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Clingy Duo is the friendship between Tubbo and TommyInnit from the YouTube fandom.


Their friendship started when Tommy raided Tubbo, who had 0 viewers at the time, on Twitch. From there, the two became friends and eventually started making videos together on YouTube. They both have some real-life vlogs with each other on their YouTube channels.

Around the middle of June 2021, Tubbo and Tommy were both in Brighton, England along with Wilbur Soot, Elodie (Wilbur and Tommy's editor), Jack Manifold and others. While in Brighton, Tubbo bought some pins and there happened to be a matching set, so he gave a pin to Tommy.[2] Tommy has said that he is moving to Brighton in 2022, along with Tubbo, Jack and Wilbur.[3]


Previously on YouTube, Tommy often made videos with Tubbo about hacking in Minecraft with Tubbo teaching him things he didn't know about hacking. Tommy also mocked Tubbo for his interest and knowledge of hacked clients and Minecraft servers. Currently, Tommy often posts modded Minecraft videos with his friends, occasionally including Tubbo.

On Tommy's alternate YouTube account, TommyOutit, he made a video with Tubbo reacting to videos from his old channel, Channelnutpig. Together, the two laughed, cringed, and did more things while reacting to Tommy's old videos.

In I Took Tommy Shopping..., Tubbo vlogged about taking Tommy and Jack Manifold shopping. Tommy and Tubbo told the viewers to subscribe to the channel. Right after that, Tommy claimed that there was a glitch going around where Tommy would hit Tubbo every time they got a new subscriber. Tommy recorded Tubbo going down an escalator and said "POV: you're thinking about bees." Tubbo looked at the camera and gave Tommy a thumbs-up before reaching the bottom of the escalator and coming back up. At the Apple store, Tommy looked up if Tubbo is dead on the Dream SMP, but the Google PAA box wouldn't open.

Tubbo then claimed that Tommy needed a new look after Tommy took off his jacket, revealing his iconic red and white shirt. Tubbo, Tommy, and Jack search for clothes at a clothing store afterwards. After buying a shirt, Tommy said that the three should go to their final destination, Currys PC Worlds, as they would fit in there. Tubbo asked what they would buy from there, to which Tommy replied that they didn't want to buy anything from there, but they wanted to click. At Currys PC World, Jack claimed to have found his home at the gaming bunker, and told Tubbo and Tommy to leave him. Tommy tried out keyboards and mouses with Tubbo before Jack joined them again. Tommy, Jack, and Tubbo told the viewers to subsribe one last time before the video ends.

In I Bought A Water Park, Tommy brought Tubbo and Jack to an empty water park. After Jack thanked the lifeguards for their service, Tommy told the lifeguards that he was going to drown Tubbo. Tommy struggled to climb onto something while Tubbo climbed onto the same thing with ease. Tommy's total climbing time was 9.46 seconds while Tubbo's total time was 1.27 seconds. Tommy pushes Tubbo off before the scene cuts off. Tommy and Tubbo ran in the wave pool after realizing it had turn on.

Jack pointed the camera at Tubbo and Tommy, who were looking at each other from a short distance. Music started to play, but it suddenly stopped when Tubbo and Tommy ran at each other and fell. As Tubbo was about to go down in the trapdoor water slide, Tommy called out at him, "Bye-bye, bee boy!" Tubbo then slid down the slide, screaming, before the screaming quickly faded away. Tommy laughed and told the viewers that Tubbo would be okay. After telling the viewers to subscribe, he acknowledged that Tubbo was just gone and laughed before his laughter was cut off by the video ending.

Minecraft Championships

Tubbo joined the Minecraft Championship event in MCC9, but Tommy and Tubbo were not on the same team then. However for MCC10, they were both on the Aqua Axolotls team along with Wilbur Soot and Pokimane[4] and they won ninth place together. Tubbo and Tommy were not on the same team for MCC11, but they were on the same teams for every MCC afterward.

For MCC12, Tubbo and Tommy were on the Red Rabbits team with Wisp and Quackity[5] and they won ninth place together.

Tubbo and Tommy were on the Emerald Elves team for MCC13 along with F1NN5TER and Seapeekay[6] and they won fifth place together.

The two boys were also on the Red Rabbits team for MCC14 along with Nihachu and Vikkstar[7] and they won fourth place together.

For MCCP21, or Minecraft Championship Pride 2021, the duo was on the Lime Llamas team along with Wisp and Joey Graceffa[8] and they won fourth place together.

Dream SMP

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Tommy was invited to the Dream SMP on July 4, 2020 by Dream and George after streaming on Twitch for a few hours. Although, Tubbo did not join the Dream SMP until three days later on July 7, 2020. Even on the Dream SMP, Tubbo and Tommy were best friends. Tommy was really protective of Tubbo and the two boys fought together in almost every conflict.


“Tubbo in a box, what will he do?”
— Tommy

Dream SMP

“Have you noticed that from the beginning of this... Before Wilbur, before everyone. Just with those discs. No matter what happens here, y'know. If- if this is all blown up and you have a thousand men by your side. If- if you have all of the best PVP-ers, if Technoblade is with us or not. It's me and you versus Dream.[9]
— Tommy to Tubbo
“From the beginning, it's been you and me... We've had our quarrels, but overall, I— It's been... It's been a hell a lot of fucking fun, Tommy. It's been great. It's been just so great.[10]
— Tubbo to Tommy on the day the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 election results were announced
“The discs don't matter, Tommy! Why can you not see that?[11]
— Tubbo to Tommy while exiling him
“The discs, the discs - were worth more than you EVER were![12]
— Tommy to Tubbo at the Green Festival
Tommy“What am I without you?[13]
— Tommy and Tubbo during the Disc Confrontation
“Tubbo, even though for this entire server I've always regarded you as my sidekick. But really Tubbo, I was your sidekick. Please don't go.[15]
— Tommy to Tubbo during the Disc Confrontation


Evelyn Evelyn | Evelyn Evelyn
Song used in an animatic by SAD-ist featuring Tubbo and Tommy


There is plenty of fan art of Tubbo and Tommy together, typically relating to the Dream SMP. Many people dislike Tubbo x Tommy as a slash ship because both Tubbo and Tommy have stated that they are not okay with being romantically shipped. Some see the two boys more as brother-like figures towards each other and find that as another reason to not romantically ship them. Although, most of the fandom approves of the friendship between the two.

SAD-ist's animatic, Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic], caused many memes to be created with Tommy and Tubbo. There are also plenty of other animatics with Tommy and Tubbo, but SAD-ist's is by far the most popular animatic featuring the duo.

On Twitter, people are apart of "clingytwt," a subtwt in which people are interested in the Clingy Duo. Fans create academies with houses and uniforms for some subtwts. An academy has been created for clingytwt, using the hashtag, #clingytwtacademy. The Tumblr counterpart is called "clingyblr."

Some include Ranboo in the friendship, resulting in the Bench Trio. Although, some believe that Ranboo took Tubbo from Tommy.



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  • Tubbo is older than Tommy by 4 months.
    • Tubbo's birthday was December 23, 2003.
    • Tommy's birthday was April 9, 2004.
  • Tubbo and Tommy were the first two main characters to lose a canon life in the Dream SMP roleplay. They died back to back after Eret's betrayal in the Final Control Room.
    • First, Tubbo was slain by Sapnap using Sapnap's sword called "Sapnap's Schlong." Next, Tommy hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape Dream.
  • The ship name Discs and Nukes refers to Tommy's emotional attachment to his music discs on the Dream SMP and Tubbo's possession of nukes on the Dream SMP.


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Bench Trio refers to the ship between the two and Ranboo
Slide Squad refers to the ship between the two, Ranboo and GeorgeNotFound



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