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ChiyoMiko is the femslash ship between Mikoto Aiura and Chiyo Yumehara from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


Yumehara first talked to Aiura when she transferred, and claimed that she liked fortune-telling too. Then, Aiura gave her a nickname "Chiyopipi", which at first shocked Yumehara a little, but she later got used to it. When Aiura claimed that she was looking for her "Mr. Right" at PK Academy, Yumehara was willing to help her and stay up at school. When Yumehara asked about her compability with Kaido, Aiura replied with 2%, saddening Yumehara. Later, Yumehara visits Aiura on the roof, and asks how it's going. Aiura replies by saying that she's crossed out most, and that the initials for her soulmate could also go "S.K." These initials are Kaido's, and Yumehara asks if he's crossed out, and Aiura says yes. Yumehara then lights up and says that he's already got a soulmate, but Aiura thinks that it's not her.

Aiura explained how auras worked to her, and then took a look at her's. When Yumehara saw how shocked her friend was, she asked what was wrong, and if her aura was bad. Aiura claimed that it was fine, and that he aura was just little hearts. She then followed by saying that she had the mark of death on her, and wanted to head home. Yumehara thought she was joking, and leant on the railway, only for it to break, and for Yumehara to fall. Aiura grabs her foot, which leaves her dangling. Then, Yumehara slips and falls, and Aiura, in distress, yells her name out and is ashamed that she couldn't save her despite being able to look into the future.

When Saiki saves her inthe nick of time, Aiura is grateful and walks her home. On their way, Aiura suggests that they go home immediately, to not risk Yumehara's life. Crossing another man with the mark of death, Aiura is shocked, but doesn't see him again until later, when he is asleep in his truck, which goes to Yumehara. Aiura waits for Saiki to come and save her. Upon seeing that Yumehara's mark is gone, Aiura is relieved, and takes her home. Episodes earlier, and Yumehara asks once again her compability with Kaido. Aiura says that it's now 4%, which leaves Yumehara depressed, but Aiura brightens her up by saying it doubled.


This ship is rather popular, and has a great number of fans. It rivals Saiai for Aiura. It is the most popular femslash ships for the two, and the second most popular femslash ship in the Saiki K. fandom, following behind ImuTeru. Due to their dynamic and interactions, it has risen in popularity.




Aiura/Yumehara tag on AO3


  • Yumehara is one of the three people that Aiura has given a nickname; hers being Chiyopipi.


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