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Chlila is the femslash ship between Chloé Bourgeois and Lila Rossi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Because Lila's countless lies have placed herself on a very high pedestal, and since Chloé is unaware that her clams of Jagged Stone writing a song about Lila and her doing a pollution-reduction project with Prince Ali in the Kingdom of Achu are lies, she grew a little jealous of her. While Lila, along with the rest of Paris, know that Chloé was Queen Bee, Chloé has no idea that Lila is Gabriel's secret tool who plants the negative emotion seeds within the people he wants to akumatize. Like Chloé when he tricked Lila to plant the seed in the events of "Miracler".

When Lila tells Chloé that she is "friends" with Ladybug and how she has a magic command that calls her to her right away, she convince her to try it. Before Lila had told her this, Gabriel had informed Lila that Adrien's childhood friendship with Chloé is unbreakable and since Lila wants Adrien all to herself, as well as being worried that he might one day start to return Chloé's feelings for him, she decided to play a joke on her. Chloé became aware of Lila's trick when the dance didn't work, even though Ladybug did show up sometime after she did it. Lila is able to use that fact to convince Chloé that it did work to throw her off from the truth, as well as it prompting Chloé to declare that Lila isn't "completely useless".

Lila hates Ladybug ever since she called her a "super liar" in front of Adrien, while Chloé had stopped being her number one fan when she was told that she couldn't be Queen Bee anymore in both "Miracler" and "Miracle Queen". Both Lila and Chloé have been tricked into helping Hawk Moth in the second and third season finales. As he gets Lila to set events that gets half of Paris re-akumatized into crimson version of their villain forms, where Chloé as Queen Bee ends up becoming one of them. Until Crimson Queen Wasp becomes Queen Bee again, while Lila as Volpina helps Hawk Moth from the shadows and gets upset when his plan to get rid of Ladybug failed. Just as Queen Bee, as newly akumatized Miracle Queen, had failed to defeat the spotted heroin and her partner at the end of season three. Despite both girls failing Hawk Moth, it doesn't change the fact that their strong dislike for Ladybug makes has him view Lila and Chloé as useful allies, who don't mind being akumatized.


While the two aren't the best of friends and aren't very found of each other in their own ways, it hasn't stop fans of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom from shipping them together. As Lila wasn't too different from Chloé, before her brief times as Queen Bee had briefly helped Chloé to become a nicer person, and there have been fans who hope that Lila would one day be redeemed. In which could have them has true friends, since they both have trouble connection to their always away mothers, have a crush on Adrien and being a good friend being one of the main things they secretly want in life. Because Marinette is the one who got Chloé and her mother to become closer with each other, there is a chance that she do something similar to bring Chloé and Lila together.

After Chloé became a Ladybug hater at the end of season 3, fans saw this as a common link that can would her to bond with Lila, who also hates the spotted heroin and Marinette, who is one of Chloé's love rivals for Adrien's heart. In a few mean girl versions of the Chlila, fans have the idea of Chloé excepting Lila into her very small group of friends with Sabrina (who is seen as Chloé's mean girl partner in crime) as they form their own version of the Heathers or the Mean Girls. As they team up to pick on Marinette and make sure that either her to Kagami end up with Adrien.

Fans wanting Chloé to stay Queen Bee, use this desire in the ship by having Lila becoming a Queen Bee fan, where some versions of this idea have Chloé keeping her hero identity a secret, or have a redeemed Chloé somehow finding out that Lila is Hawk Moth's pawn, like she has been, before she tries to tell Lila that siding with him isn't the answer. By using their common link with Hawk Moth to reach out to Lila.

On AO3, the ship has over 42 fanfics about it. 36 on the lovers side of it while the "friendship" side of the ship has only 6. Along with Chilia having a small fanbase on Tumblr, with fans using their artwork/manips to say how they would like the series to show a lot more Chilia like moments and to even give to some love. There has even been a few fanart of the ship that references their Queen Bee and Volpina selves, or their animal themes.



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  • Both of their first akumatized forms, in season one, are based on Miraculous holders; the current Ladybug and the Ancient Chinese holder of the Fox Miraculous.


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