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ClouZel is the het ship between Cloud Strife and Zelda from the Super Smash Bros. fandom.


Cloud and Zelda appear together in the Super Smash Bros. series, starting with Super Smash Bros. 4. During Cloud's announcement trailer, Cloud is shown lying on the ground next to Zelda, who is holding a flower.


After Cloud's announcement trailer, there was speculation that Cloud x Zelda could be "Smash canon". While some of the shipping is due to both appearing in Smash, there was already support for the pairing before this. Although not as popular as other crossover ships, the ship has gotten a descent amount of attention through the years. Mostly after smash bros for Wii U and 3DS came out. Due to not having a huge amount of shipping it does not have a lot of fan fiction, but one story has Cloud and Zelda meeting in Smash Bros and as the end drew near they didn't not want to leave each other, but were sadly forced to return to their respective universes.

There are a few ways Cloud and Zelda can meet. Canonically they met when Cloud was first introduced into Smash, but many fanfictions suggest that they would meet by Cloud having to save Zelda from Sephiroth, and Zelda then falling in love with Cloud. Cloud later in the fanfiction admits his love to Zelda and says he would do anything to stay with her. There is also a few fan art of Cloud and Zelda paired up, such as Zelda and Cloud sitting next to each other, with Cloud putting his buster sword on the ground and sitting near Zelda.

Because of their appearances and traits, some see Cloud and Zelda having the similar kind of relationship that the two have with Aerith and Link. With Cloud protecting Zelda from those who would wish to harm and use her, while Zelda helps Cloud push forward and takes part in some of his battles so he wouldn't have to find alone. Since both Cloud and Zelda have found the strength and wisdom within by trusting their hopes in those closest to them. In which would have Zelda and Cloud trusting one another.

On AO3, the ship only has 3 fanfics, while has 8 with only 2 placed under pairing in the Super Smash Brothers category. ClouZel also has support on gameFAQ. Because SSB is a universe can be allow Cloud and Zelda to meet in canon, most fan-made work of the ship is based on the crossover game series.



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