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Claire Redfield is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Claire is strong-willed, having grown up confident with training from her older brother, Chris Redfield. Her bond with her brother being quite strong.

She is deeply emotional and having great compassion, being one of the few heroes to display rash and strong emotions ranging from fear, anger, and sadness so early on, that it is these emotions that drive her.

Later in life, Claire became more hardened and serious.



Cleon — the ship between Claire and Leon Kennedy
Clesker — the ship between Claire and Albert Wesker
Cleve — the ship between Claire and Steve Burnside
Fisherfield — the ship between Claire and Neil Fisher
Piaire — the ship between Claire and Piers Nivans


Alexfield — the ship between Claire and Alex Wesker
Burtonfield — the ship between Claire and Moira Burton
Chamberfield — the ship between Claire and Rebecca Chambers
Claida — the ship between Claire and Ada Wong
Clairice — the ship between Claire and Alice Abernathy
Clairry — the ship between Claire and Sherry Birkin
Red Valentine — the ship between Claire and Jill Valentine


Clerry — the ship between Claire, Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin


Redfield Siblings — the ship between Claire and Chris Redfield


Steve Burnside

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Leon Kennedy

Main article: Cleon

In 1998, Leon and Claire meet in the dying Raccoon City, allying themselves in order to survive. Both being survivors of the outbreak, Leon and Claire formed a bond with each other that has lasted. With their lives pulling them in separate directions due to their respective jobs, they have limited contact with the other. Though should they be in trouble, and if the other can’t be there personally to help, they always send someone else capable.

Moira Burton

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18 Claida Ada Wong femslash
17 Redfield Siblings Chris Redfield family
16 Piaire Piers Nivans het
8  ? Helena Harper femslash


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