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You're the best guy I ever knew. You may not think that you're a hero, but you're a hero to me
—Mick visits past Snart in 2013[1]

Coldwave is the slash ship between Snart and Mick from the DC Comics and Arrowverse fandoms.


Mick and Leonard first met in Juvie when several older kids were beating up a 14 year old Leonard. One pulls out a shiv but Mick stops them, beating them up. They've been friends ever since.

Mick and Leonard were working a job, before the particle accelerator explosion. The job went wrong and half of Mick body was burned. This caused a falling out between the two.

The Flash


When looking fro new equipment to go up against The Flash, a janitor from S.T.A.R. Labs offers to sell Leonard first a flamethrower, then a cold gun.

After Leonard goes up against The Flash, he tracks down his old partner, Mick, with an offer. He tells Mick that he needs to step up his game and in order to that, he need his partner back. He gives Mick the flamethrower, and Mick says he's in.


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Leonard freezes the door to a garage, and Mick drives through it. Once inside, the two step out of the car, Leonard commenting that he told Mick it would break. Mick asks where they are, and Leonard tells him that it's a warehouse for cars that are all worth a fortune. Mick asks how they're going to drive them all out of there, but Leonard says that they're not stealing anything. Mick asks what he's talking about, and Leonard explains that the silent alarms were tripped, and that the cops will be there soon. Mick says to bring them, and pulls out the case for his heat gun. Leonard reminds him that it's not for the cops, but The Flash. Realizing that The Flash isn't coming, Leonard decides it's time to leave. Mick tells him that things better start making sense, and Leonard assures him they will. They get in the car, and Mick reminds Leonard that he made him a promise, and Leonard assures him that he'll keep it. They back out of the garage and get away.


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Legends of Tomorrow

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Revenge of the Rogues

  • Mick tells Leonard that the shrink thinks he's crazy, referencing Leonard breaking down the door.
  • As the cops get closer, Mick asks Leonard if he does here them.
  • Leonard tells Mick to put on his seat belt.


You’re my best friend. I love you man.
—Mick talking to hallucination Leonard
Leonard“So... Are you in Mick? Or are you out?”
Mick“Yeah buddy, I'm in.”
— Making an offer
The reason Snart and I got on so well was... well, we... we trusted one another. We were friends. We had each other's backs.
—Mick to Stein about Leonard
Sara“Are you okay?”
Mick“Why wouldn’t I be?”
Sara“I miss him too.”
— Mick and Sara about Snart, Fellowship of the Spear
Mick, Mick, Mick, when have we ever destroyed anything we’ve ever stolen. Let alone the most valuable score in the universe. What have they done to you?
—Past Leonard, Fellowship of the Spear


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On AO3, Coldwave is the most written ship for Mick and the third most written for Leonard. It is also the second most written ship in the Legends of Tomorrow tag and the fourth most written in The Flash (TV 2014) tag.



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  • The ship name comes from the second half of Leonard's codename, Captain Cold and the second half of Mick's codename, Heatwave.
  • Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart) and Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory) portray brothers on Prison Break. They're also best friends.




ColdAtomWave refers to the ship between Leonard, Ray Palmer, and Mick
Coldflashwave refers to the ship between Leonard, Barry Allen, and Mick
Rogue Canary refers to the ship between Leonard, Mick and Sara Lance

Notes and references

  1. Legendary (116)


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