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Constantine“Oh, bollocks. It's my ex.”
Raven“You and Harley? Gross.”
Constantine“Do I look mad? [Cut to King Shark Winking]”
— Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Constantshark is the slash ship between John Constantine and King Shark from the DC Comics fandom.


Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

When Lois finishes fighting Harley, the Justice League and the Suicide Squad wait to start planning. Constantine then see's Harley and King Shark and is annoyed to see his ex. Raven looks over and thinks the idea of him and Harley is gross. Constantine isn't mad enough to get in a relationship with Harley, and Raven looks over to see King Shark winking at him. Constantine then awkwardly looks away.

Behind the Scenes

“There was a draft that kind alluded to that idea, as they're going to the Suicide Squad, he's worried because he's going to run into his ex. So the idea is that everyone assumes it's Harley, but then you find out it's King Shark because, obviously, Constantine is a little crazy but he's not that crazy.[...]There was a draft where we got into why their relationship worked because Constantine is magic, he could understand what King Shark was trying to say and that's why they had a relationship, but that sort of got cut for time.”
— Mairghread Scott[1]
“I don't know the logistics of how that works but I just guffawed when I was reading it. I was like, 'Oh, that's brilliant!”
— Matt Ryan[2]
Susana Polo“I can't believe John Constantine totally bottomed for King Shark.”
Mairghread Scott“Believe it. I can't believe they let me write this.”


The ship was brought into existence by Justice League Dark Apokolips War. It quickly skyrocketed, and the moment between Constantine and King Shark became the most talked about point in the film. This was to the point where people had to remind others that other things happened in it.

Many were shocked by the moment that confirmed that the two were in a previous relationship. After a gifset of the moment was posted on tumblr, it quickly went viral, and the internet went crazy. It got to a point where people who had never even heard of the film were talking about it. The ship and film are generally only brought up in terms of the shocking moment, but it did gain a few fans.

Fan art between the two started to pop up. There was a mix of different versions for the fan art. Some would draw the JLD version of King Shark, while other would draw the version of him from the Harley Quinn Animated Series. When King Shark started to gain some popularity after The Suicide Squad, the ship saw a minor resurgence. Both as people remembered the ship existed and wanted someone to ship with the DCEU version of King Shark. Some also compared the ship to Sidlink since it's two blond's and a shark boyfriend.

On AO3, Constantshark is the most written ship for King Shark, and the seventh most written for Constantine. It is also the most written ship in the Justice League Dark (2017) tag and the second most written ship in the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War and Harley Quinn (Cartoon 2019) tags.



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