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Chlonath is the het ship between Chloé Bourgeois and Nathaniel Kurtzberg from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Chloé and Nathaniel are students at Françoise Dupont High School, who are in the same class. They have very little interaction with each other outside of school, except for when she is mean to Nathaniel and gets him akumatized into Evillustrator because of her cruel actions towards him. However, there are times when both of them take part in some of the group activities, as well as a few group get togethers with the rest of their classmates. One of them was the party Chloé invited her whole class to, where she briefly talks to Nathaniel during it, even though Chloé's mean to quickly nice actions had shocked him.

In one of the drawings that Nathaniel had done for the art club he attends, as well as for a self made comic that has his Evillustrator self as a superhero (like he was in his dream before becoming akumatized) beside Ladybug, he had drawn Chloé (in what looks like a villain version of her Queen Bee/Wasp self [before she appears as both the heroine Queen Bee and the akumatized Queen Wasp in the villain titled episode]) in one of his sketches for the comic. Chloé has tried to become a member of the same art club, but Nathaniel's fellow artist friend, Alix, chases her away with her comment on the type of art Chloé has done of herself.

When Chloé, as Queen Bee, got akumatized into Miracle Queen and sent out her wasps to place half of Paris under her mind control, there is a strong chance that Nathaniel was one of them. Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to defeat Miracle Queen and save Nathaniel and the other victims. Because of Chloé’s mood afterwards, she didn't join Nathaniel as he and the rest of their classmates and friends spent the rest of the day together.


Chlonath is one of the popular fanon het ships of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, during the first season, even though Nathaniel is one of the few known people that Chloé and her mean actions or words had later led to them being akumatized and have made Chloé their main target. The ship could simply be due to Chloé's crush on Adrien and Nathaniel's (former) crush on Marinette and fans have decided to ship them together, instead of with their crushes, because Adrienette fans want to keep their favourite Semi-Canon ship strong as a sort of fanon compromise for those who simply them ship their with crushes.

Before Chloé had her first officially appearance as Queen Bee in season two of the Miraculous Ladybug series, the earlier revealed leaks of a Bee-themed superheroine and fans' much later conformed suspicions of the future Bee Miraculous holder and user being Chloé had gotten fans of the ship to place Chloé as her superheroine self as she gets to know Nathaniel, all while seeing him in a different light; with or without the Bee Miraculous as Nathaniel gets to know her back. There have also been fans who have had their assumptions of Nathaniel being entrusted with the Fox Miraculous, sometime after Lila was Akumatized into the false Fox Miraculous holder, Volpina, for the first time at the end of season one, and long before Alya became Rena Rouge, a true holder of the said miraculous in season two. Even though the season finale suggests that Chloé can no long longer be Queen Bee, there are still fans who are hoping that Chloé would be able to redeem herself and that she's be allowed to use the Bee Miraculous again. This would have her fighting beside Nathaniel as an ally should he too be entrusted with a miraculous in the future.

The shipping of the fanon ship, however, began to die down after season two when it intradoses Nathaniel's comic book making partner and friend, Marc Anciel in "Reverser".

On AO3, the ship has over 410 fanfics on it, while has 186 with 48 placed under pairing in its Miraculous Ladybug category. The ship also has a large support on both Deviantart and Tumblr, where many of its fanart has Nathaniel beside Queen Bee.



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