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Connverse is the het ship between Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran from the Steven Universe fandom.


In "An Indirect Kiss", Connie says to Steven "You don't need to have powers to be here with me" and almost kisses Steven, but she feels something, realizing that she can see without her glasses.

They are extremely good at working together and they call themselves jam buds.

Connie and Steven dance together and almost kiss, but then fuse in Alone Together.

In "Steven's Birthday", Garnet and Pearl play romantic music for together and Steven and Connie dance. After Steven is restored to normal, Connie tells Steven that she likes him just the way he is.

When Steven sacrifices himself and fakes his death in "I Am My Mom", he says "I love you" to Connie.

In "We Need to Talk", Steven dances with Connie and blushes then they fuse into Stevonnie.

When they first fuse, Garnet is smiling probably because she knows they're going to have a relationship like Ruby and Sapphire.

In "Beach City Drift", Steven is mad at Kevin when Connie is calm kind of like Ruby and Sapphire.

When a Cluster Gem attacked Connie, Steven said: "Take your hands off my Connie".

In "Open Book", when Connie held out her hand, Steven blushed and held on to her hand.

Connie says she wants to be part of Steven's universe.

Amythest said Steven likes Connie.

In "Steven's Dream", Steven says "Woah! You look awesome, Connie!" who blushes after thanking him for the compliment.

Steven is excited about Connie's first mission.

Steven and Connie are around the fireplace they almost kiss but the crystal gems come in.

Connie said she wants to be there for Steven to fight by his side, blushing.

In "Kevin Party" after Steven and Connie reconciled their relationship at Kevin's party, Connie comments on Steven's new shirt and Steven comments on Connie's new haircut.

In "Reunited", Steven communicates through Connie's mind to tell her to protect her body and Connie agrees.

In "Escapism", Connie tells Steven that they will figure something out while being imprisoned on Homeworld.

In "Change Your Mind", Connie helps Steven recover his gemstone and hugs him after Steven is finally restored.

In "Steven Universe: The Movie", Connie gives Steven a peck on the cheek before heading off to space camp. After Steven has survived, Connie becomes glad that Steven is allright and the two begin to have romantic feelings for each other.

In "Bismuth Casual", Connie helps Steven how to skate by fusing into Stevonnie. After they unfuse and picked a song for Bismuth and Pearl, she and Steven both blush at each other and share a laugh.

In "Together Forever", Steven realizes that he wants Connie to be his future and is encouraged by Ruby and Sapphire to propose to her and become their fusion Stevonnie permanently. After preparing a picnic, buying a cake, and making a ring out of a glowstick, he gets Connie from her house during a study break and sings to her romantically about wanting to be with her. Connie is blushing and happily flustered during his song, but becomes concerned when he proposes marriage to her. She softly lets him down, telling him that they are too young and she wants to be her own person. Instead of saying "no" to his proposal, she tells him it is a "not now", implying that she will say yes to marriage in the future in when they are older and ready. Steven asks her why they should wait if they know they're going to be together forever and Connie reassures him that they have plenty of time and there's no need to rush. Despite her soft rejection and assuring that she wants to be with him someday but not right now, Steven is completely crushed.

In "Growing Pains", it's the next day and Steven is still devastated over the failed proposal. He begins to flare up in size when reminded of the proposal and it greatly upsets him. When Connie calls him, concerned over the night before, she insists that he see her mother Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran at the hospital after witnessing his body swell up at random intervals. After getting him to the hospital she leaves the room and calls Steven's dad Greg, worried about him. After Priyanka diagnoses him with potential PTSD and tries to explain why it's flaring up now, she asks if he has had any stressful experiences lately and automatically thinks of the failed proposal, swelling up to an enormous size. Connie rushes back in and her mother explains that he panicked after her question of if he had any stressful experiences lately and realizes that he must be devastated over the proposal and assumes that she doesn't want to be with him at all and not later. She expresses worry for him until he screams at her that he can't be around her right now. Greg arrives shortly after to calm Steven down and tells him that Connie called him out of worry. As Connie walks out with her mother, Steven thanks her for calling his dad and she responds by saying that she'll be there when he's ready.

In "The Future", as Steven says goodbye to everyone as he gets ready to leave Beach City, he and Connie kiss and already have plans to meet up again soon.


The ship generally doesn't receive much controversy as its cute and the interactions are healthy. There are some people however, who would prefer them as friends.

On AO3, Connverse is the most written ship for both Steven and Connie. It's also the fifth most written ship in the Steven Universe (Cartoon) tag.



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