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Cinnabun is the het ship between Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi from the RWBY fandom.


Yatsuhashi and Velvet are both members of team cfvy and he seems to be very protective of her. In volume 2 chapter 12, He defended her from the flying spikes, of a grimm that had exploded. In volume 2 chapter 8 Team CFVY returns to Beacon one week later than scheduled. Team Rwby stops Velvet, and expresses concern for her and her team; however, Velvet reassures them that Yatsuhashi was looking out for her. In the after the fall prologue, Yatsuhashi protects Velvet from a giant mole crab about to attack her.

During a flashback he tries to get her some medical treatment after being hit by an atlesian paladin. In the emerald forest initiation, Yatsuhashi caught a screaming Velvet as she was falling through the air. At first, Velvet showed disdain towards Yatsuhashi and told him they couldn't be teammates because of his Mistralian origins, but Yatsuhashi assures her he doesn't have those same kind of prejudices that others in his country do. This eventually allows Velvet to warm up to Yatsuhashi. Yatsuhashi also seems to have a great understanding of Velvet's personality.

Knowing that she only acts shy around people she doesn't know and quite the opposite around people she does know. They then both share breadfruit on a stick together, while watching Coco interview Carmine from afar. In the before the dawn novel, when all the teams get split up Yatsuhashi tries to reach out for Velvet before the door closes and they are seperated. Then when Yatsuhashi and Fox are interrogating Neptune for information on Velvet's whereabouts, Neptune at one point asks Yatsuhashi if he's jealous. Yatsuhashi is then greatly relieved to see that Velvet is safe and alive when she and Sun escape.


Though not as popular as Crosshares, Cinnabun has a small but decent sized fanbase. It grew in popularity after the events in the after the fall novel where it became apparent that Yatsuhashi has a small crush on Velvet. Fans think it's adorable that Yatsuhashi seems to be very overprotective of Velvet and always tries to protect and save her. They also think it might become the only canon couple from team cfvy. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



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  • Their ship name comes from Yatsuhashi's name meaning "cinnamon" in Japanese, and Velvet being a bunny faunus.



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