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Chlonette is the femslash ship between Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Chloé Bourgeois from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


During the three years before the beginning of the series, Marinette and Chloé have always been placed in the same class, where Chloé is occasionally mean to Marinette. Before Marinette became the spotted heroin, Ladybug, she simply took Chloé's cruel words and actions in strive until she finds the courage to stand up to her. After Ladybug saves Chloé's life she became the ladybug-themed superhero's biggest fan, all without knowing that she is in fact Marinette. While Marinette, as well as the rest of Paris, are aware that Chloé is the bee-themed superhero, Queen Bee. She wasn't happy about it at first, since Queen Bee messed up by causing trouble so she could have a chance to make herself look like a hero, like her idle is, Ladybug decides to have her a second chance to prove herself when the mayor got akumatized and needed Queen Bee's help in stopping Malediktator. As well as the fact that Chloé's times as Queen Bee has allowed her to slowly become a better person, just as Marinette's time as Ladybug made her confident.

Season One

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In part one of "Origins", Marinette wasn't looking forward to another year at school since she knows that she and Chloé would be placed in the same class again, like they were in their last few semesters together. Chloé tells Marinette to go sit by Alya and later attempts to place gum in her seat. With some encouragement from Alya, the duo reclaim Marinette's seat, leaving Chloé and Sabrina to sit in the seat she initially forced Marinette to sit in. Earlier on, when Chloé's life was placed in danger by Stoneheart, Ladybug saves her life and Cat Noir reminds Ladybug her her kind deed towards Chloé when she questioned herself of being worthy of being a hero or not.

In "The Bubbler", when Marinette awkwardly attempts to ask Adrien out, but Chloé pushes her away and does so herself.

In "Lady Wifi", Chloé is revealed to be a huge Ladybug fan and enjoys dressing up as her idle. When she got attacked by the titled villain Ladybug comes to her aid and helps Chloé to escape, before she fights Lady Wifi.

In "The Evillustrator", Chloé makes fun of Nathaniel for being in love with Marinette, which leads to his akumatization. When she got grouped with Marinette for a science project she leaves her and Sabrina to do the work, while she takes no part in it. Marinette on the other hand wasn't going to let Chloé do that, as she tells her to stop leaving all the work to Sabrina. Despite the way Chloé treats her, Marinette asks Evillustrator to leave their shared bully alone; before agreeing to the villain's invite. When Evillustrator realized that Marinette had played with his feels in order to help Cat Noir de-akumatize him, he accuses her for being just like Chloé, which Marinette took a fence to. Luckily Ladybug was able to save Chloé from Evillustrator and turn him back into Nathaniel Kurtzberg.

In "Rogercop", Marinette trips and falls which leads to Chloé mocking her. However, she notices her bracelet has gone missing and accuses Marinette of stealing it. Marinette in turn refuses to let Chloé search her bag and accuses her classmates which leads to a full scale investigation. Later when she is caught by Rogercop, she roots for Ladybug and is ecstatic to have her bracelet back.

In "Horrificator", Marinette encourages Chloé's idea of using a nurses outfit which Chloé agrees to, but quickly realizes Marinette never likes her ideas and chides her for attempting to remove her from the main role. When Chloé got captured by the titled villain, Ladybug saves her along with the rest of their captured classmates.

In "Antibug", Marinette notices something odd about Chloé while an invisible person was messing with the later in many ways. In other words Chloé has become the target of an akumatized villain, again, and Ladybug needs to help her before things get out of hand. As Ladybug looks for clues to help her identify the invisible villain, Chloé watches her at work through the hotel's cameras from the safety of her room.

Also in the second edition of "Miraculous Adventures", Chloé and Sabrina steal Marinette's bag containing her swimsuit and throw it in the lake. Later in the fifth edition Chloé brags about her dress and mocks Marinette, claiming she'll never get one like her's and that she might as well make a paper dress. Something Marinette is inspired by.

Season Two

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Season Three

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In "Miraculer", Ladybug could see that Chloé keeps waiting for her or Cat Noir to call upon Queen Bee whenever there is trouble, without realizing that her superheroin days are over. Since Hawk Moth knows who Queen Bee really is, the main duo have decided that for Chloé and her loved ones own protection it would be best that they don't entrust her with the Bee Miraculous again. Ladybug has been meaning to tell her this, but she keeps running low on time and has to leave before de-transforming, Cat Noir asks her to not keep putting it off and that she truly needs to tell Chloé, so they can stop making Chloé feel like they are neglecting her. Marinette tries to talks with Chloé after seeing her talking with Lila at school and knew that she was told one of her lies, but Chloé wouldn't hear any of it. After they parted ways Tikki reminds Marinette that the only person that she'll listen to is Ladybug.

After Hawk Moth failed to akumatize Chloé, again, he goes after Sabrina in an attempt to bring Chloé to their side, as well as to obtain her and the other Miraculouses when Ladybug and their allies come to her aid. Realizing that they facing an akumatize villain that is capable of stealing their superpowers Marinette knew that in order to defeat this villain they'll need everyone's help, including Chloé, despite the wrick that the Bee Miraculous places her in and being Miraculer's aid objective. With help from Rena Rouge, Ladybug makes herself look like Chloé so she can get her powers back, as well as to retrieve the comb shaped Miraculous from Mayra before she could bring it back to Hawk Moth. As Queen Bee battles Mayra on her own, the villain holder of the Peacock Miraculous officers her a chance to become better than Ladybug by siding with her and Hawk Moth but turns it down, since she was given a chance to become Queen Bee again and that it was only fair of her to give Ladybug one as well. Even Queen Bee helps her fellow Miraculous holders defeat the titled villain and had turned down Mayra's officer, that she didn't inform them of, she is finally told the sad news that her days as Queen Bee are over, Chloé didn't put up a fuss in handing it back to Ladybug. Who she has lost respect for and didn't want to play the role of Ladybug anymore in the dress up game she plays with Sabrina.

In Chat Blanc, Chloé is irritated to see Marinette in a relationship with Adrien.

In Ladybug, Chloé seems shocked when Marinette is accused of stealing test answers and attempting to harm Lila.


Season 2

“I've always dreamed of doing this. With you.”
— Queen Bee to Ladybug in "Malediktator"


While the two aren't the best of friends, it hasn't stop fans of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom from shipping them together. As Chloé's slow, growing kindness has gotten a few fans to hope that the two would one day become friends, since they work well together as Ladybug and Queen Bee. This is why fans commonly have their fanwork on the ship make references to their insect heroine themes, along with including Chloé in Marinette's group of friends.

Along before Chloé had her first officially appearance as Queen Bee in season two of the Miraculous Ladybug series, and with fans having many suspicions on the subject it before the confirmed leaks were realised, fans of the ship commonly have Chloé as her superheroine self with Marinette/Ladybug. Some fanfics and comics have Marinette trusting Chloé with her true identity and allows her to keep the Bee Miraculous.

Despite the fact that Hawk Moth and all of Paris knowing who Queen Bee really is, and it being the main reason why Ladybug made the hard choice of not entrusting Chloé with the Bee Miraculous again, for Chloé, the Miraculous and her loved ones own protection. One of the Season 4 leaks shows that of the future Bee Miraculous holder looks a bit like Chloé, even though her Queen Bee outfit appears to have changed a bit along with her civilian clothing, as they are fans who are hopping that Ladybug will somehow mend their broken bond and find away to allow Chloé to use the Miraculous again. So she can be part of the future team that was mentioned in "Timetagger", when the two become adults. Though, some fans were disappointed when it wasn't Chloé who was the future bee miraculous holder in Season 4, which Ladybug won't give her the miraculous for her own good.

On AO3, the ship has 438 fanfics. 277 on the romantic side of it while the friendship side of the ship is a bit less then 161.



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  • Both of their Miraculouses are of a type of insect, a ladybug and a bee.



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