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Chlogami is the femslash ship between Chloé Bourgeois and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Chloé and Kagami see each other as love rivals for Adrien's affections, which is why they hate each other. Like the rest of Paris, Kagami knows that Chloé is Queen Bee, while Chloé is unaware that Kagami is Ryuko.

Season Two

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In the two part episodes of the season two finale, "Heroes' Day", Kagami ends up being one of the first people to be re-akumatized by Scarlet Moth, while Chloé was given back the Bee Miraculous so she can help Ladybug get Kagami and the others back to normal again. Scarlet Moth, however, has Crimson Dark Cupid to help him turn Kagami back into Crimson Riposte before setting events that would lead to Queen Bee to be akumatize into Crimson Queen Wasp. The two were later reverted back to Kagami and Queen Bee after Ladybug and Cat Noir destroyed Hawk Moth's cane.

Season Three

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At some point before the events of "Animaestro", Chloé had saw Kagami sitting next to Adrien and became mad about it, as she tries to get Kagami to back off him, but it was Kagami who told Chloé off. Which is why Chloé wasn't going to let Kagami chase her off again when she saw her with Adrien at the premiere of the animated Ladybug and Cat Noir film; but once Kagami notices Chloé at the premiere she gets Chloé to back off again by moving closer to Adrien. Enraged by this Chloé attempts to charge at Kagami, but Marinette held her back. Once Chloé learnt that Marinette also dislikes Kagami, she enlists Marinette in her plans to get back at Kagami. By making her look bad in front of Adrien, to prevent Kagami from going back to Japan with him. After all of Chloé's cruel attempts towards Kagami failed, the premiere gets attacked by Animaestro. In the end, after the akumatize villain was defeated and it was time to play the film, Chloé decides to stop trying to embrace Kagami, for now, and to just simply enjoy the film. Like Kagami will be doing with everyone else as the two girls went their way to their seats.

In "Heart Hunter", Kagami was invited to the 20th anniversary of Chloé's parents, but because Kagami wanted to sneak out of it with Adrien and Marinette she and Chloé didn't get the chance to cross paths with one an other. When Chloé's parents were akumatized into the title villain, she was upset that Ladybug had called upon Ryuko's help and not Queen Bee's. Later in "Miracle Queen", Chloé becomes Hawk Moth's ally who willingly gets akumatized into the title villain while Kagami becomes one of her mind controlled victims by getting stung by one of Miracle Queen's wasps. Because the Dragon Miraculous is one of the few Miraculouses to not be in the Miracle Box, when Hawk Moth and Mayura took it from the Guardian, Miracle Queen didn't allow Kagami to fight all side the other mind controlled Miraculous holders. Kagami was later freed from Miracle Queen's control when she was deakumatized back into Chloé Bourgeois.


While the two aren't close, fans still ship them together. As Chloé's slow, growing kindness and season 3 showing other sides to Kagami has gotten a few fans to hope that the two would one day become friends or that they'll be able to work together as Queen Bee and Ryuko and hope that they'll put their hatred towards each other aside so they could end up together. There have also been a few fans who headcanon that they're lesbians.

On AO3, the ship has over 44 fanfics.



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