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Chongling is the het ship between Chongyun and Xiangling from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Both, Chongyun and Xiangling are currently in good terms of friendship. They have some similarities, they're both playable 4 stars. And gameplay-wise, they're amazing supports, they can be a great duo due to the melt reaction. But, they sadly lack some interactions.


Chongyun talks about Xiangling's cooking, and that it's universally praised. However, he mentions that he personally doesn't touch any of her spicy dishes. The Traveler started asking the reason why, in which case, Chongyun lies. Saying that it's because of personal preference. As the real reason why, is because he can get out of control when he eats it.

Xiangling talks about Chongyun and how he always gets dragged by Xingqiu, she states that he doesn't eat spicy food. She brings up about Chongyun's face every time the hot food arrives, is priceless, and says that Xingqiu politely apologizes and started to try every dish.


In Chongyun's Lore, in one of the stories. It mentions about Chongyun's being very sensitive to any hot, or spice foods. Because it make Chongyun lose out of control, in which, Xiangling is one of the victims in the situation. Chongyun never expect that the rice balls were stuffed with Jueyun Chili, which made him lose out of control, during the time he was losing out of control. He claims that he sense an evil spirit in Wanmin Restaurant, and slaps a charm on Xiangling's forehead, and then chases her around, with his sword.

From the aftermath of the predicament. Chongyun had to save for an entire month and pay Wanmin Restaurant back for the mess and damages he had caused. Chongyun gave Xiangling an evil-warding talisman that he had carved by hand. However, during the aftermath of the situation, Xiangling states that she didn't mind Chongyun's "transgression" at all. Instead, she tells that the crazy Chongyun was the real Chongyun, without any personal walls up.

Moonchase Festival

In Act 1, Xiangling asks Chongyun, alongside Xingqiu, what types of foods do they like. Chongyun becomes shocked and asks back if she's not thinking of taking part of the Masterful Chef. Although, Xiangling tells him that yes, she is taking part of it, she becomes worried asks him what's wrong as he looks like as if he had seen a ghost. Chongyun face palms, but answers her, saying that it's a major event and started begged her to not cook anything strange for the competition. Xiangling declined his answer, exclaiming what does he mean by "strange".


“Xiangling's cooking is universally praised, but I personally don't touch any of her spicy dishes. Why? Oh, you know — just, uh... personal preference, that's all. I mean, come on, Mushroom Slime Stew... Does that sound appetizing to you?”
— Chongyun's Voiceline about Xiangling
“Chongyun? I always see him on his way to eat at Wanmin Restaurant with Xingqiu... Ah... or perhaps I should say I see him being dragged there by Xingqiu? Chongyun doesn't eat hot food. Every time the hot food arrives, Xingqiu politely apologizes and proceeds to try every dish. I just wanna dig in with him! The look on Chongyun's face is priceless. They're quite interesting, those two.”
— Xiangling's Voiceline about Chongyun


Chongling's popularity is very small, supposedly it's a small ship, and a rarepair among the Genshin Impact fandom. Due to the fact Xingyun and Taoling are overshadowing it and they were often shipped because of their friendship, since they both have bad impressions of each other, and their lore and voicelines. Chongling has 23 works in AO3.



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