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Chiluc is the slash ship between Tartaglia and Diluc Ragnvindr from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In regards to canon, the two have never interacted nor met in-game or other Genshin sources, such as the webtoon. However, both bare some similarities, such as wealth and being prepared to put their lives on the line for things they believe in. Childe and Diluc also have their Visons attached to a belt, as well as donning similar diamond-shaped red gems. Diluc having his on his black ascot, and Childe having it as an earring. When it comes to differences, the starkest one is Diluc's strong hatred of the Fatui while Childe is the 11th Fatui Harbinger.

This despisal began when Diluc found out that the cause of his father's death was a Delusion. Defined as objects similar to Visions that could amplify the power of its bearer to its extreme, but also carried the risk of backfiring and draining a user's life force. It is mentioned in Diluc's 4th story that the Harbingers had monitored Diluc's progress from the shadows as he spent three years chasing them down as part of an underground intelligence network (the name of which is unknown). Fans of the ship speculate that one of the Harbingers who kept an eye on Diluc could have indeed been Childe. A certain written and drawn works also depict them meeting during this period of time.

Diluc's large hatred for the Fatui is often shown in quests and stories within the game. Other than this, the ship also explores other ways in which their dissimilarities can bring them together; for example, Diluc's vision is Pyro while Childe's vision is Hydro, and therefore creates the poetic image of Childe either extinguishing Diluc's flames or of Diluc evaporating Childe's water. Both of them also show differences when it comes to what family means to them and how they treat it. Diluc has not reconciled with his adoptive/sworn brother Kaeya since his father's death, whereas Childe mentions being very family-orientated and feels guilty for having to lie to his brother Teucer as a result of his line of work. This again points to the 'opposites attract' trope, and many believe that the contrasting mindsets they have could help them work through each other's past trauma.


“Fire leaves behind nothing but ashes. And you must survive at all costs.”
— More About Tartaglia: IV
“The Fatui's rulers, the Harbingers, monitored Diluc's progress from the shadows.”
— Diluc Character Story 4
“If I were to choose between eating a Cryo Slime alive or joining the Fatui... I'd prefer to be crushed to death by a meteorite.”
— Hidden Tears Story Quest
“Make sure you keep training too. Otherwise, who will be left to fight me to the death when the world lies defeated at my feet?”
— Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
“Merchants were also among the diplomatic mission that came to Mondstadt from Snezhnaya. They came bearing "Fire-Water", with aims of starting a partnership with Dawn Winery. To show his respect, Master Diluc followed the Snezhnayan custom and downed the entire glass of Fire-Water.”
— Vile, NPC


Chiluc is a relatively popular ship from the Genshin Impact fandom, despite the two characters having no on-screen interaction. Mostly, due to Diluc's hatred of the Fatui, Chiluc is mostly interpreted as an 'enemies to lovers' trope. This gives a lot of angst for their fanon interactions and has resulted in Chiluc having over six hundred works on AO3.

In the beginning, Chiluc found itself being defined as a rarepair, only enjoyed by a few users here and there. In the later months of 2021, the fandom has increased and as has the number of works and arts. One particular big moment was the knowledge that Childe's constellation was originally to be Noctua, which now belongs to Diluc. Along with this, Diluc's fifth constellasion is named 'Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn', once more creating ties to the Fatui and Childe specifically.



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DCKZ refers to the ship between the two, Zhongli and Kaeya Alberich
ZhongChiluc refers to the ship between the two and Zhongli


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