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ChItto is the slash ship between Childe and Arataki Itto from the Genshin Impact fandom.


As of now (2.6), there have been no known canonical interactions between Childe and Itto as they live in different nations. Itto's homeland is Inazuma, while Childe is first met in Liyue and has not been seen elsewhere. Due to the fact that Childe is apart of the Fatui Harbingers and is able to be stationed throughout the different nations of Teyvat by the Tsaritsa, some fans speculate that they could have met in the past. We do not know for certain if this is true, as neither of the two ever mention the other.

The two do have some things in common, despite their differences. Some examples are their many names, their love for a form of battling, and being seen as delinquents in some ways. To expand on the delinquents, they are both shunned by the general public. Childe is a Harbinger, of which are feared and hated because of their work. Itto is part red oni, and many people believe that the red oni are violent beasts. They are also both presented as outgoing and friendly (though Childe does not stay that way). Another similarity is their affiliation with a fighting organization of some kind, as Childe is a Fatui Harbinger and Itto is the head of the Arataki Gang. They also both enjoy the rain. However, Itto becomes nervous when it rains harshly while Childe doesn't mind any sort of rain. Furthermore, they are both shown to have a wide variety of skillsets. Childe is known for his mastery over every weapon, while Itto can play any type of game. Finally, they both do not care about the outcome of battle. Instead, they only look for a fun experience to be gained from it.

Their differences are also an attracting factor to some fans. Childe is used to the snow as he was born and raised in Snezhnaya, while Itto is sensitive to it and even sneezes when exposed to it. Another contrasting idea between the two is that Childe actively tries to hone his skills with all types of weapons. Itto is implied to only know how to wield his claymore and perhaps using his fists. They also seem to have conflicting views in battle. Childe tells the player in his voiceline 'More About Tartaglia: IV' to not yell nonsensical words in the middle of battle. Itto, on the other hand, is loud and speaks his mind (often without thinking).


Chitto is a very niche ship, so there isn't much to say about the fandom. It is somewhat popular on TikTok under the tag '#childexitto.' As of 5/21/2022, there are 10 videos. The tag has 37.4k views, with @_novafox bringing in the most points for it with their Childe cosplay video. Under the relationship tag 'Arataki Itto/Tartaglia|Childe' on AO3, there are 20 works. As for Tumblr, there are 2 posts. However, they both contain information about fics on AO3.



Arataki Itto/Tartaglia (Childe) tag on AO3


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