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Chloya is the femslash ship between Alya Césaire and Chloé Bourgeois from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Both Alya and Chloé are students at Françoise Dupont High School, where they are in the same class. Chloé isn't very nice to Alya and that has Alya resenting her for that, whenever Chloé is being mean to her or her friends. When Rena Rouge and Queen Bee are both called upon to help Ladybug and Cat Noir, however, they put their differences aside so they can work together as a team. Even though Chloé has no idea that Alya is Rena Rouge, Alya, as well as the rest of Paris, knows that Chloé is Queen Bee.

Season One

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As Alya works to uncover who Ladybug is in "Lady WiFi", she see Chloé's Ladybug yo-yo and assumes that she is the spotted heroin. Even though Nino thought that Alya is joking, as someone like Chloé couldn't possibly be Ladybug, she doesn't let it stop her from looking inti her theory, that later git her into trouble by Chloé when he git the headmaster to suspend Alya from school. Due to the hurt Alya was feeling, Hawk Moth akumatizes her into the title villain who makes Chloé her first priority so she could finish what she started. In truth Chloé was nothing more than a secret Ladybug fan and the yo-yo Alya saw her with was part of her Ladybug costume, which surprized Lady WiFi when the real Ladybug arrives to stop her. Before Lady WiFi fights Ladybug and Cat Noir, she lets Chloé go but still continues to use the wi-fi on Chloé's phone to broadcast her screens to Paris.

Season Two

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The Bee Miraculous was originally meant for Alya to temporally use, since the power of the Fox Miraculous that she is commonly given wasn't currently needed, but when Style Queen struck Alya and had caused Ladybug to drop the box containing it, the comb was later found by Chloé. Like Alya after she became Rena Rouge for the first time, Chloé didn't want to give the Miraculous back until she was convinced to do the right thing. Unlike Alya, however, Chloé choice to reveal her heroin identity and Queen Bee's first hero attempt actions having Ladybug arriving to help her, Alya takes the time to watch the incident for her Ladyblog.

Season Three

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In "Miracle Queen", however, Queen Bee was Akumatized into the titled villain and had her wasps place Alya and half of Paris under her mind control. Which later allows her to learn and show Hawk Moth that Alya is Rena Rouge when she ordered the off and on Miraculous users to reveal themselves before giving them their Miraculouses. Rena Rouge and the other were later freed from Miracle Queen's control when Ladybug de-Akumatized back to Queen Bee and because Chloé willingly sided with Hawk Moth, after she was tricked into joining him, she would no longer be entrusted with the Bee Miraculous again and had placed Alya in future danger.


While the two aren't close, it hasn't stop fans from shipping the two. As Chloé's slow, growing kindness has gotten a few fans to hope that the two would one day become friends. Since they work well together as Rena Rouge and Queen Bee, shippers commonly portray one or both of them as alter ego's. Some of the earlier fan theories, have the two knowing each others secret identities and becoming friends over it.

On AO3, the ship has about 90 fanfics.



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  • The Bee Miraculous was originally meant for Alya, but Ladybug drops it mid battle, and Chloé stumbles upon the it.


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