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Combat Goggles is the het ship between Yang Xiao Long and Neptune Vasilias from the RWBY fandom.


Yang and Neptune met in volume 2 chapter 5. Sun introduces everyone to Neptune at the library. Even though the two have had few interactions in the show, Neptune seems to annoy Yang. This is possibly because he beat her at Remnant: the game. In the next chapter the two see each other again with Neptune going with Sun to help out team RWBY.

While at their dorms Ruby decides to partner him with Yang, while pushing him towards her. All the while Neptune is as stiff as a statue being placed next to Yang. In the next chapter the two are seen heading towards Junior's club. When they get there, Neptune looks completely ruffled while Yang gets off her bike. He then proceeds to say "What a woman".

While at the club, Yang gets annoyed at Neptune because of all the inane questions he keeps asking. The two then begin to strategize before they enter Junior's club. Later, when they realize that Sun and Blake are being chased by Roman, they go after them on Yang's bike. While driving after them Neptune attempts to attack the paladin with his weapon, while standing on the back of Yang's bike. Yang then later on after the fight wonders what happend to Neptune.


Combat goggles is a rare pair within the RWBY fandom. This may be a result of the fact that the two have barely spoken to each other over the whole course of the show. Some people who ship these two like the whole fire and water dynamic between them, with some even thinking they'd be an opposites attract. Combat Goggles reached it's height in popularity in volume 2, when the two spoke the most onscreen. It has a small fanbase on Tumblr.



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  • "Combat Goggles" comes from the fact that Neptune wears goggles and Yang is the combat fighter.


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