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Cleon is the het ship between Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 2 (1998)

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Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Claire A/Leon B

Claire stops at a gas station to use a payphone when she hears noise coming from the inside of the station. Upon investigating, she discovers the undead inside and becomes overwhelmed with zombies coming at her. A man bursts through the front door, aiming a gun at her. Claire tells him not to shoot, and he tells her to get down, shooting a closing-in zombie from behind her. The man asks if she’s alright and Claire tells him yes, before thanking him. As more zombies shuffle toward them, the man takes notice of a police car parked out front and the two run for the vehicle, speeding off. Claire questions what’s going on and he tells her that helpfully there’ll be answers at the police station, to which Claire asks if he’s cop. He says he is, before giving his name, Leon Kennedy, following with who she is; Claire tells him her name. After an awkward pause, Leon asks if Claire lives around here, to which Claire tells him no; she’s there looking for her brother, Chris Redfield. She follows this up with telling him that her brother is also a cop. Leon tells her, “Well, it’s a good thing we found each other.”

Leon and Claire make for the Raccoon City Police station when they reach a roadblock. Zombies begin attacking the police cruiser and Claire suggests that Leon backup when they notice an out of control semi-truck heading straight for them. With zombies pounding on the doors, Leon tells her to hold on as the truck hits, sliding into their car and lighting on fire. The impact sends Leon and Claire on opposite sides, with a leaking fuel exposition separating them. Leon immediately yells for Claire, asking if she’s okay. She tells him she’s alright when Leon realizes he’s not safe where he is. He voices this to her and Claire tells him to go, that she’ll meet him at the station. In Leon B, Leon confirms that he’ll be there too. As Leon enters the police station’s side gate, he comments to himself, “Claire… I hope you made it here.”

Inside the station, Claire meets Lieutenant Marvin Branagh, Leon’s superior, who calls her down, showing her surveillance video of Leon arriving to the courtyard gate. Claire heads for Leon, though upon a investigating a crashed helicopter that happened seconds prior she’s distracted. Leon yells for her, only when he calls out her name does she turn around and the two exchange relieved smiles upon seeing each other. Claire makes her way down the stairs as Leon kicks at the locked gate separating the two. Claire jokes, “Leon! We really gotta stop meeting like this.” She then tells him it’s “good to see your face.” The crashed helicopter explodes over them and Claire notices zombies begin to shuffle from behind Leon. She tells him he “should get going,” before seeing them pushing harshly against the fence, she tells him, “No, Leon, seriously they’re getting through the fence. Please, just go!” Leon leaves, not before telling Claire, “We’re gonna make it. Both of us.”

Leon and Claire don’t see each other for a long while that night, until the underground Umbrella facility they’re in is in self-destruct, following the G-virus getting out. As Claire is attempting to get a train moving, Leon appears on a video feed telling Claire she needs to get out of there. Claire tells him that she thinks all of them: him, her and Sherry Birkin, a young girl Claire saved, can make it and asks where he is. Their video feed keeps breaking up and Leon insists that Claire not worry about him, just for her to get out of there. Claire makes more desperate attempts to reach Leon, though to no avail.

Claire and Sherry are on the train and heading for the exit. As the train is descending, another attaches to it. With the train in full motion, the carriage door slides open to reveal Leon running though. Leon exclaims Claire’s name, and in return so does Claire with Leon’s name, with a wide smile, also telling him, “It’s so good to see you!” Leon tells her, “I told you we’d make it, didn’t I?” Claire’s voice softens and replies, “You did.” The back train car is attacked by the level 4 mutated William Birkin, have mutated again after Claire fought him previously that night. Leon goes to handle it, telling Claire to stay back to protect Sherry. As Leon is fighting William, Claire tells him they need to break off from the train car; as Claire does she grabs Leon’s hand, leaving William to burn in a massive explosion.

By morning, they’re walking away from the city when Sherry asks if Leon and Claire are “like boyfriend and girlfriend,” to which Leon tells her no, that him and Claire had actually just met that night. Claire teases, “Yeah… that would’ve been one helluva first date, though.” Sherry points out a semi-truck coming their way, and think they might be able to give them a ride. Leon tells Claire to get Sherry out of there while he waits for the truck to come closer. The man in the truck flips Leon off as he drives past. With the potential danger out of the way, Claire and Sherry come back to Leon’s side. Leon reaches for Sherry’s left hand and Claire reaches for Sherry’s right; the three of them walk hand-in-hand, continuing down the road when Sherry happily proclaims Leon and Claire “can adopt her” and that they can get a puppy and parrot.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

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Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Claire A/Leon B

  • Claire pleads with Leon to leave right away as she sees zombies begin to shuffle from behind him.
  • In the police station, Claire leaves a note for Leon telling him not to worry about her and to warn him of the dangers within the station.
  • In the sewers, Claire leaves a note for Leon telling him that she’s taking a “little detour,” though for him not to worry about her.


Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Leon“You alright?”
Claire“Yeah… I think so. Thanks.”
Leon“You can thank me later, when we’re safe.”
Resident Evil 2.
“Well, it’s a good thing we found each other.”
— Leon to Claire, Resident Evil 2.
Leon“Claire, you okay!”
Claire“Yeah, I’m alright! How about you!”
Leon“I can’t stay here! It’s not safe!”
Claire“Go on ahead! I’ll meet you at the station!”
Leon“I’ll be there!”
Resident Evil 2.
“Claire… I hope you made it here.”
— Leon, upon arriving to the police station, Resident Evil 2.
Claire“It’s good to see your face, though. How are you holding up?”
Leon“I am… I’m hanging in there.”
Resident Evil 2.
Claire“Leon, you should get going.”
Leon“Don’t worry about me. Just… get yourself to safety.”
Claire“No, Leon, seriously they’re getting through the fence. Please, just go!”
Leon“We’re gonna make it. Both of us.”
Resident Evil 2.
Claire“Leon! It’s so good to see you!”
Leon“I told you we’d make it, didn’t I?”
Claire“You did.”
Resident Evil 2.
Sherry“Are you guys like… boyfriend and girlfriend?”
Leon“No, we’re just… uh, we actually just met… last night?”
Claire“Yeah… that would’ve been one helluva first date, though.”
Resident Evil 2.


With Leon and Claire having been introduced in the second installment of the series, they’ve been fan favorites for the past 20+ years, their relationship with each other being no different. Their last official canon interaction was during the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration, set during 2005. With the Resident Evil 2 remake, the ship has regained love from new and older members of the fandom following the new content; though some fans are disappointed has Leon and Claire don’t have as many interactions with each other as they did in the original Resident Evil 2.

On AO3, Cleon is the fifth most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag; Leon’s third most written and Claire’s most written.



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Clerry refers to the ship between Sherry Birkin, Leon and Claire


  • Tsuyoshi Kanda, the producer of the Resident Evil 2 remake, revealed in an interview in 2018 that the team wanted to try and “deepen the narrative experience and relationship between Leon and Claire” as well as the rest of its characters. This may explain why Leon and Claire’s scenes in the remake are less platonic and have more flirtatious undertones compared to original.[1]


Resident Evil 2 (2019)





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