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Cream the Rabbit is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Cream is a young and kind rabbit with the ability to fly with her ears. She is usually seen with her Chao companion Cheese. She is best friends with Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat.

She made her debut in Sonic Advance 2 and had major roles in most Sonic games released between 2002 and 2005, as well as the TV series Sonic X. In 2010, she became a somewhat notable character in the Archie comics.



Beaneam - the ship between Cream and Bean the Dynamite
Chaream - the ship between Cream and Charmy Bee
Knuxream - the ship between Cream and Knuckles the Echidna
Mepheam - the ship between Cream and Mephiles the Dark
Rayream - the ship between Cream and Ray the Flying Squirrel
Shadeam - the ship between Cream and Shadow the Hedgehog
Silveam - the ship between Cream and Silver the Hedgehog
Soneam - the ship between Cream and Sonic the Hedgehog
Taiream - the ship between Cream and Miles "Tails" Prower


Amream - the ship between Cream and Amy Rose
Blazeam - the ship between Cream and Blaze the Cat
Creasmo - the ship between Cream and Cosmo
Maream - the ship between Cream and Marine the Raccoon
Rougeam - the ship between Cream and Rouge the Bat


Bokream - the ship between Cream and Bokkun
Creamerl - the ship between Cream and Emerl
Omegream - the ship between Cream and E-123 Omega


Team Rose - the ship between Cream, Amy Rose, and Big the Cat


Vanilleam - the ship between Cream and Vanilla the Rabbit



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# portmanteau characters type
31 Taiream Miles "Tails" Prower het
7 Amy & Cream Amy Rose gen
6 Shadow & Cream Shadow the Hedgehog gen
4 Shadeam Shadow the Hedgehog het
3 Amream Amy Rose femslash
3 Chaream Charmy Bee het
3 Cream & Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog gen
3 Vanilleam Vanilla the Rabbit femslash
3 Bokream Bokkun non-binary
2 Cream & Vanilla Vanilla the Rabbit family


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