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Connor“We made a pretty good team.”
Kyle“Yeah. But don't expect me to take off across America. I got a rent-controlled apartment.”
— Green Arrow #104

ConnorKyle is the het ship between Connor Hawke and Kyle Rayner from the DC Comics fandom.


Bad Blood

Connor and Eddie are about to be shot by some men, when Kyle shows up and knocks them out. Connor hops out and asks if they're dead, and Kyle says that they're just out cold. Kyle recognizes Connor's outfit, but is aware that he's not Oliver Queen. Connor says that Kyle's not the old Green Lantern, and Kyle says that a lot of older heroes have told him that. They're then fired on, which Kyle blocks by quickly making a shield. Kyle constructs a gun to pull on the goon, but Connor stops him since the guy is the only lead he has on his mom. Kyle says that he wasn't going to kill him, just get him out of his neighborhood. Connor says to excuse him for his lack of confidence, and that Kyle should know that superpowers don't make him a god. Kyle then constructs a motorcycle, and Connor asks what it's for. Kyle asks if he wants him to make him a cab, and Connor says that he doesn't like motorcycle's and Kyle says he'll make something more retro, creating a horse for Connor.

As they chase after the shooter, Connor comments that it's funny that they're meeting, given that Hal used to team up with his dad. Kyle is surprised that Connor is Oliver's son, and Connor says that being Green Arrow is in his blood. Kyle says that the only thing he and Hal have in common is the Lantern Ring, and a need to do what's right. They find the shooter, but Connor says that there's too many people, and as they head into the subway, Kyle asks if they're just gonna let this guy shoot at them. Connor then hops onto the train and Kyle follows him.

Kyle doesn't get why Hal would have teamed up with a guy who only shot arrows, and Connor says it's because brute force wasn't always the answer. They then get into the train and Connor takes out the shooter. Kyle asks if he's alive, but all Connor did was stun him. Connor comments that they made a pretty good team, and Kyle agrees. But he's not hoping off to the other side of the country for him. He asks what to do with the shooter, and Connor doesn't believe anything but torture is going to get him to talk. Kyle asks if Connor's mom is in with his crowd, but Connor isn't sure. He hasn't seen much of her the past five years, and Kyle says he's doing better than him, given that he never even knew his dad. Kyle asks where to find him if the guys spills, and Connor tells him where they're staying. Kyle says he'll see Connor around and Connor says he'll do the same. Kyle says if he ever needs help to look him up and Connor thanks him before heading off.

Hard Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation

Kyle thinks about how he came to find Connor, since he could sympathize with his situation, when he finds him about to be shot. He stops them with a Green Lantern Arrow, since it'd be a shame for that to happen since he came all that way. The two then fight off the gang members, and Connor says that they didn't do bad. Kyle comments that they're a pretty good team, and they help the woman to her feet. Connor asks why Kyle is there, and Kyle says that he came looking for him. Kyle wanted to ask Connor for help looking for his dad, and Connor asks what happened. Kyle explains that his dad abandoned him and his mom when he was three, and Connor asks why he came to him. Kyle thinks Connor would understand growing up without a dad and finding him later better than anyone, and was even looking for his mom when they met. He asks if that turned out okay, and Connor says it did as well as it could have. Connor asks if Kyle's mom knows anything, and Kyle says that she knows as much as he does. He says that their relationships not that great, and this is something he has to do himself. He asks Connor again if he'll help him, and Connor says of course. Especially given old Green Lantern/Green Arrow team ups. Kyle then takes off his mask and introduces himself as his real name, and Connor does the same.

Connor takes Kyle to meet Eddie, who gives him the location of where Kyle's father, Aaron Rayner may be. Kyle then constructs a plane to fly them to the location. Connor asks if he can make anything he can imagine, and Kyle confirms this. Connor asks what Kyle's fixation is with creating women, and Kyle says it's just because he's 20 something and likes pretty women. Connor guesses that makes sense, and asks how Kyle became Green Lantern. Kyle explains how, and both feel like they're living up to pretty big legacies. Kyle asks if Connor was nervous meeting Oliver for the first time, and Connor says that he was. Connor asks if Kyle is nervous about meeting his dad, which Klye tries to brush off...till he freezes.

They two go to a diner, where the waitress flirts with Connor. Kyle asks how he does it, and Connor asks what he means. Kyle says that the waitress was coming onto him, and Connor is confused by this. Connor says that growing up in a monastery means he didn't have any experience with women, and Kyle says he could get some with the waitress. Connor says he doesn't want to with her, and Kyle says that if this his way of telling him he's gay, that's okay with him. Connor says that it's not that, he's always thought of himself as straight but he's also never even kissed a girl. He's completely in the dark about the whole process. Kyle says he might be able to shed some light on it, and starts flirting with the waitress till a cop arrives. He tries to get them to leave, and Connor is willing to comply, but Kyle starts a fight.

When they finish, Connor says that Kyle blew a gasket and Kyle says that if felt good to fight without his ring. Connor can't believe it felt good to almost get arrested, and Kyle admits that he has a problem with authority. He says that Connor wiped the floor with the guys, and Connor says that Kyle didn't give him another option. He thought Green Arrow was the hot head, and Kyle apologizes for dragging him into it. He does appreciate the help though, and Connor says that they are partners. Kyle agrees, and the two leave the diner.

When they find out that Aaron is in a place called Desolation, Connor questions why he would be there. When Hal and Oliver went there, it was a pretty bad place. Kyle doesn't know, but questions if the place is a different town that the one Oliver and Hal went. Connor thinks Kyle could be right, but both change their mind pretty quickly when they see the sign for the place. They're confused to see that it's pretty up and up, and find out that pretty much every there got rich over lawsuit settlements. Connor asks why Aaron would be there, and Kyle isn't even sure if he is there. Nor is he sure where to start looking. A car almost hits them and Connor quickly pushes Kyle back, when a barrage of lawyers shows up telling them to get sue. Connor suggests that maybe Aaron's a lawyer.

They head to the post office where they ask the worker for Aaron Rayner's address, but he says he doesn't exist. Connor pulls Kyle away and tells him that the man was lying. Kyle asks how he knows, and Connor says that the man's breathing changed when he heard Aaron's name. Kyle thanks him for helping him out and asks why he's doing it. Connor says they have a lot in common, kind of a bond, and Kyle thinks there's nothing like knocking out cops to bring people closer together. Connor wishes Kyle would forget about that, but Kyle was just messing with him. Connor goes onto say that they both never knew their fathers who walked out, and Kyle says that Oliver had the excuse of no knowing he existed at least. Connor still had a lot of unresolved issues, which Kyle bemoans given that he just wants to know why his dad ran out on him. Connor says that he's here for him and Kyle asks him again why he's doing it. Connor says that he might get some perspective on a life without Oliver, and Kyle suggests they suit up to look for some leads. Connor agrees but wants to call Eddie first to see if he might have something.

That night, Kyle suggest he make a lambrogini construct, but Connor thinks that will draw too much attention. Kyle starts to talk about how they're doing the super-hero thing, when several cops show up. They attempt to arrest them, when Kyle creates a construct and flies them out. Connor asks if that was a good idea, but Kyle wasn't willing to play along in this town. Connor says that they're the cops, but Kyle says that Connor has a lot to learn about being a vigilante. Connor thinks things would be easier if they just said why they're there, but Kyle doesn't think they'll believe them. An explosion nearly hits them, and they fall to the ground. Connor could have used a warning, but Kyle tells him to blame it on the guy, Rachet, firing on them. They take cover and Connor points out that Hatchet has a similar power to Kyle. Kyle thinks things are getting interesting, but Connor just wants to know whose side the guy is on.

Hatchet is about to kill Kyle, when Connor fires an arrow on him and tells him to stand back. Rachet changes his target, when Kyle gets up and punches him as he tells him not to talk to Connor that way. Connor then knocks him out and helps Kyle up. Connor says that he made a nice shot and that the ring is handy to have around. Connor then see's someone who Kyle realizes is his dad.

Aaron takes them to a secret lab and tries to convince Kyle to help them put up a satellite that would direct messages right to people. Connor thinks this is all happening fast, and they shouldn't make decisions before knowing more about the situation. Kyle asks if Connor is implying that they can't trust his dad and Connor tries to explain what he means. Kyle interrupts and says what they're doing isn't illegal and asks if he's going to help or not. Connor gives in rather defeated, and Kyle starts to put the satellite in the sky.

They get into space and Connor is amazed by the view, but Kyle not so much, given his previous space travels. Connor tells Kyle to really look at the earth, and Kyle does so realizing how beautiful it is. He thanks Connor for the reminding him and Connor says that's what friends are for. Kyle asks if he only came along for the view, and Connor actually came along because he wants to speak with Kyle alone. Connor's not sure if what they're doing is right, and Kyle wants to know why there's a problem with him doing a favor for his father. Connor thinks that Kyle is being blinded to what's actually going on, which Kyle take offense to since it's his dad. Connor points out that this is the same guy that walked out on him and his mother, causing Kyle to punch him in the face.

They fight till Connor pulls his bow on Kyle and tells him to stop. Kyle says that Connor wouldn't and Connor says that he's right. But he also won't fight him, so he has to stop. Kyle says that they're done, and he means in all aspects. Once they get back to earth, they won't even be friends, and Connor is sorry he feels that way. Kyle says that only makes one of them.

Later, Connor pulls Kyle into a secret room with Eddie and Melanie. They tell him that Kyle's dad actually had them place a weapon satellite in orbit, and sent someone to kill Connor. Kyle wants to talk to his dad, but Connor says he'll just deny it. Several armed men come in and Kyle tosses them to the side.

Kyle blows up the satellite and returns to earth, where Connor tells him that his dad's chest has collapsed. His dad however, reveals that he's not Kyle's dad, but his uncle. He doesn't know what happened to Kyle's dad, and dies. Connor asks if Kyle's okay, and Kyle takes the good with the bad. Connor wishes him luck and Kyle starts to apologize, but Connor tells him to forget about it. He knows what it's like to find his father. It's hard when you want them to be something and they turn out to be different.

Hate Crimes

As Connor is taking cover from some attackers, Kyle arrives and puts up a barrier to protect him. Kyle asks if he can finish the fight Connor started and starts to fight them off. They knock him to the side, and quickly leave. Connor helps Kyle stand and Kyle says that he thinks they'll come back with the weapons they have. He asks if Connor is there on business, and Connor says that he was visiting his mom. Kyle suggests that Connor should call later and they can do the hero thing, when they're interrupted by Sandra. Connor suggest Kyle take off unless he wants to carry shopping bags. Kyle takes off and says he'll see Connor around and Connor awkwardly does that same.

Later, Connor tells Kyle about his mom still living with his garbage step-dad. Kyle says Sandra should divorce Milo, and Connor is hoping that he'll step out of line and his mom we'll see the truth. Kyle says that Milo will step out of line with a nuclear bomb, and Connor says that he shouldn't have a hard time getting Kyle's help.


Green Lantern

Issue 76

  • Connor asks if Kyle is ready to meet his dad, and wishes him luck.

Issue 77

  • Connor gives Kyle some time alone with his dad, which Kyle thanks him for.
  • Kyle and Connor share a look.
  • Kyle smiles when Connor gets flirted with.
  • Kyle tells his dad that Connor's just a friend.

Green Arrow

Issue 111

  • Connor says that they have to find Kyle.
  • Kyle says that he barely knows Connor, but they have a lot in common.
  • Kyle becomes angry with his dad over what he says about Connor.


Connor“It's funny we should meet. I mean, my dad and the old G.L. used to team up.”
Kyle“You're Oliver Queen's son?”
Connor“Guilty. The whole Green Arrow thing is kinda in my blood.”
Kyle“The only thing Jor...he and I have in common is this ring. And maybe a desire to do what's right.”
— Green Arrow #104
Kyle“See you around then, Green Arrow.”
Connor“Some other time, Green Lantern.”
Kyle“If you ever need help...y'know, look me up.”
Connor“Thanks. Thanks a lot.”
— Green Arrow #104
“Doesn't matter. Family's what's important. Green Arrow's just a guy, and I really don't care what happens to him.”
— Green Lantern v3 #77
Kyle“Well I have to say I'm hurt. You're in the city and you didn't call.”
Kyle“Not when I'm in costume Connor. Some of us like our secret identities. You don't mind if I finish what you started?”
— Green Arrow vol 3 #125


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ConnorKyle is fairly popular between Green Lantern and Green Arrow fans, but not really a big pairing for DC fans overall. Many were drawn to them from their first interactions, given that it felt like they were flirting. Many are also interested in them, due to rumors that Connor was originally meant to be gay, and the Kyle was going to be his love interest.

On AO3, ConnorKyle is the most written ship for Connor and the third most written for Kyle. It is also the seventh most written ship in the Green Arrow (Comics) tag.



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