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Cremlink is the het ship between Link and Cremia from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Link first meets Cremia when he arrives at Romani Ranch. After blowing the boulder with a Powder Keg, she is relieved to see that somebody was able to enter the ranch and that they are no longer blocked off from the public. It is possible for Link to go inside of her house in the evening. If he does so, Cremia will introduced herself and sister Romani to him. She is slightly embarrassed when Romani calls him cute. If Link does not save the cows, Cremia spends the rest of the days moping that she did not listen to her sister.

If Link successfully saves the cows, Cremia will milk them the next day. She will invite Link to accompany her when she goes to deliver the milk to Clock Town. If Link does accompany her, Cremia will be happy to have him as company. She will explain that she has been in charge of the ranch since her father died, talk about her friend Anju getting married soon, and ask if the moon is going to fall. Cremia will later find herself being chased by the Gorman Brothers and ask Link to protect the milk.

If Link fails to defend the milk, Cremia will blame herself and go to bed. If he succeeds, she will be very thankful and reward Link with a Romani's Mask. Cremia will explain to Link that it means that he is recognized as an adult. It is possible for Link to help Cremia again on later cycles. If he does so, she will notice that he already has a Romani's Mask and give him a different reward. Cremia can either give Link 200 Rupees or a hug. Link will feel "warm and fuzzy" inside if he gets the hug.


Cremlink is a rather popular ship within the Zelda fandom. It is not quite as popular as Malink but it still has a decent amount of fans and is one of the more popular ships from the Majora's Mask game. Despite the fact that there seems to be an age gap, most fans are not bothered by it and would rather ship Link with Cremia than Romani. Cremlink is mainly shipped due to the hug that can occur between them. It is sometimes shipped as a parallel to Malink.



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  • It applies to Majora's Mask as that is the only game that Cremia makes an appearance in.
  • In the Nintendo 64 version, there is a typo when Cremia gives Link a hug.


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