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Claire Redfield is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Claire is strong-willed, having grown up confident with training from her older brother, Chris Redfield. Her bond with her brother is quite strong.

Claire is quick to draw opinions on people, whether it be when she feels someone is hiding secrets, or even when someone is wholly untrustworthy. Subsequently, Claire easily establishes strong connections with people, despite sometimes seeming aloof and sarcastic, as she initially treated both Leon Kennedy and Steve Burnside, though she charmed them both.

She is initially deeply emotional and having a great compassion, being one of the few heroes to display rash and strong emotions ranging from fear, anger, and sadness so early on and it is these emotions that drive her on. Yet, by the time of the attack on Harvardville airport, she demonstrates more professionalism and level headedness when faced with drastic situations. Claire still occasionally allows outbursts of emotion shine through her more adult exterior, usually a result of anger at people that mindlessly or selfishly cause harm to others.

Later in life, Claire became more hardened and serious, shown by her almost never losing her cool in the incident at Sushestovanie Island.



Cleon — the ship between Claire and Leon Kennedy
Clesker — the ship between Claire and Albert Wesker
Cleve — the ship between Claire and Steve Burnside
Fisherfield — the ship between Claire and Neil Fisher
Piaire — the ship between Claire and Piers Nivans


Burtonfield — the ship between Claire and Moira Burton
Chamberfield — the ship between Claire and Rebecca Chambers
Claida — the ship between Claire and Ada Wong
Clairice — the ship between Claire and Alice Abernathy
Clarry — the ship between Claire and Sherry Birkin
Red Valentine — the ship between Claire and Jill Valentine


Clerry — the ship between Claire, Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin


Chaire — the ship between Claire and Chris Redfield


Steve Burnside

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Leon Kennedy

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Moira Burton

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30 Burtonfield Moira Burton femslash
23 Red Valentine Jill Valentine femslash
10 Chaire Chris Redfield family
6 Clarry Sherry Birkin femslash


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