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Chlonino is the het ship between Chloé Bourgeois and Nino Lahiffe from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Chloé and Nino are classmates at Françoise Dupont High School. They have very little interaction with each other outside of school, except when both of them take part in some group activities with the rest of their classmates, or when they are helping Ladybug and Cat Noir as Queen Bee and Carapace. While Nino, along with the rest of Paris, knows that Chloé is Queen Bee, she has no idea that he is Carapace. Even though she knows that Nino and Adrien are best friends, Chloé doesn't view Nino as someone she would want to be befriend. In which has Nino disliking Chloé for her rudeness and bossy personality; making it two of the reasons why he knew that Alya's suspicions about Chloé being Ladybug is wrong and had even laughed about the idea of it. Chloé's cruelty, however, hasn't stop Nino from putting it aside so he can fight beside her as their alter egos.

Season One

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On the day of Adrien's birthday, Nino had unknowingly reminded Chloé about it the moment she hears Nino wish Adrien a happy birthday. Nino knew that it was only right of him to include Chloé in the party he wants to throw for their friend. After Nino gets akumatized and gets Chloé to attend the party he put together, she asks Bubbler to put on was slow dance music to which he obliges her with. Even though Nino was later turned back to normal, his earlier villain actions had unknowingly kept Chloé from her gift to Adrien.

When Nino was told Alya's theory of Chloé possibly being Ladybug, he found the idea to be too unlikely because of Chloé's mean girl personality. While Nino helping Ayla to get proof on the subject has him having a quick chat with Chloé until Alya got caught and because she is the main reason that Alya got expended from school, Nino's dislike for Chloé grew.

Season Two

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In the two part episodes of the season two finale, "Heroes' Day", when Hawk Moth found away to create an army of past Akumatized, that is too much for both Ladybug and Cat Noir to face alone, both Carapace and Queen Bee's help were needed as Nino and Chloé were given back the Turtle and Bee Miraculouses. The battle that the two were called in to help is also the first time that Carapace and Queen Bee have met as their hero selves, along with them fighting beside each other as a team. While the first part of the battle went well and the two managed to help Ladybug get everyone back to normal again, Scarlet Moth has Crimson Dark Cupid helping him to not only re-akumatized his army but to also recruit others to his side, in which got both Carapace and Queen Bee Akumatized into Crimson Shell Shock and Queen Wasp. Shell Shock and Queen Wasp were later reverted into Carapace and Queen Bee after Ladybug and Cat Noir destroy Scarlet Moth's cane. Once they were freed from his control, Carapace and Queen Bee, along with Rena Rouge, dash to the main duo's side as they get ready to take down Hawk Moth for good, but a monster-like moth suddenly appeared and kept the heroes back while Hawk Moth got away. Even though they were able to defeat and take the Butterfly Miraculous away from Hawk Moth, Carapace and Queen Bee were able to help their fellow Miraculous hero allies to save the city. Once the battle was over, the two handed their Miraculouses back to Ladybug and Cat Noir, while waiting for the next time they need Carapace and Queen Bees' help again. Chloé and Nino then spent the rest of the afternoon at a picket with the rest of their friends.

Season Three

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In "Miracle Queen", however, Queen Bee was Akumatized into the titled villain and had her wasps place Nino and half of Paris under her mind control. Which later allows her to learn and show Hawk Moth that Nino is one of Ladybug's chosen allies when she ordered the off and on Miraculous users to reveal themselves before giving them, apart from Nino, their Miraculouses, since the Turtle Miraculous was currently being used by Jade Turtle. Nino and the rest of Paris were later freed from Miracle Queen's control when Ladybug de-Akumatized back to Queen Bee and because Chloé willingly sided with Hawk Moth, after she was knowingly tricked into joining him, she would no longer be entrusted with the Bee Miraculous again and had placed Nino in future danger.


Chlonino a rare pair in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Some fans have Chloé being nice to Nino, for Adrien.

On AO3, the ship has only 7 fanfics.



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