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ChuuRan is the slash ship between Chūya Nakahara and Ranpo Edogawa from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.


Chuuya and Ranpo are from rival agencies, interaction between them is rare.

They met when Chuuya invaded the place where the agency was hiding to send a message to the president about the use of interns as bait so that the agency could fight against guild officials, Fukuzawa and Ranpo respond to Chuuya through security cameras instead. to speak to him in person, so Chuuya didn’t see Ranpo’s appearance. Ranpo when before asking a question he provokes Chuuya by calling him "Mr. Fancy Hat", which left Chuuya insecure wondering if that was what he looked like.

They are later seen interacting when the armed detective agency was attacking the port mafia in an attempt to kill Mori to save Fukuzawa. Chuuya orders the Mafia to defend Mori with their lives until he reaches the scene. But before Chuuya leaves, Ranpo calls him and confronts him saying he can't let Chuuya go, as that would decrease the agency's chances of victory, Chuuya seems merciful saying that even though he is the axis of the agency, he does not have the fighting power, which implies that he recognizes how much the agency idolizes Ranpo, but Ranpo teased him and mocked him by reminding him that he had already lost to Dazai, making Chuuya very angry and causing a small explosion, Chuuya then asks him if he wants to play against gravity, and Ranpo responds by saying that nothing is impossible for a great detective. Chuuya attacks him mercilessly with full force, and Ranpo put in front of one of Poe's novels, in which he leaves Chuuya's arm, Ranpo tells him that it was a romance where there were no skills, and that the only way to get out was to discover them all. the five hundred killers that were in it, then they are soon teleported into the romance, it was not shown what happened while they were inside.

After the victory, the Guild threw a party on their yacht to celebrate, Ranpo is seen there eating a cake, Tanizaki goes to him to ask him about his escape from the romance, and Ranpo says he managed to decipher all five hundred killers, and in then he regrets not being able to say the same thing about Chuuya. Despite this meeting, it does not appear that Chuuya blamed him.


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ChuuRan is not as popular as some other BSD ships like Soukoku or Ranpoe. The fandom is very fond of the interactions between them and how Ranpo teases Chuuya.



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