Clamy is the femslsah ship between Amy Pond and Clara Oswald from the Doctor Who fandom.


Amy works as a kiss-o-gram when we first meet her in "The Eleventh Hour", the job consisting of "going to parties and kissing people", not specifying a gender.

In the first episode of the seventh series, titled "Asylum of the Daleks", Amy Pond, along with her husband Rory Williams and the Eleventh Doctor, met an echo version of Clara Oswald, named Oswin Oswald. Oswin used her hacking skills to navigate the trio through a planet of defective daleks. Through the episode, Oswin openly flirted with both the Doctor and Rory, but also claiming that the first person she ever fancied was a girl named Nina, making her bisexual or pansexual. There was almost no interaction between Amy and Oswin, probably because Amy was struggling with not being turned into a dalek puppet the whole episode.

In "The Bells of Saint John", Clara is reading a book called "Summer Falls", that's written by Amelia Williams, Amy's actual name that she came to use after being separated from the Doctor for good.

In "The Time of the Doctor", right before his regeneration, the Eleventh Doctor hallucinates about Amy Pond walking to him, holding his cheek and whispering the words "raggedy man, goodnight" to him. He says "Amelia!", hoping that he's still the newly regenerated version of himself and that no time has went on since he left the little girl waiting in the garden. However, Clara's immediate response is "Who's Amelia?", implying that she isn't sharing the Doctor's hallucination and that she has never heard the story of Amelia Pond.

Later on, Clara Oswald says that she loves Jane Austen, and for her students to take that however they want, making most people think that she is bisexual.

In the book "A Companion's Companion", written by Clara Oswald and released by the BBC, Clara mentions Amy on a few pages, implying that the Doctor has at least tried to explain who Amy was to Clara.


Pondswald is a fairly unknown ship in the Doctor Who fandom. However, the few fans who ship it, are very intense shippers of the ship. Most shipping is done through AUs (alternate universes) in which Clara/Amy are the Doctor and the other is her companion.



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