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Cosmooey is the femslash ship between Cosmo and Zooey from the Sonic X and Sonic Boom fandoms.


They never met in canon since their respective series aired about a decade apart. The series finale of Sonic X, “So Long Sonic” first aired on April 2005 in France; while Zooey’s debut episode “Battle of the Boy Bands” aired on August 2015.

Similarities and comparisons

  • Both debuted in a Sonic the Hedgehog television series: Cosmo from Sonic X, and Zooey from Sonic Boom.
  • Both are romantically involved with Tails in their respective series. Tails and Cosmo confessed their love for each other in the original version of "A Fearless Friend". Zooey and Tails are in a relationship since "Tails’ Crush".
  • Both are friends with the Amy Rose of their specific incarnations. Cosmo, Amy, and Cream traveled outer space for the majority of season 3. Zooey and Amy are Fuzzy Puppy buddies in one episode.
  • Both are allies to the rest of the main characters, notably Sonic and Knuckles, on both series since their debut. Zooey, with the rest of the inhabitants of Hedgehog Village, fought against malware-infected robots in "Robots From The Sky Part 3".
  • Both had been at the mercy of at least an antagonist of their series: the Metarex and Shadow for Cosmo (throughout season 3, with the latter for one episode), and Doctor Eggman for Zooey.


This ship is rare, let alone romantically. One of the main drives is that both girls have a canonical relationship with the aforementioned Tails of their series. If Tails in involved, fans tend to focus on one or the other incarnation (Sonic X or Boom) of the fox when creating works involving Cosmo and Zooey cross-universe-wise.

A DeviantArtist by the name of EROS-ARISTOTELES has been making art with both girls to the point of being romantically involved with each other. A now-deactivated artist named littlesonallylover suggested one of their works to be tagged as #cosmoxzooey. This tag is yet to have any works as of May 2020. Another comment by DarkyLonewolf reads such artwork being a solution to the Tailsmo-Tailsey ship war. A fan fiction by grimlock1997 was inspired by one of EROS-ARISTOTELES’ works featuring the pair fighting over Tails. TheBlackNova compares this ship war to Sonally and Sonamy.

On the less-romantic side, mewmewspike made both girls hanging out in response to the same ship war using a template by Imtailsthefoxfan. The reception was mostly positive. A comment by Toad900 reads that such flame wars are “silly”, adding Cream’s Sonic X image referencing another ship involving Tails. DisneyEquestrian2012 suggested having both characters ship the main incarnation of Tails; implying a possible poly ship.

cmara has also drawn a few art involving the pair since 2017.



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Creasmooey — the polyship between Cosmo, Zooey, and Cream the Rabbit
Tailsmooey — the polyship between Cosmo, Zooey, and Miles "Tails" Prower


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