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Chongnett is the slash ship between Chongyun and Bennett from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Chongyun and Bennett have never met in canon, but that does not rule out any future interaction. Bennett is an adventurer from Mondstadt, leader and only member of Benny's adventure team. Bennett's life is filled with misfortune, affecting his daily life and the people around him. Chongyun is an exorcist from Liyue. He was born with excessive yang energy/congenital positivity, which drives away all the evil spirits before he can even see them.

There are some similarities between the two. Both Chongyun and Bennett dislike Jueyun Chilis and spicy food in general. Both have a circumstance they are born with that affects their lives negatively. Bennett's bad luck causes him to get injured often and Chongyun's yang energy prevents him from doing his job as an exorcist. They are both four-star playable characters.

Gameplay wise, the two work well together as a melt combo, with Chongyun being a Cryo character and Bennett being a Pyro character. The two also use different weapons. Bennet uses a sword while Chongyun uses a claymore. The two have never been featured together on the same banner. Though, both Chongyun and Bennett have been featured on exactly three banners currently.


“You can't really afford to be picky as an adventurer. That said, I can't really handle spicy food. I find it hard to breathe after eating Jueyun Chilis, like the spice went right into my lungs. And there's no avoiding the diarrhea afterward... It's the devil's fruit, I say. Who knows where it came from?”
— Bennett's voiceline about his least favorite food
“Anything piping hot and laden with chilies is an absolute no-go for me. The mere thought of a Jueyun Chili gives me hot flashes.”
— Chongyun's voiceline about his least favorite food


Chongnett originated from headcanons that Chongyun's congenital positivity and Bennett's bad luck could cancel each other out. Bennett's pyro vision and Chongyun's cryo vision resemble fire and ice. Bennett's optimistic cheery attitude and Chongyun's cool attitude are also opposites.

This ship is considered a rare pair in the fandom, but it has some content. A lot of people see them as only friends. A lot of content also features Chongyun taking care of Bennett when he gets hurt, and focuses on the fluff aspect of the ship. The ship is mostly overshadowed by more popular ships for Chongyun and Bennett such as Xingyun and Rannett. However, all three ships can be shipped within the TVT DREAM polyship. Chongnett currently has 58+ works on AO3.



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  • Genshin Impact's 1.4 update brought the Hangout Event feature, which included Chongyun and Bennett.


TVT DREAM refers to the ship between the two, Razor and Xingqiu


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