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Cold Murder is the femslash ship between Cinder Fall and Weiss Schnee from the RWBY fandom.


The two met in volume 2 chapter 2. In volume 3, chapter 12 Weiss is seen glaring angrily at Cinder through the television when she reveals to everyone her true intentions. In volume 5 chapter 11, Cinder seeing an auraless Weiss decides to throw a spear at her, impaling Weiss. They then briefly see each other again in volume 7 chapter 12. Cinder is about to kill Weiss's sister until Weiss's scream stops her and the two look at each other.

As seen in volume 8 chapter 13, Cinder seems to hold Weiss in contempt. This stems from her privileged background as part of the Atlas Elite whom Cinder despises. Cinder then says that she should have expected that a Schnee would be the last one standing after mockingly accusing Weiss of using her friends as shields. During the fight, Weiss continues fighting Cinder and protecting Penny and the various other members of her team from her. At one point Weiss even starts fighting Cinder with Blake's weapon gamble shroud. Eventually Cinder manages to successfully "kill" Weiss by blasting her into the void.

It has been noted that Cinder and Weiss have some similarities. Firstly, the two both grew up in Atlas in very wealthy households. Secondly, they both were physically abused by their parental figures; Cinder by her Stepmother and Weiss by her father. They both primarily fight with long swords as weapons. Lastly, they both have a connection to the maidens; Cinder is the fall maiden and Weiss's older sister is the winter maiden.


Cold Murder is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom, this is mainly because the two never had any meaningful interaction until volume 8. Furthermore, Cinder has attempted to kill Weiss on at least two ocassions now. Some people like the whole hot and cold dynamic between and the whole opposites attract trope. It also interesting to note that they are both also based off of two fairy tale princesses; Cinderella and Snow White. It has a small fanbase on Tumblr.



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  • "Cold Murder" comes from the fact that Weiss is cold and Cinder has attempted to murder her twice now.


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