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CissieCassie is the femslash ship between Cissie King-Jones and Cassie Sandsmark from the DC Comics fandom.


Harm's Way

Cassie first met Cissie when Conner took Cassie back to the Young Justice hideout. Conner asks if she's okay and Cassie starts to say that she's all good when she realizes that he was actually talking to Cissie. She gets annoyed given that she has a crush on Conner and Cissie is just plain adorable.

Judgement Day

Cissie gets done with the way the Justice League treats the boys and tells them off. She then storms off as Cassie follows in disbelief. She finds Cissie hyperventilating into a paper bag, in disbelief that she just told off the Justice League. Cassie says she'd never be able to do that, and that it took guts. Cissie says that she didn't have guts, just that she was terrified the whole time. Cassie admits that she's been jealous of Cissie since they met, but Cissie says that she was also jealous of Cassie's powers. They smiles and Cassie tells Cissie her real name. Cissie tells her hers as well and that it's pretty cool how similar they are.

Thug of War!

Cassie is upset because her mom is making her babysit the neighbors, since she and Cissie discussed hanging out. Her mom says to call and see if Cissie could babysit with Cassie, but Cassie thinks that Cissie won't want to. She calls anyway and Cissie thinks that sounds great.

They're babysitting as the kids demand more games. Cassie says no and that she and Cissie are exhausted, only to find that Cissie has passed out on the couch. When the kids get brainwashed and attempt to kill Cissie, she has to fight them off, just as their mom comes home. The mom assumes the worst and Cassie tries to defend Cissie saying that Cassie wouldn't hurt a kid unless they really pushed. Cissie says that she's not helping, but the police are still called.

Cissie is arrested, as Cassie yells that it was all one big misunderstanding. Cissie calls for Cassie just as Secret arrives and causes smoke to fill the area. Cassie then grabs Cissie and flies the two of them up to the boys on the flying car. They explain what happened and Conner asks why the kids would attack them. Cassie thinks it has something to do with the VHS they were watching, and Cissie brings up that the kids used the word Kali.


At Cissie's school dance, she questions if she should have even gone with Secret being missing. Cassie said that Cissie's been looking forward to the dance, and that Tim was tracking some leads anyway. Cissie then spots Conner and Bart coming in and Cassie thinks that Conner is gonna ask Cissie to dance. Cissie says not to sell herself short, when Conner walks up and asks Cissie to dance. Cissie diverts his attention to Cassie and is able to get them to dance together.


Cissie lays in the fetal position of Cassie's bed as she and Conner try to break her from her trance. Cassie then hears her mom coming up, asking if she's seen Cissie. Cassie opens the door and shows that her room is empty, her mom believing her, even though Conner is holding Cissie on the ceiling.

The next day, they take Cissie to the mall and Conner asks why. Cassie explains that the therapist helped Cissie through some rough times, and saw her as a mother. Cissie seeing her killed and trying to get the guys, it hurt her. Being normal is what Cissie needs. Conner thinks being a superhero is her normal, but stops when he sees Cissie grab a fry. Cassie asks for Cissie, but Cissie just says she's going to have to be a supervillain now. Cassie and Conner are confused, and Cissie explains that it's because she tried to kill someone. Cassie says that Cissie isn't a villain, but Cissie just runs through a checklist of things she'll need now that she is one. Conner laughs, but Cassie tells him to stop, only to join in when she realizes how funny Cissie sounds.

The three return to Cassie's only to find her mom holding Cissie's bow and arrow. Cissie takes it and snaps it in two, saying it's not her anymore, as the three look on in shock.

Stuff Blows Up

Cassie tells Cissie that she can't quit being Arrowette, but Cissie just says to watch her. Cassie says that she didn't kill the murderer, but Cissie points out that she tried. Her actions need to have consequences, and she crossed a line. Cassie points to when they were at the mall and she stopped the thief, but Cissie only thinks about the kids who wanted to imitate her. She gives Cassie her arrows, but Cassie says that she can't leave since they're best friends, how else will they hang out. Cissie asks if they're only friends when they fight crime, and if she meant what she told Conner about them not being defined by their costumes. Cassie says that she was, but says Cissie is twisting it around. She asks if she is and takes off Cassie's goggles and wig. Cassie tearfully says that she hates Cissie as she hugs her, and Cissie says that she knows. She then sadly watches Cissie leave.

Young, Just Us Too

Cassie calls Cissie and tells her to speak up due to the bad connection. She informs Cissie on how the new Young Justice is going to be taking over for a bit, and Cissie asks who they are. Cassie lists them off, and Cissie gives her opinion, before asking where the angsty member of the new team is meant to be. Cassie says that it's too bad Cissie left, since she had angst to spare. Cassie regrets saying that, but Cissie says that it's pretty accurate. She tells Cassie that her mom wants to take her to some mysterious place, and asks if she should go. Cassie says she should only go if she's gone nuts, and Cissie suggests that it could give her more angst.

Down Under Where

Cassie screams over Cissie's news, and Cissie tells her to warn her next time. She asks if she's serious about the news, and Cissie says that the team leaves tomorrow. Cassie gives her a warning and proceeds to scream in excitement again. The other members of Young Justice arrive at the scream, assuming there's an emergency. Cassie says that there isn't and tells Cissie to tell them all the news.

Baseball Field: Myrg or 'There's a Saga Born Every Minute

Cissie is in her room, when she is suddenly dragged across the galaxy. She's confused, as Cassie says she's sorry for dragging her into their mess. Cissie just assumes she's dreaming, but is really taken aback to see herself on a baseball field. Cassie explains that they needed a ninth player, and when they alien asked who they wanted out on the field, Cassie thought of Cissie. Cassie guesses that they were telepathic, and could transport Cissie all they way to them. She asks her not to be mad, and Cissie is actually flattered that Cassie would think of her before anyone else. Including the Justice League who they should've thought of instead.

Cissie still can't believe that they just let Anita join Young Justice, and Cassie asks why not. Cissie says it's because she has limited heroing, but Cassie says she does as well. Cissie then says that they don't know anything about her, and Cassie says that's like Secret. Cissie then points out that she just showed up one day, and Cassie points out that so did Cissie. Cissie tells her to stop telling her what she means, when she suddenly has to catch the baseball.

Round Robin

Cissie enters her room as Cassie pops up to run and hug her. Before she can, Cissie begs her not to transport her anywhere, but Cassie tells her to relax. She just came by to see if she was okay, and to drop off a present. Cissie's okay with that, and apologizes for freaking out on her. Cassie says she deserves it for accidentally yanking her off planet, but Cissie forgives her for that. She asks what Cassie brought her and Cassie pulls out a plant from New Genesis. Cissie's a little confused, but tells Cassie that she likes it.

Wash and Werewolf

After Cassie defeats one of the bad guys, Cissie asks what she and Anita are doing on campus. Cassie says they came for a visit and the administrators told them where she and Traya hang out. Cissie thinks that they're nuts to show up in gear, but Cassie assures her that they came as civilians and asks what's with her. Cissie says that there's nothing with her as she storms out.

Later, Cassie questions what's wrong with Cissie as they head to the dorms, when Cissie excitedly gives her a hug. Cassie is confused, and Cissie says that she just got a call from her agent that she's booked a guest spot on Wendy the Werewolf Stalker. All the girls squeal, and Cissie says she can take two guests. Meaning she's taking Cassie and Traya.

On the plane, Traya and Cassie say that they feel bad for Anita, much to Cissie's annoyance. Cassie says that Anita isn't that bad, and that she idolizes Cissie. Cissie doesn't believe her, but Cassie still doesn't get why she's so annoyed whenever they bring her up. Cassie starts listing all the good things about Anita, when Traya points out that Anita is the one singing upstairs.

Bright Lights, Big Teeth, Grandma

Cissie tells the other's that T.J. chalked the werewolf attack up to a crazed fan, and Cassie says they know it's more than that. She says that since it's the last night of the full moon Cissie should stick with T.J. without letting her know why. Cissie says that won't be a problem, since T.J. wants some crossbow tips. Cissie asks what they'll do, but Cassie just says that they'll be nearby.

Cassie is being held by the werewolves, and Cissie steps out holding a crossbow. She tells the wolf to let Cassie go or she'll shoot him. He taunts that she won't do it, since she'd have to shoot around Cassie, but Cassie tells Cissie not to worry about her and shoot the wolf. The wolf taunts again, and Cissie shoots at the ground. She then wacks him with the crossbow, and he lets Cassie go.

War Torn

Cissie is mad that Cassie came over about Cissie taking up Arrowette again, but Cassie says that it's too important for her not to. Cissie says that she knows what's going on, her school got shut down because of it. Cassie says that some of her friends died on the attack at her own, and Cissie says that she's sorry for what happened. Cassie gets why Cissie gave up being Arrowette, and Cissie asks why she keeps wanting her to put the costume back on then. Cassie says that it's because she's needed and explains that they're teaming up with the Justice League to stop them. Cissie doesn't think that one girl with a bow and arrow could make a difference, but Cassie says it will. She pulls out a case and says that Cissie gave it to her when she quit, it's about time she gave it back. She opens it to reveal her bow and arrows, and tells Cissie not to be afraid. Cissie asks if that's what she thinks, but Cassie says that's not what she meant. Cissie says that Cassie thought it, but Cassie can't really deny it. Cissie then grabs Cassie by the front of her shirt and tells her to come outside. Cassie is standing in front of a target, and assumes this is meant to be a trust exercise where Cissie knocks the apple off her head. Cissie then tells her not to move and stuffs the apple in her mouth.

Cissie fires the arrow, and Cassie bails, falling to the ground in fear. The arrow lands above where Cassie's head would have been and Cassie says that she knew that would happen. Cissie asks why she bailed, and then says she already knows the answer. It's because on some level, she thought Cissie would fail and miss. It's the same thing she worries about. Cassie says that's not fair, but Cissie says that it's still true. As much as Cassie praises her, there's still room for error and she can't allow it. She won't let Arrowette out. Cassie says that Cissie is a hero, but Cassie says she let her mom define her whole life, and won't let anyone else define it. Not even her best friend, and asks if that's still Cassie. Cassie says that she will, as long as Cissie wants her to be. She realizes how stupid it was to find a positive of an alien invasion, like getting Cissie back as Arrowette. Cissie agrees but Cassie says it wasn't that stupid. Cissie says it wasn't as stupid as picking her for alien baseball and Cassie asks if Cissie is ever going to let that go. Cissie says that Cassie never lets Arrowette go, and that Cassie just can't accept Cissie as normal. Cassie says that Cissie isn't normal, and Cissie says she can't believe she kid herself into believing that Cassie would ever accept her decision. Cassie says that if accepting means that she's happy with Cissie down on the ground instead of fighting alongside her, then yeah, she was kidding herself. She tells her to have a nice long life and flies off to the Supercycle.

Kissing on the Apokolips

Cissie tells Cassie that she doesn't miss being a hero, and Cassie finds it hard to believe that she doesn't even miss it a little. Cissie says her life is pretty busy without being Arrowette, and that the hero was more her mom anyways. She's happy being herself. Cassie suggests she call herself Arrowhead, and Cissie says she's clearly not getting it. Cassie starts going over parts of a bow, before not knowing the name of the curve and Cissie offers up the Bow Belly and the dip. Cassie says that Bow Belly works with Cissie's cheerleader outfit, but Cissie says that the Dip might work for Cassie.

Stuff Happens

Cassie looses connection to Red Tornado and starts yelling at the computer. Cissie comes out and reads the computer screen, as Cassie yells about how long it took to get everything up. She yells that she hates on-line services, and Cissie says that she actually doesn't, and deffinatly not the biggest one in particular. Cassie is confused and Cissie whispers something in her ear. Cassie is shocked that she forgot and says she's going to shut up now. Cissie thinks that's a good idea.

Cissie tells Cassie that she was gonna head back to school, but decides to wait until the new guy Tornado is sending over shows up. Cassie says that Cissie is probably hoping it's Nightwing, but Cissie was actually hoping for the new Green Arrow. Cassie says that she would, but they're interrupted by Match still parading around as Superboy.

Petal to the Metal

When Slobo offers Cissie a ride back to school, Cissie isn't sure she should take it. Cassie offers to come with and fly Cissie out of there if he crashes, which Cissie sees as a relief. As they fly, Cissie thinks it's going easier than expected. Cassie never thought of Slobo as part of the team, but if he can be counted on, she will.

Liberty Throughout the Land

Cissie calls Cassie and tells her about her classmates parents dying in Bialya, and the girl running away. Cassie asks if Ellen might have done something, but Cissie says that the thought did occur to her. She's not friends with her, but would hate to see her do anything stupid. She asks if Young Justice might be able to pitch in, when there's a knock on the door. Cassie asks what's going on, but she doesn't get an answer from Cissie.

Four to Go

Anita is trying to warn Traya and Cissie away when Cassie comes out, in "Vote for Cassie" gear, yelling about how happy she is to see her best friend. Cassie then yells to the others that Cissie is here, and Cissie tries to make an excuse that she has a test. Cassie points out that it's Saturday, and Cissie says that it's a blood test. Cassie tells her to get in the HQ, but even with Traya's help, they're pulled in.

Ray keeps trying to get Cissie's vote, but Cassie pulls Cissie away and says that's enough. She's not going to let Cissie make a jerk of herself drooling over Ray. Cissie says that she wasn't, but Cassie angrily says that Ray was sucking up to her.

Fighting MAAD

When the agent asks for Cissie's autograph, Cassie jokes that Cissie carries glossies for herself, only for Cissie to pull one out. Cassie can't believe it, but Cissie can't help it if she cares about her fans. Cassie notices that Cissie isn't writing any words, and Cissie says if she keeps it up, she'll put her bra in the freezer.


The Elias School Principal is ready to deny Cassie enrollment at the school when an arrow flies in and lands through the wall. Cissie and Greta then step in, Cissie proclaiming that if they don't allow Cassie in, then they're Gold Medal Olympic Winner student will leave. Cassie starts to say that Cissie doesn't need to, but Cissie says that it's no problem. The principal gives in and Cassie hugs Cissie and Greta in joy.


Issue 4

  • Cissie and Cassie agree to protect Tim.
  • Cassie gets jealous of Conner flirting with Cissie.
  • Cassie keeps thinking about Cissie and Conner.

Issue 6

  • Cissie asks Cassie what the League is looking at, but Cassie just says that they're being thoughtful.
  • Cassie asks if Cissie has seen Secret, but she hasn't.

Issue 7

  • Cissie and Cassie both lie about their mom's approving them to go on the camping trip.
  • Cissie guesses correct that Cassie would never leave the superhero gig.
  • Cassie and Cissie hold hand while sleeping.

Issue 10

  • Cassie calls for Cissie when she falls.

Issue 11

  • Cissie tells Cassie that Victoria would not be a good name for Secret.
  • Cassie tells Cissie where Secret went.

Issue 14

  • Cissie tells Cassie to relax since they just saved a whole town.
  • Cassie says that Cissie's joke isn't funny.
  • Cissie recognizes Cassie's scream.

Young Justice Special #1

  • Cissie asks Cassie what the guys are doing and both sarcastically agree that they're probably not having fun.

Issue 16

  • Cassie mentions that Cissie wants to be a scientist.
  • Cassie and Conner search for Cissie.
  • Cassie thinks Cissie did a great job, and is happy she's back to normal.

Issue 17

  • Cassie tells Tim to say something to Cissie.

Issue 18

  • Cassie says that Cissie would be proud of Tim.
  • Cassie tells Secret that Cissie quit.

Issue 19

  • Cassie imagines Cissie telling her she should have been a better friend.
  • Cassie is about to suggest that Empress read her mind on Cissie.

Sins of Youth #1

  • Cassie tells the truth about Cissie to the reporters.

Sins of Youth #2

  • Cassie reminds Conner of when he was there for Cissie.

Issue #23

  • Cassie wants to rethink hating Cissie's mom since she got Cissie in the Olympics.

Issue #24

  • Cassie tries to interrupt Cissie and her mom.
  • Cassie comforts Cissie once she starts crying.

Issue #25

  • Cassie watches Cissie on the archery team.
  • Cassie says it would be to obvious for Cissie to be Empress.
  • Cassie asks Anita how she knows Cissie.

Issue #27

  • Cassie says that Cissie can't stay mad at her forever, but Cissie says she can keep telling herself that.

Issue #32

  • Cassie and Cissie tells Conner about how they helped Lobo get ready for his date.
  • Cassie stops Cissie and Conner from fighting.

Issue #33

  • Cissie says it makes sense to bring her best friend to the set.
  • Cissie tells Anita that Cassie didn't like her till she told off the Justice League.
  • Cissie introduces Cassie along with the others.
  • Cissie tells Cassie the production just looks fake.

Issue #34

  • Cissie gives Cassie her signal to attack the werewolves.

Issue #35

  • Cassie tells Tim that Cissie isn't coming.
  • Cassie asks why she fells so guilty over wanting Cissie to be Arrowette.

Issue #36

  • Cassie carries Cissie as they search for the passenger.

Issue #39

  • Cassie busts through the floor and asks if they waited long enough.
  • Cissie decides to kill Cassie for giving her a plant lifeform.
  • Cissie and Cassie attack the plant creature at the same time.

Issue #41

  • Cassie has been thinking about her talk with Cissie about having normal parts of life.

Issue #46

  • Cissie says that Cassie still says she's part of the team, even when she's not Arrowette.
  • Cassie says that Cissie clearly knows she's the best suited to be leader.
  • Cassie asks what Cissie thinks of her sash.
  • Cissie points out the misspelling on Cassie's sash.
  • Cassie says she's going to throw up over Ray trying to get Cissie's vote.

Issue #47

  • Cissie and Cassie explain the ending of Old Yeller to Traya.

Issue #49

  • Cissie says that Cassie called her earlier.

Issue #54

  • Cissie tries to assure Cassie that things weren't so bad, but Cassie says that they were.
  • Cassie says that she can believe Cissie would make an excuse at Slobo's expense.


Cassie“Look, I gotta say, from the moment I saw you, I...I was so jealous of you.”
Cissie“Of me? But you can fly! You've got super-strength! I was jealous of you.”
— Issue #6


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CissieCassie is relatively popular among Young Justice comics fans. Fans of the ship enjoy that even though Cassie initially saw Cissie as rival, they soon got over this and became friends. Most fans like to depict the two in High School AU's being normal teens in a relationship. These AU's typically depict them as being part of different clicks but still ending up together. Many are still upset that the New 52 erased their friendship and are hoping to see the two together post-rebirth.

Most fan art depicting the two in a relationship, has Cissie being the more fem of the two, while Cassie is more punk rock or butch. Depictions of the two also switch between their more modern outfits and their original 90's outfits.

While the ship technically rivals the canon pairings, the ship is typically the more explored for the two. This is due to them forming a well written friendship, especially early on in the original Young Justice run. CissieCassie shippers also tend to be TimKon shippers, and the two pairings are sometimes shipped alongside each other. Some even depict the two going on double dates.

On AO3, CissieCassie is the most written ship for Cissie and the fifth most written for Cassie.



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  • Cassie and Cissie's first appearance together was on the cover of Young Justice Vol 1 #4[1].
  • In the World Without Young Justice timeline, Cassie and Cissie still create Young Justice.




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