as Childe and Lumine, with the caption “If Tartaglia and Lumine meet in real-life Snezhnaya…“[4]
  • In the official Genshin CN fan event stream, Lumine is shown to get saved and carried away in bridal style by Childe, who‘s holding a rose with his mouth [Minute: 49:40]. Furtheron, Childe asks her if he‘s considered a “new friend“ to which Lumine responds with “No, you‘re my husba- *cough*“ [Minute: 50:55]. [1]


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ChiLime refers to the ship between the two and Zhongli
Chilumber refers to the ship between the two and Amber
ChiThoLumi refers to the ship between two and Thoma



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