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Clarke“No, Lexa! I love you”
Lexa“I'll always be with you[1]

Clexa is the femslash ship between Lexa and Clarke from The 100 fandom.



Clarke and Lexa are both leaders for their people, the One Hundred/Sky People and the Grounders respectively, and have been fighting each other since Clarke's group landed on Earth. They eventually meet when Clarke is brought to Lexa with the hopes that they can create peace between their people. Tension between the two runs high as they both have the interest of their people to take into account; however, this also leads to them respecting each other as leaders. They agree to join forces against Mount Weather. In the run up to the final assault on Mount Weather they share a kiss but Clarke notes that she is not ready for a relationship so soon after Finn's death under Lexa's orders. Their relationship soon becomes more strained after Lexa betrays Clarke and the Sky People by not marching on Mount Weather in order to save her own Grounders.

Three months after the events at Mount Weather the pair are reunited when Lexa has Clarke brought to Polis. While being held in Polis Clarke's refuses to meet with Lexa, which she respects for a week before confronting her about a coalition between their people. Clarke initially refuses, however after considering the effects a war with the Ice Nation she agrees to kneel and have her people join the coalition. Later that evening Lexa kneels before Clarke and promises not to betray her again. After this the two begin to repair the relationship

Before Clarke leaves Polis to return to her people, she and Lexa fully reconcile with each other. They kiss and sleep with each before sending some time in bed where Clarke asks about the markings on Lexa's back. When finally Clarke leaves Lexa's room she finds Murphy tied up and Titus pointing a gun at her. He fires but the bullet misses her, hitting Lexa in the stomach instead. Clarke tries desperately to save Lexa but eventually realizes there is no use. As Lexa is dying, Clarke recites the traveller's blessing and gives her a goodbye kiss.


6 years after Lexa's murder, Clarke's surrogate daughter, Madi, decides to take the flame and become the new commander. Clarke is against it, but after some hours can't hold it in and has to ask Madi if she sees Lexa. Madi is well aware that Lexa is the main reason why Clarke doesn't want Madi to have the flame, as maybe it's too painful for Clarke to still have some kind of present day connection to Lexa. All the same, Clarke tells Madi that she can't bring herself to destroy the flame.


“The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry”
— Lexa


Clexa is the most popular pairing from the fandom, and also has a remarkable legacy: following the haphazard accidental murder of Lexa, the series (and network) was accused of egregiously following the Bury Your Gays trope, a mark of severe homophobia in the entertainment industry.[2][3][4] The outrage following Lexa's death had a positive outcome in the creation of The Lexa Pledge[5][6], ClexaCon — a fan convention dedicated to queer representation in entertainment – We Deserve Better (which details the case of Lexa), LGBT Fans Deserve Better, which mines and releases data pertaining to the plight of LGBTQIAP+ representation in media[7] and the increase in and continued coverage and awareness of the issue.[8][9]



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  • Clexa was the #1 most reblogged ship on Tumblr of 2016[10] and the #8 most reblogged of 2015[11]
  • Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins) realized that they would be an item on the series before anyone else (including Eliza Taylor) based off of their chemistry[12].


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