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Chibi Squad is the friendship between Klee, Qiqi and Diona from the Genshin Impact fandom.


The three have never met nor interacted together, despite Qiqi being from Liyue while Klee and Diona are from Mondstadt. Only Klee and Diona have interacted together as said, they are from Mondstadt and they also had voicelines of each other.

The three had some similarities, the three are usually described as cute and adorable said from the fanbase. Being that, they also are the shortest among from the other characters, the three also have visions but they don't have the same visions as Klee's vision is Pyro while Diona and Qiqi's Visions are Cyro. The three are also playable characters.

The three also has some differences, the three's personalities are usually different as Diona is very naive and tries to destroy the reputation of Wine Industry, Klee being energetic and outgoing as she adores explosions and bombs and lastly, Qiqi being quiet and serious. The three has different color schemes from their designs as Diona being pink, Qiqi being purple, and Klee being Red. The three has different bonus stats after ascension, when you ascend Klee, you get Pyro Damage while Diona gets Cyro and Qiqi gets Healing Bonus.


“Diona is the best! I like listening to her, last time I heard her say, "I'm gonna destroy the wine industry in this city if it's the last thing I do!" And I'm gonna help her using my bombs! ...I don't know what a wine industry is though. Is it a monster?”
— Klee's Voiceline about Diona
“Every time Klee wants to play with me, I take her somewhere far from the tavern. Alcohol and explosives... yeah, that's a dangerous combination! I mean, do I want to destroy the wine industry of Mondstadt? Yes, but not in that sense!”
— Diona's Voiceline about Klee


The Chibi Squad is a popular friendship in the Genshin Impact fandom and is widely disliked as a femslash poly ship, as the girl's look very young and many see the three as children. The ship as femslash poly, is fairly controversial among Genshin Impact fans, because of the girl's appearances as young girls. While neither of the girls age's is confirmed, an artwork[1] that miHoYo posted to celebrate the official children's, which features Qiqi, Klee and Diona having a picnic, further fueled the theory that the three girl's are children. The girls have also been featured in some official arts from MiHoYo.

Despite this, the ship is a popular friendship. The three have been featured in fan arts, videos, and such more. Sometimes in this case, Sayu and Yaoyao can also be in the Chibi Squad sometimes as they also have some similarities of the three as well. There are currently 14+ works on AO3 depicting the three as a gen only.



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KleeQiqi refers to the ship between Klee and Qiqi
Kleeona refers to the ship between Klee and Diona
Qiona refers to the ship between Qiqi and Diona


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