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Cream Machine is the femslash ship between Neopolitan and Penny Polendina from the RWBY fandom.


Neopolitan and Penny Polendina have very little canon interactions with each other in the RWBY series. Although there is a scene in which both characters are seen interacting with each other in Volume 8. Despite that, it is likely they did know of each others existence before that scene. Although there haven't been any romantic moments between both characters considering the fact that the characters are enemies. but in Volume 8 Chapter 5: Amity, they did indirectly interact. In a scene of the fight between Penny Polendina and Cinder Fall while also the fight between Neopolitan and Maria Calavera.

Penny tries to freeze both pilars with using her Maiden powers, but Cinder, by seeing her do that quickly flies directly towards her then begins attacking her, Penny screams, although she still tries to freeze one of the pillars using one of her hands, with her other hand blocking Cinder's shadow hand. Cinder then attemps to burn Penny's hand with her human hand causing the ginger to scream even more making Cinder cover Penny's mouth with her shadow hand. Eventually Penny found out a way to escape Cinder, by shotting ice versions of her weapons at Cinder, throwing Cinder to the wall, causing Emerald to scream, worried for Cinder. Penny then fell to the ground. It didn't take long for Cinder to free herself, though.

While all that was happening the fight between Neo and Maria was happening. Although Maria got distracted from watching Penny fall to the ground. Neo seeing Maria getting distracted, got the chance to hit Maria in the face, leading Maria to fall to the ground, herself. Neo then approaches Maria, while making an attempt to stab her with her unsheathed parasol. But Penny slowly gets back up and sees what Neo's doing then prevents Neo from stabbing Maria by blasting her with her swords lasers, causing Neo's aura to break and knock her down.

Penny then flies to Cinder, looking at her, with anger in her face.


Cream Machine is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom. Due to the lack of interactions between Neo and Penny and the unlikeliness of them even becoming friends in the series, this ship is also considered a crack ship but even with all that there are still a few fans who like Cream Machine among the RWBY fandom. The ship was mostly popular around Volume 2 - Volume 3, but lost popularity at the end of Volume 3 due to Penny being disassembled in the Volume. Although when she returned in Volume 7 few people began finding out about the ship and the pair increased in popularity, though not that much there were still a growth in the ship's popularity.

Some fans still hope for them to become at least friends in the RWBY series. While the ship's title has inspired a few fans to draw them sharing some ice cream with one another. People also tend to point out and gush about their height difference.

Cream Machine as of currently has 6 fanfics on AO3.



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  • "Cream Machine" derives from Neo's design and name being based off of Neapolitan ice cream and Penny being a robot, robots being machines.


Short and Sweet — refers to the ship between Penny Polendina, Neopolitan, Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee
Strawberry Cream Machine — refers to the ship between Penny Polendina, Neopolitan and Ruby Rose


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