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Cinderbelle is the femslash ship between Cinderella and Belle from the Disney fandom.


As Cinderella and Belle are from different series, they have never met in canon. While in the Disney Princess group photo scene from one of the Ralph Breaks the Internet trailers, the two are seen standing beside each other behind Mulan.

During "So This is Love" and "Beauty and the Beast", the two have a romantic dance in a ball room, before they leave their prince's castles to return home. Both Cinderella and Belle had also started out as none royals. When their main antagonists threatened the lives of their princes, Belle and Cinderella stood up to Gaston and Lady Tremaine. Their other common links are that they lost their mothers at a young age and have had dreams of a better life, that is filled with joy. In a darker version of Belle's story the Enchantress is her mother, while Cinderella's main antagonist is her stepmother.

Just as Belle became friends with the castle's servants, Cinderella became friends with the mice in her home. As the mice help Cinderella adjust to her new life, while the Beast's serves help Belle to find slivers of happiness within the castle. Belle's remake and Cinderella's second films also shows that the two are good with children, and don't let someone's cruel actions or words towards the two get the better of them.


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A rarepair, Cinderella and Belle are shipped by few fans who believe that choosing to follow their own hearts and have a romantic dance in a ball room, could have them get along with each other. Some fans will draw the two in their modern clothes from Ralph Breaks the Internet. Along with there being manip fanart of both their animation and live-action selves. Fans of Belleast and Cindercharming, however, prefer to have the two as friends.

On AO3, the ship has only 8 fanfics. The ship also has a small fanbase on Tumblr and DeviantArt.



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  • Both appear in Once Upon A Time.
    • In the series Belle is the step-grandmother-in-law of the second Cinderella.
  • Both of their animated films were remade into live-action films.
  • Both cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • Both are Princesses of Hearts in Kingdom Hearts
  • Both have been guests at The House of Mouse.
  • Both are summoned by the Amulet in Sofia the First, and have their own songs.
  • In Descendants they both have a son, who are friends with one another.
  • Cinderella's icon item is her glass slipper, while Belle's is the Enchanted Rose.



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