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Creek is the slash ship between Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak from the South Park fandom.


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Craig and Tweek's relationship was made what some consider canon from the episode labeled 'Tweek x Craig'. Following the episode, the two have grown closer; such as Craig calling Tweek 'honey' and 'babe' when Tweek freaks about North Korea, or Craig tries his best to calm Tweek down. Though their relationship seemed to be purely for the town's enjoyment, as the series goes on they have their own moments without the town's prying eyes, showing the boys to be in a genuine relationship.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Tweek and Craig have a broken relationship due to them being on different teams but you (Douchebag) helps repair their relationship and for them to use their special attack. There is their conversations while you are fighting someone, such as when Craig dies, Tweek will yell out 'Super Craig! No! I can't live without you!' followed by Craig stating 'It's okay, you can just revive me.' as well when Craig gets hit, Tweek will say 'Oh My God, They Hit Super Craig!' followed by Craig saying 'Deep breathes, Wonder Tweek'.


The ship had been popular for over a decade before becoming canon. The episode where they became canon was also a perspective on the shows shipping culture. Fan art for the pairing was asked for by the creators and was featured in the episode.

On AO3, Creek is the most written ship for both Craig and Tweek. It is also the most written ship within the South Park tag.



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  • Season 3: Episode 5 is titled "Tweek vs. Craig"
  • Season 19: Episode 6 is titled "Tweek x Craig"
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