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Chribecca is the het ship between Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

On the night of July 24th 1998, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) have been assigned into the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic homicides. Bravo Team had been sent out the previous night and has since ceased radio contact, forcing Alpha Team to investigate their disappearance on top of completing the mission. Alpha Team locates Bravo Team’s downed helicopter and investigates the area. Soon into the search, Alpha Team’s Joseph Frost is attacked by a pack of Cerberuses (mutant dogs) with his body being torn apart. Chris and his surviving comrades run into a large mansion seen in the distance. Upon splitting up from his team to investigate the mansion for a while, Chris finds Rebecca holding a severely injured Richard Aiken. Rebecca questions who he is, with Chris responding his name and that he’s apart of Alpha Team. Richard warns Chris about the “demons” inside the mansion, while also telling him about Yawn (a massive snake) he was bitten by. Rebecca comments that he needs a serum and that it must be in another room. Chris touches her shoulder and tells her he’ll go get it.

Once retrieving the serum, Chris runs back to Rebecca and Richard, where Rebecca thanks him. Richard passes out, leading to Chris telling Rebecca that it’s not safe and that they need to get to safer place. Rebecca agrees and the three move to a different room where Richard can recover properly. Just before Chris leaves to continue his investigation, he asks Rebecca if she’s okay using a gun, which she responds she is. As Chris is walking toward the door, Rebecca tells him to be careful and Chris turns back and nods before leaving the room.

Chris watches Rebecca the piano.

During his investigation, Chris comes across a puzzle that requires the piano piece “Moonlight Sonata”. While attempting to play the song, Rebecca enters the room, startling Chris momentarily until she reveals it to be her. Rebecca comments that it sounds like “Moonlight Sonata,” leading to Chris asking if she can play. Chris moves aside and watches Rebecca play for minute until she hits a rough key, claiming that her “interpretation is off a little”. She asks if she can practice for a while. Should the player choose to allow her, Chris will tell her not to “get too carried away”. Leaving Rebecca to practice, Chris continues his investigation.

Chris and Rebecca as the secret passage opens.

Once arriving back, Rebecca cheerfully exclaims Chris’ name, claiming she thinks she’s got it. After she’s done playing, Chris smiles when she plays a smoother version of “Moonlight Sonata,” telling her, “Practice makes perfect.” Having the song played right, a secret opening lifts open with Chris entering, taking the Gold Emblem, and swapping it with the Bronze Emblem to get out. Once out, Rebecca asks if he’s okay. Chris tells her his is, before leaving again.

Chris finds his way to the same massive snake that bit Richard, getting bit himself. As Chris stumbles out of the room and collapses against a wall, Rebecca runs to his side. Chris claims he needs serum. Rebecca says she remembers seeing it, before saying she’ll be right back as she leaves to retrieve it.

Rebecca gives Chris the serum to save his life.

Rebecca returns to Chris, who is slumped against a wall. She administers the serum and Chris asks what happened to him. Rebecca tells him the truth; that he was bitten by a poisonous snake and fell unconscious. Rebecca helps Chris stand up, never letting go of his hand until he gets his bearings straight. Feeling better, Chris is again ready to continue with his investigation. Before leaving, Chris turns back to Rebecca where she says, “Thank god I made it in time.”

During Chris’ search, he enters a heavily flooded room where he finds Richard bracing himself against railings. He attempts to warn Chris of the two Neptunes (mutant great-white sharks) lurking in the water. Chris ends up getting too close, trying to get to Richard, where Richard leaps in between Chris and a Neptune, getting himself killed.

Chris tells Rebecca of Richard’s death.

Chris finds his way back to Rebecca where he accidentally startles her. Seeing as it’s Chris, Rebecca asks if he’s okay. Chris tells her he is before gently telling her that Richard is “gone”. Rebecca apologizes before Chris yells that it’s “his fault”, claiming that he should have “watched out for him”. Rebecca doesn’t acknowledge Chris’ words; instead she tells him that she’s found a pharmaceutical room that she believes can be useful. Before leaving, she tells Chris, “I’m glad you’re still okay.”

Rebecca treats Chris’ wounds.

Chris follows Rebecca to the pharmaceutical room where she attempts to speak about the things within the room. Her voice shakes, but she manages to ask Chris if he’d like her to treat his wounds. Should the player allow her to, Chris will be treated and thank her. Once over, Rebecca will start to cry into a hand. Chris awkwardly moves to touch her shoulder in a comforting gesture, before telling her to be strong.

During Chris’ continued investigation, he hears Rebecca scream from above him. Chris rushes upstairs where he finds Rebecca getting cornered by a Hunter. Weaponless, Rebecca cowers in the corner as the beast inches closer. Chris storms from behind, killing the Hunter. With the Hunter dead, Chris runs for Rebecca, helping her up. Rebecca apologizes for “getting him worried”. Chris tells her that they can’t stay at the mansion any longer; that they need to find the others and get out. Asking if she’s with him, Rebecca agrees. Before leaving, he tells Rebecca to “stay cool” and to “use her better judgment”, giving her a thumbs up.

Rebecca catches up to Chris.

Later that night, Chris and Rebecca meet up again when Rebecca catches up to him, having seen Chris from the garden. Chris is relieved to see her, telling her, “No more following, just stay with me, kid.” He pats her shoulders and then gives her another thumbs up. With that, the two head off together to the deep underground laboratory. Chris and Rebecca confront Wesker about being a mole, something Chris learned earlier while looking through files. Wesker pulls out a gun, pointing it at Chris. After Chris demands to know why, Wesker turns his attention to Rebecca, shooting her. Chris screams her name, with Wesker commanding Chris not to move. Keeping his gun on Chris, Wesker shows Chris the Tyrant, the T-002 model. The Tyrant stabs Wesker through the abdomen, before throwing him against the wall. With Wesker down, Chris faces off against the “test-tube freak”. Having shot down the Tyrant, Chris makes for Rebecca, gently helping her sit up. With Rebecca having worn a bullet proof vest, her wound is less critical. She and Chris leave the area. As they’re leaving, Rebecca informs Chris that there’s still a lot of “Tyrant virus” within the mansion, proclaiming that they should blow the whole place up. Chris agrees, leaving that up to Rebecca. Before she leaves, Chris tells her he’ll see her outside, with Rebecca confirming.

Chris has gotten fellow team member Jill Valentine when Rebecca rounds the corner, telling Chris the self-destruct has been activated. Chris tells her “good work” when loud sounds erupt from down the hallway. Rebecca and Jill go off together to fight “them” with Chris finding a way to get into contact with another team member, Brad Vickers.

Chris makes it outside, with Rebecca and Jill following not long after. Chris asks Rebecca if she’s okay, seeing her holding her shoulder. The Tyrant from before launches itself through the concrete ground, with a battle ensuing. Brad drops a rocket launcher, insisting that Chris use it to kill the Tyrant. Using the rocket launcher, Chris fires at the Tyrant, killing it where it stands. Brad lands the helicopter, rescuing all three people. The mansion explodes as they’re flying away. Inside the helicopter, Chris watches Rebecca sleep peacefully before turning to look out the window.

Resident Evil: Vendetta

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Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

  • Chris touches Rebecca’s shoulder, telling her he’ll go find the serum.
  • Rebecca tells Chris to be careful before he leaves to continue his investigation.
  • Chris watches Rebecca play the piano.
  • Chris smiles when Rebecca plays the correct version of “Moonlight Sonata”.
  • Rebecca asks Chris if he’s okay once leaving the secret opening.
  • Rebecca runs to Chris’ side when he collapses against a wall.
  • Rebecca goes and gets serum to save Chris’ life.
  • Rebecca helps Chris stand up.
  • Chris tells Rebecca he owes her one.
  • Rebecca is glad she made it in time to Chris with the serum.
  • Rebecca asks Chris if he’s okay.
  • Rebecca tells Chris she’s glad he’s still okay.
  • Rebecca can treat Chris’ wounds.
  • Chris touches Rebecca’s shoulder in a comforting gesture once she starts crying.
  • Chris tells Rebecca to be strong.
  • Chris hears Rebecca scream and immediately rushes to her aid.
  • Chris gives Rebecca a thumbs up.
  • Rebecca runs to catch up with Chris.
  • Chris is glad Rebecca is okay.
  • Chris tells Rebecca to follow him.
  • Chris pats Rebecca’s shoulders.
  • Chris gives Rebecca another thumbs up.
  • Chris gently helps Rebecca sit up after she’s been shot.
  • Chris tells Rebecca good work.
  • Chris asks Rebecca if she’s okay.

Resident Evil: Vendetta

  • Chris saved Rebecca from a zombie in her lab.
  • Chris went to Rebecca to see if she was okay after the attack.
  • Chris gently touched Rebecca's knee while guaranteeing that everything would be okay.
  • Chris went to see Rebecca in her bedroom.
  • Rebecca nicknamed Chris and herself as "the brain and the brawn".
  • Rebecca and Chris smiled at each other in the helicopter.
  • Chris called Rebecca's name when he saw that she was being kidnapped.
  • Chris found Rebecca stuck on a stretcher in the lab.
  • Chris touches Rebecca's shoulder gently, worried as he realizes how weakened she is by the virus.
  • Chris was furious and threatened the doctor to find out where the vaccine for Rebecca is.
  • Chris stood between Rebecca and the Tyrant to protect her.
  • Chris saved Rebecca with the vaccine and they smiled at each other.
  • Rebecca looked softly as Chris smiled at Leon in the helicopter.


Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

Chris“Rebecca, you okay with a gun?”
Chris“Alright, I’m going to continue my investigation.”
Rebecca“Be careful, okay?”
— Just before Chris leaves, Resident Evil.
Rebecca“It’s me, Chris.”
— Chris is startled by Rebecca, Resident Evil.
Chris“I need… serum.”
Rebecca“Serum? I remember seeing it. I’ll be right back! Just hang in there!”
— After Chris is poisoned by Yawn, Resident Evil.
Chris“Ah, my head is killing me.”
Rebecca“You should be fine. I gave you a shot of serum. But again, don’t do anything—”
Chris“That you wouldn’t do? I’ll try to remember that. I owe you one.”
— Once Rebecca returns with the serum, Resident Evil.
“Thank god I made it in time.”
— Rebecca to Chris, about getting the serum to him in time, Resident Evil.
“I’m glad you’re still okay.”
— Rebecca to Chris, after Richard died, Resident Evil.
“Be strong, Rebecca.”
— Chris, following Rebecca crying over Richard’s death, Resident Evil.
Chris“You okay?”
Rebecca“I didn’t mean to get you worried.”
Chris“We can’t stay here any longer. We have to get to the others and find a way out of here. You with me?”
— After Chris saves Rebecca from a Hunter, Resident Evil.
Rebecca“[out of breath] I saw you… in the garden. I finally caught up.”
Chris“Well, I’m glad you’re okay. No more following, just stay with me, kid.”
Rebecca“That’s my plan, sir.”
— Once Rebecca catches up to Chris, Resident Evil.
Chris“It’s a good thing you were wearing your bullet proof vest. There’s nothing left for us to do here. Let’s get moving.”
— After Rebecca was shot by Wesker, Resident Evil.
Chris“It’s not like we’re out of this yet. I’ll see you on the outside.”
— Before Rebecca leaves to activate self-destruct, Resident Evil.
Chris“You okay?”
— Rebecca arriving back to Chris, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil: Vendetta

Chris“It's been a while.”
Rebecca“You should be wearing a clean-suit or at least a mask.”
Chris“Yeah, well... How you doing?”
Rebecca“I'm fine for now.”
— After the attack on the university.
Chris“So don't worry. We'll get you to a hot shower and everything will be okay.”
Rebecca“Same old Chris.”
— After the attack on the university.
Rebecca“You hopped on a chopper and came to see me.”
— In the hotel room.
“I want to find a cure, same as Chris. The difference is, he uses his brawn while I use my brain.”
— Rebecca in the helicopter.
“Well, look who it is. The BSAA's golden boy and Dr. High Hopes.”
— Leon to Chris and Rebecca.
“You're letting a grudge get the better of you.”
— Rebecca to Chris, to stop his argument with Leon in the bar.
Leon“What's Arias want with Rebecca?”
Chris“I don't know. I just want to get her back.”
— After Rebecca was kidnapped.
“You just had to try to save her... You're so predictable, Chris. That's your weakness.”
— Glenn Arias about Chris trying to get Rebecca out of the lab.
Rebecca“You have to kill me.”
Chris“No. We'll find the vaccine. Just hang on a little longer.”
— As they are running out of time and the virus is reacting in Rebecca's body.


Chribecca had a small following prier until the movie Resident Evil: Vendetta, 21 years after their first appearance in Resident Evil. Though the ship is still incredibly small compared to Chris’ juggernaut ships Nivanfield, Chrisker, Valenfield and Rebecca’s moderately large ship Reilly.



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