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Chuuya“Do you know when it's all right to chicken out and go home?”
Mizuki“...I do not.”
Chuuya“There is no such time.”

ChuuTsuji is the het ship between Chuuya Nakahara and Mizuki Tsujimura from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.


The ship sailed mostly thanks to Chuuya and Mizuki sharing a scene in the Dead Apple Movie. It wasn't really long, but was enough for people to start shipping these two.


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Dead Apple

Chuuya is standing in a plane almost ready to active his ability. When the hatch opens up, Tsujimura appears behind Nakahara. She asks him if he's okay with doing this after all. Chuuya looks at her and quickly recognizes Mizuki from the time they met during Gaiden, 1 year ago. Tsujimura tells Nakahara that going is dangerous and asks him why is he going to do it anyway. That's when Chuuya answers with his iconic quote - 'Do you know when it's all right to chicken out and go home? There is no such time'. After these words he jumps off the plane and the battle begins.

It's a really short moment, but we can clearly see in it the big respect they both have for each other. That powerful respect in that scene became a reason for the people to ship them.


ChuuTsuji is a rarepair within the BSD fandom and a reason why some of the Soukoku shippers started hating on Tsujimura. They didn't like the fact that people started to ship her with Chuuya so hard and saw kind of a danger for their ship in Mizuki. However, it didn't last long and with time things calmed down a bit, yet there still are a few Soukoku shippers that dislike Tsujimura, because of the ChuuTsuji ship.



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