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Chrisker is the slash ship between Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil fandom.


In 1996, Wesker and Chris met at the newly founded Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), a division of the Raccoon Police Department. Wesker worked as a double agent for Umbrella, giving them information on any police investigations. During this time, he also took note of Chris’ abilities.

Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

On the night of July 24th 1998, S.T.A.R.S. has been assigned into the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic homicides. Bravo Team had been sent out the previous night and has since ceased radio contact, forcing Alpha Team to investigate their disappearance on top of completing the mission. Alpha Team locates Bravo Team’s downed helicopter and investigates the area. Not long into the search, Alpha Team’s Joseph Frost is attacked by a pack of Cerberuses (mutant dogs) with his body being torn apart. Chris and Jill Valentine run away from the charging dogs where they’re blocked off. Chris throws his arms up in defense when Wesker fires, saving Chris, and then commanding Chris to follow. They and their surviving comrades run into a large mansion seen in the distance.

Once inside the mansion Wesker, Chris and Jill and all hear a gunshot. Chris elects himself to investigate alone, while Jill and Wesker stay back to secure the area. By the time Chris retraces his steps back to the foyer, Jill and Wesker are gone. He voices where they could have gone when he finds a handgun laying the floor, presuming left behind by Jill or Wesker.

Chris and Wesker don’t see each other for a while until Chris hears gunshots and runs for the sound. He finds Wesker, who is surprised Chris is still alive, leading to Chris saying “my words exactly”, before questioning where Jill is. Wesker informs him that he and Jill had gotten separated. Chris accepts that as something plausible, before telling him they need to find a way out of there before they turn into “zombie food”. Wesker tells him to investigate one more time, while he continues with his own investigation. Chris accepts, and he and Wesker go their separate ways for time being.

Investigating the underground tunnels of the Spencer Mansion, Chris hears more gunshots. Upon Wesker seeing him, he tells Chris to “take a piece of the action”. Wesker is in the middle of fight with Lisa Trevor, a girl who was experimented on and abused for 30 years. Chris manages to knock off all four stones, while Wesker shoots at Lisa. With the four stones off, Lisa takes her mother’s skull and jumps down the massive fall. Chris turns back to Wesker, who claims he’s going to continue with his investigation of the area.

Not long after, Chris finds Wesker again in a deep unground laboratory beneath the mansion. Chris calls out Wesker’s name. Wesker is more preoccupied with the computer in front of him, though he does tell Chris how “pound” he is of him because he is one his own men, Chris snorts out a “thanks” in response. Wesker pulls out a gun, pointing it at Chris. Chris demands to know how long Umbrella has be slipping Wesker a paycheck, leading to Wesker telling him that he’s always been with Umbrella. Wesker turns his attention to Chris’ partner, Rebecca Chambers, shooting her. Keeping his gun on Chris, Wesker shows Chris the Tyrant, the T-002 model. Chris laughs, claiming that Wesker’s become “senile”. The Tyrant impales Wesker through the abdomen, before throwing him against the wall. With Wesker down, Chris faces off against the “test-tube freak”. Having shot down the Tyrant, Chris makes for Wesker body, saying to himself, “What a pathetic way to die.”

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

In December of 1998, six months after the Mansion Incident, Claire Redfield is still searching for her brother, Chris. Her search takes her to an Umbrella owned facility in Paris where she is discovered and met with resistance. Claire attempts an escape, though is captured by Rodrigo Juan Raval, an Umbrella military commander and is shipped to the remote Rockfort Island facility. Hours later she awakens from being knocked out by a guard to the sound of explosions. Claire receives an opportunity when, unbeknownst to her, Wesker leads an air raid on the island that ends up wiping out most of the island inhabitants and damaging the majority of its structures. Unfortunately, the air raid also causes the accidental release of t-Virus samples and B.O.Ws, which spread quickly and wipe out the remaining survivors.

Claire later has the misfortune of meeting Wesker face-to-face in the courtyard of the Ashford Mansion. Wesker still maintaining the illusion of death, tells Claire, “Let’s just say that I’m a ghost coming back to haunt your dear brother.” Wesker also taunts Claire that her “ever so caring brother” will show up to rescue her, thanking her for being “such good bait”. Claire quips back that he has Chris all wrong, that he isn’t the person Wesker thinks he is. Wesker grabs her by her throat, proclaiming that he despises Chris as he throws her to the ground and stomps on her shoulder. Wesker soon receives a call, this stopping him. He leaves Claire on the ground as he goes to attend to other matters.

Hours later, Chris has arrived to the island where Wesker sees him via surveillance feed, commenting, “Oh little fishy, come see my hook.” He unleashes a “welcoming gift” in the form of a Hunter II, with Chris managing to evade the monsters. The two meet face-to-face for the first time since the Mansion Incident. Chris is surprised to see Wesker still alive, believing him dead all this time. Wesker grabs Chris by his throat. Chris is able to smack off Wesker’s sunglasses, revealing his non-human snake-like eyes. Wesker reveals to him that Claire is at the facility located in Antarctica with the now awakened Alexia. He releases Chris when Alexia Ashford appears on screen. He throws Chris to the ground and Chris crawls to safety as he’s struggling for breath. Chris races to save his sister and Wesker leaves for the base as well for Alexia.

After Chris finds and rescues his sister, Alexia indirectly injures him by having one of her large tentacles destroy part of the walkway of the base, looking like the Spencer’s Mansion, causing him to fall. With Claire off finding fellow prisoner Steve Burnside, Chris hinds behind a pillar watching Wesker and Alexia converse on the staircase, demanding the t-Veronica virus within her. Alexia mutates and a fight commences with one of her fire bolts coming straight for the pillar Chris is hiding behind, Chris rolls out the way, giving away his position. With Alexia closing in on them, Wesker turns to Chris, telling him, “Chris, since you’re one of my best men, I’ll let you handle this.” Wesker escapes through the front door just as Alexia burns it, blocking Chris inside, forcing Chris to fight her. Chris manages to knocked her down, him believing he’s defeated her.

A short time later, Alexia reemerges with Chris killing her for good with the linear launcher. Prior to that, he activated the base’s self-destruct in order to free Claire. As he’s running for Claire, he finds Wesker holding Claire, claiming with that Alexia’s work “wasn’t much of anything,” so what’s left is revenge. Chris tells him that he “doesn’t want her,” to which Wesker agrees, shoving Claire towards Chris. Wesker proclaims that “today is a good day,” because with Chris being there, killing him “would be even better”. Once Chris gets Claire to leave, the two engage in a fight with Chris on the losing end. Chris sees a crank carrying a bunch of metal beams. Chris runs the crank, releasing all beans to fall onto of Wesker. Wesker emerges from fallen beams, stubbing for Chris. Wesker smirks, telling him, “Nice try.” The base rumbles and explodes, causing a massive pipe to fall between the men. With their fight over, Wesker tells Chris “until next time,” before Chris runs for the hanger bay where Claire is waiting for him and the two escape, vowing to destroy Umbrella.

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

In 2006, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A) receive intel to which Chris and Jill Valentine are ordered to apprehend Umbrella’s founder, Oswell E. Spencer. They accept the mission in the hopes of discovering any information on the whereabouts of Albert Wesker. They make their way the mansion fighting off numerous enemies. Chris and Jill arrive to Spencer’s main chamber, to discover Wesker standing over Spencer’s deceased body. Wesker turns to them and grins. An intense fight breaks out with Chris and Jill on the losing end. Chris and Wesker are engaged in hand-to-hand combat, when Wesker then grabs Chris and throws him across the room. He stands over Chris before picking him up by his throat, about to deliver a fatal blow when Jill screams, “No!” She rushes Wesker, throwing them both out a window, down the massive cliffside.

The B.S.A.A conducted a three month search for both Jill and Wesker’s bodies, though they were never found.

Resident Evil 5

Three yeas later, in 2009, Wesker is in Africa working along with TRICELL, a multi-industrial conglomerate, to unleash his plan of Uroboros virus across the world. Chris and Sheva Alomar, his partner, arrive at the monarch room and confront Excella Gionne, Wesker’s partner, demanding to know where Jill is, fully believing her to be alive. Moments later a hooded figure jumps down and a fight breaks out. Chris managing to shoot off the figure’s mask. The figure jumps back and lands at a safe distance away, with their hood still covering the top of their face. Wesker watches on for a few more moments before showing himself to Chris. Chris is stunned to see him after the past three years, saying, “Wesker, you are alive!” Wesker mocks Chris about this being a “family reunion,” to which he pulls the hood back, revealing the figure to be Jill.

Soon a two-on-two battle forms, Wesker telling them he only has seven minutes to spare. Chris keeps his main focus on Wesker, avoiding his attacks. With the seven minutes over, Wesker completely disregards Chris by taking a phone call. He soon leaves him to “watch Jill suffer.” Once Wesker leaves, Chris and Sheva work to free Jill from Wesker’s control.


Resident Evil (2002)

  • Wesker shoots a Cerberuses, saving Chris.
  • Wesker leaves bullets for Chris.


Resident Evil (2002)

“Chris! Take a piece of the action.”
— Wesker, upon seeing Chris while fighting Lisa Trevor, Resident Evil.
Wesker“So you’ve come. Chris, you make me proud. Of course you are one of my men.”
Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Wesker“Long time no see, Chris.”
Chris“Wesker, you’re still alive!”
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
“Chris, since you’re one of my best men, I’ll let you handle this.”
— Wesker, leaving Chris to fight Alexia, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
Wesker“Today’s your lucky day. Next time we meet; don’t count on another.”
Chris“Next time.”
Wesker“Until we meet again!”
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.


On AO3, Chrisker is the third most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag; Chris’ third most written and Wesker’s most written.



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Weskentinefield refers to the ship between Jill Valentine, Chris and Wesker




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