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Clink is the slash ship between Cloud and Link from the Super Smash Bros. fandom.


In the reveal trailer for Cloud in Super Smash Bros., Link and Cloud are shown clashing swords in the midgar stage. In later photos in the DLC, they can be shown having a friendly sword Fights with their signer swords, the Buster sword and the Master sword.


Although not as popular as other slash ships, there are a few people who do ship these two together. A few works about Link and Cloud have them falling in love with each other due to how much they have in common. Even tough no one in the Smash community thinks that they like each other, they do get along well enough to be considered friends or allies.

Due to their sword clashing scene, some have Link and Cloud as rivals who fight one another and with Link not being happy that Cloud has a bigger sword than he does, until the two realize that them they combined their skills together they make an excellent sword fighting team. Since most fanfics and fanart of Cloud and Link do have them fighting beside each other as friends. Along with there being a few pieces of fanart on Tumblr that has Cloud and Link together while they are wearing their female disguises, since it is one of the few similar traits that has fans bring Link and Cloud together.

On AO3, the ship has only 16 fanfics, while FanFiction.Net has 15 fanfics in its Super Smash Brothers category. Which is a much bigger number of fanfics that ClouZel has on those websites, making the slash ship a bit more popular than the het ship. Clink also has a some fanbase on both Tumblr and DeviantART. Because Cloud and Link can meet one another in canon through Super Smash Bros., most fan-made work of Clink focuses on the crossover game series. While there have been a few pieces of fan work on the two that has their games and worlds crossed with one another. Along with some of the Link x Cloud fan-work having Cloud in his original Kingdom Hearts attire.



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