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Chlonino is the het ship between Chloé Bourgeois and Nino Lahiffe from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Chloé and Nino are students at Françoise Dupont High School, where they are in the same class. They have very little interaction with each other outside of school, except when both of them take part in some group activities with the rest of their classmates, or when they are helping Ladybug and Cat Noir as Queen Bee and Carapace. While Nino, along with the rest of Paris, knows that Chloé is Queen Bee, she has no idea that he is Carapace. Even though she knows that Nino and Adrien are best friends, Chloé doesn't view Nino as someone she would want to be befriend. In which has Nino disliking Chloé for her rudeness and bossy personality; making it two of the reasons why he knew that Alya's suspicions about Chloé being Ladybug is wrong and had even laughed about the idea of it. Chloé's cruelty, however, hasn't stop Nino from putting it aside so he can fight beside her as their alter egos; where they are able to work well together.

In "Miracle Queen", however, Queen Bee was Akumatized into the titled villain and had her wasps place Nino and half of Paris under her mind control. Which later allows her to learn and show Hawk Moth that Nino is one of Ladybug's chosen allies when she ordered the off and on Miraculous users to reveal themselves before giving them, apart from Nino, their Miraculouses, since the Turtle Miraculous was currently being used by Jade Turtle. Nino and the rest of Paris were later freed from Miracle Queen's control when Ladybug de-Akumatized back to Queen Bee and because Chloé willingly sided with Hawk Moth, after she was tricked into joining him, she would no longer be entrusted with the Bee Miraculous again and had placed Nino in future danger.


Because of the little interaction between the two characters, outside and within their school and hero lives, it makes Chlonino a rare het ship of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Some fans have Chloé being nice to Nino, for Adrien.

Before season two aired and showed Nino and Chloé becoming Carapace and Queen Bee for the first time, along with the release of the leaks that hinted this, fans correctly theories that Chloé would one day be entrusted with the Bee Miraculous while Nino is bestowed with the power of the Turtle Miraculous.

Despite the fact that Hawk Moth and all of Pairs knowing who Queen Bee really is and it being the main reason why Ladybug made the hard choice of not entrusting Chloé with the Bee Miraculous again, for Miraculous and her loved ones own protection, one of the season 4 leaks shows that Chloé will be intrusted with the Bee Miraculous again, while her Queen Bee outfit appears to have changed a bit. Since "Timetagger" reveals that during the time of their future adulthood, Ladybug and Cat Noir will be facing a different holder of the Butterfly Miraculous, as well as the fact that the main due will assemble a team that might have Chloé and Nino might be two of its members. Even though the season finally subjects that Chloé can no long longer be Queen Bee and because she allows Hawk Moth to learn that Nino is a Miraculous user, there are still fans who are hoping that Chloé would be able to redeem herself and that the two will still be allowed to use the Bee and Turtle Miraculouses.

On AO3, the ship has only 7 fanfics.



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