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“Mozart better watch out. Cisco Ramon's about to conduct something nasty”
— Weather Wizard wand wielding

Cisco Ramon is a principal character from the The Flash fandom and a part of the Arrowverse.


Cisco is a near genius engineer, working for S.T.A.R. Labs initially until the particle accelerator explosion which eventually leads to his co-operation with Barry Allen and the founding of Team Flash. Cisco is warm, sweet, funny and clever, with a tendency to name the metahuman criminals Team Flash come up against and a fondness for film.



Canary Vibe — the ship between Sara Lance and Cisco
Cynco — the ship between Cisco and Cynthia Reynolds
Goldenvibe — the ship between Cisco and Lisa Snart
Hawkvibe — the ship between Cisco and Kendra Saunders
Irisco — the ship between Iris West and Cisco
Kamisco — the ship between Cisco and Kamilla Hwang
Killervibe — the ship between Caitlin Snow and Cisco
Laurisco — the ship between Laurel Lance and Cisco
Parkvibe — the ship between Cisco and Linda Park
Smoakvibe — the ship between Felicity Smoak and Cisco
Supervibe — the ship between Kara Zor-El and Cisco
Vixen Vibe — the ship between Amaya Jiwe and Cisco


Arrowvibe — the ship between Cisco and Oliver Queen
Atomvibe — the ship between Ray Palmer and Cisco
Cisco x Winn — the ship between Cisco and Winn Schott
ColdVibe — the ship between Leonard Snart and Cisco
Elongvibe — the ship between Cisco and Ralph Dibny
Flashvibe — the ship between Barry Allen and Cisco
Harrisco — the ship between Cisco and Harry Wells
Hartmon — the ship between Hartley Rathaway and Cisco
HeatVibe — the ship between Mick Rory and Cisco
Steelvibe — the ship between Nate Heywood and Cisco
Vibestorm — the ship between Cisco and Jefferson Jackson
Wallisco — the ship between Cisco and Wally West


Barriscowest — the ship between Cisco, Barry Allen and Iris West
ColdVibeWave — the ship between Cisco, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory


Snowbarrisco — the ship between Cisco, Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow


Kamilla Hwang


Main article: Cynco

Cynthia is a bounty-hunter from Earth-19, known by the alias Gypsy. She has the same powers as Cisco, although she has developed hers greatly and is more in control of them than he is when they first meet. She comes across as cold and ruthless, but has a soft spot for Cisco's unabashed confidence in his flirtation with her.

Kendra Saunders

Main article: Hawkvibe

Cisco asks out Kendra, who works at CC Jitters and they go out on a date, although Cisco finds himself interrupted by his 'dayjob' of protecting the city with The Flash. Kendra speculates if this is disinterest, but Cisco makes an effort to assure her how much he likes her by surprising her at work with a picnic. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Vandal Savage and soon meet Carter Hall, Kendra's supposed 'destined' love of several millennia. Kendra chooses to let Carter help her find out more about her past life and she ends things with Cisco.

Lisa Snart

Main article: Goldenvibe

Lisa actually lures Cisco into abduction and torture at the hands of Captain Cold, but later reveals to Cisco that she actually likes him, which, given the circumstances, Cisco finds kind of disturbing. When the Rogues return, she continually flirts with an uncertain Cisco, but shows him her vulnerable side before leaving town, and they share a kiss. Lisa develops real feelings for Cisco and tells him so.

Melinda Torres

Cisco describes her as the love of his life, a girl he knew in high school who dated his brother, Dante. When Cisco and Dante are held captive by Captain Cold, Golden Glider and Heatwave, Dante confesses to Cisco that Melinda actually had feelings for Cisco, and that Dante told her Cisco wanted to be a priest, breaking her heart.


Barry Allen

Main article: Flashvibe

Harry Wells

Main article: Harrisco



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743 Flashvibe Barry Allen slash
691 Goldenvibe Lisa Snart het
570 Harrisco Harry Wells slash
523 Killervibe Caitlin Snow het
489 Hartmon Hartley Rathaway slash
237 Caitlin & Cisco Caitlin Snow gen
202 Barry & Cisco Barry Allen gen
171 Cynco Cynthia Reynolds het
129 Snowbarrisco Barry Allen & Caitlin Snow gen
121 Reversevibe Eowells slash


  • Cisco is portrayed by Carlos Valdes.



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