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“We’re partners. To the end.”
— Sheva to Chris, Resident Evil 5.

Creva is the het ship between Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 5

Chapter 1-1

In March 2009, Chris Redfield is sent to investigate possible Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W) smuggling in Africa. It’s there he meets his new partner – Sheva Almoar, of the B.S.A.A West African branch. She walks up and greets him with a friendly smile, telling him it’s an honor, even calling him “Mr. Redfield”. He assures her that “Chris” is just fine. Sheva tells Chris the reason why she’ll be his partner for this mission is because Chris is an American, B.S.A.A or not, he may not get much help from the locals. Sheva is there not only just because she’s qualified, but also to help put the people at ease. As they’re walking through a checkpoint, a guard gets a little too handsy with Sheva, checking for ID and weapons. As Chris waits, he visibly shows that if that continued, he would have jumped in to get the man off Sheva. Chris soon relaxes when Sheva herself shoves the man’s hands away, showing her ID.

By the time Chris arrives in the city, most of the townspeople have already been infected with Type 2 Plagas, although they initially refrain from attacking Chris and Sheva (since they have not yet been ordered to), instead either ignoring them or giving them hostile glares. Once pass the civilian checkpoint, they meet up with Reynard Fisher, another B.S.A.A agent, who gives them their weapons and the information on Ricardo Irving, a black market’s dealer. As Chris and Sheva continue forward, they hear screams coming from a nearby building, upon breaking in they find two men on top of another man, forcing Plaga Type 2 into his mouth. Chris and Sheva watch in horror. The two men run off, leaving the other down and turning. The newly infected man gets up and attacks Chris and Sheva, forcing them to shoot him dead. As they walk out, they’re ambushed by the surrounding townspeople. They make for another building as there’s too many. After navigating through a small underground tunnel, they come up to another building, where out the window they see the Instigator giving a public rally and execution. It’s there they see Fisher again, moments away from being decapitated. Sheva wants to go and help him, but Chris knows it’s too late, he gently places his hand on her shoulder to stop her. Just then the Executioner kills Fisher, with Chris and Sheva both turning away. The Instigator spots them and commands the townspeople to attack. Chris and Sheva call in to Kirk, another fellow B.S.A.A agent, for backup. Once Kirk arrives via helicopter, he tells Chris and Sheva to take cover so another agent can fire a rocket at the enemies. Chris and Sheva find cover, with Chris leaning into Sheva, shielding her from the blast.

Chapter 1-2

Barely escaping from the Majini, Chris and Sheva move through the town, on their way to Alpha Team. They hear a woman scream and beg for help. As they make their way up to her, the woman falls into Chris’ arms. Moments later, she mutates and attacks, catching Chris off guard; Sheva shoots a bullet between them, separating Chris and the woman. Once the turned woman is dead, they get another distress call from Alpha Team. By the time they get to Alpha Team, the entire team is down. Sheva manages to see someone running away from the scene. She tells this to Chris and they continue forward. They take an elevator down, its then they’re attacked by another B.O.W; an Uroboros test subject. Once defeating the B.O.W, they head up another elevator where they contact HQ. HQ tells them that Delta Team has been dispatched, but they’re the only ones left. Chris and Sheva are hesitant to continue forward on their own, but the mission still stands: arrest Ricardo Irving. Once HQ ends their communication, Chris turns to Sheva, saying, “Ever get the feeling you’re expendable?” Sheva says nothing, though judging from her expression she agrees.

Chapter 2-1

Once exiting the warehouse, Chris and Sheva fight their way through a storage yard to the port where they’re surprised to find out HQ sent backup, Kirk. Once the surrounding Majini are dead, Kirk will tell them to “stay frosty” as Chris and Sheva make for the station. A few minutes go by when a distress signal comes in from Kirk, saying his helicopter is being attacked by B.O.Ws and soon crashes. HQ contacts Chris and Sheva and any surrounding teams to go to the crash site. Before then, they’re attacked by more Majini. With the Chainsaw Majini dead, they continue forward. When they reach crash site they’re met by Kirk dead and burned to black. They hear the sound of motorcycles but are unable to figure out which direction it’s coming from. Suddenly a Majini jumps over on a motorcycle with a long chain in hand, catching Chris by the ankle, dragging him. Helpless to free himself, Sheva saves him by shooting the chain, with Chris rolling as Sheva runs to help him up. Now standing, they back up into each other as the Majini ride around them, attempting to get close. Chris shoves Sheva out of the way of a Majini on a motorcycles aiming for her. Moments later Delta Team arrives and saves them.

Delta Team’s leader, Josh Stone, gives Chris and Sheva new information on a chip. Chris inserts the chip into his handheld computer to which he sees his former partner, Jill Valentine, on the screen. He loses focus in his flashback, leading to Sheva asking him if he’s alright. Chris begins to tell her what the picture is but soon stops as he doesn’t see the point in bringing it up now. He changes the subject to the mission at hand – how to get to the mines. Sheva tells him she knows the way and to follow her.

Chapter 2-2

Once through the train yard, Chris and Sheva take a lift down into the mines where they’re met by complete darkness. As they navigate through, one takes a lantern, needing to stick close to each other. They soon make it to an open clearing within the mines where they fight more Majini. They then make for a lift out of the mines leading back outside. They come to an open area above ground where they confront Irving in a building. A smoke bomb is thrown through the window by an unidentified woman. She gets Irving out before Chris and Sheva have the chance to arrest him.

Outside the building they make their way up the cliff sides winding paths, fighting off Majini. An out of control trucks plows toward them, the end of it over the cliffs edge. A large bat-like B.O.W emerges out and attacks Chris and Sheva. Once defeating the beast, Dave Johnson, a fellow B.S.A.A soldier, comes up driving and yelling for Chris and Sheva to get into the jeep.

Chapter 2-3

While in the jeep, all three are attacked by more Majini driving motorbikes and trucks. While Johnson drives, Chris and Sheva take the mini guns and fight off the attacking B.O.Ws. With more of them coming out of the woodwork and an oncoming broken bridge ahead, Johnson floors it and makes the jump over. Finally away, they continue driving, coming to what was Delta Team’s outpost, the team Johnson is on. Johnson runs to examine the body of a dead teammate to which a car comes hurdling over him. Johnson has no time to react when suddenly he’s crushed to death by the Ndesu, a massive B.O.W. Chris and Sheva hid behind the car that was thrown over. The Ndesu lifts it, finding them. Chris yells for Sheva to go, with him following right beside her. Chris turns to shoot at the monster, allowing Sheva time to make for the jeep. Chris joins her and the two use the same mini guns to defeat the Ndesu.

With the Ndesu dead, Chris and Sheva look around at the destroyed outpost and the deceased bodies of allies. Sheva appears distressed; Chris gently assures her that she doesn’t have to do this, that she can still back out. Sheva is taken aback and tries to tell Chris that they should both “get the hell out of here”. Chris tells her he can’t, as he’s got a “personal stake in this”. That “personal stake” being Valentine, which leaves Sheva even more confused. Chris starts to walk away from her, but Sheva runs after him, saying “I’m going with you!” Chris turns back to her, telling her that there’s no more orders – that it’s just them. Sheva responds that she “can’t just walk away,” and that they’re partners, to the end. Chris smirks at her, with a “Copy that.” They soon board a nearby airboat and set for the marshlands.

As they’re boating through the marshlands, Sheva asks Chris what happened to his Valentine. They talk about Valentine for a minute before Chris changes the subject to Sheva, asking her why she joined the B.S.A.A. Sheva tells him how her parents were involved in an accident caused by a pharmaceutical company – Umbrella – when she was young. She goes on saying how “someone has to pay for that”. Moments later, they come to a jump, where Chris tells her to hang on. The make the jump and continue forward until they dock the airboat at a village.

Chapter 3-1

Chris and Sheva make their way through the villages on the marshlands. They come to an area where they’re attacked by Ndipaya Majini. With those defeated, they board back onto the airboat, only for more Ndipaya to attack them again. The Ndipaya close a gate leading out of the area they’re in. While one of them controls the boat, the other shoots the Ndipaya, leading to them opening the gate back up.


Chapter 1-1

  • A guard gets a little too handsy with Sheva. As Chris waits, he visibly shows that if that continued, he would have jumped in to get the man off Sheva.
  • Chris and Sheva find cover; Chris leans into Sheva, shielding her from the blast of the rocket launcher.

Chapter 2-1

  • Chris shoves Sheva out of the way of a Majini on a motorcycles aiming for her.
  • Sheva asks Chris if he’s alright after losing focus having a flashback.

Chapter 2-3

  • Most of Delta Team is dead, Sheva appears distressed; Chris gently assures her that she doesn’t have to do this, that she can still back out.


Chris“Remember, we’re a team. We need to stick together.”
Sheva“Don’t worry. I may not be as big as you, but I can still hold my own.”
Resident Evil 5, Chapter 1-1.
“We're partners. To the end.”
— Sheva to Chris, Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3.
Sheva“There’s only so much one person can do. Even a superhero like you, Chris.”
Chris“I’m no superhero. But together, we can end this.”
Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3.


Not a popular ship, Creva has an very small following compared to the other ships within the fandom as Sheva has only appeared in one game of the series.



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  • Sheva is mentioned in the the Resident Evil 6 "Chris' File". Chris goes missing and his partner, Piers Nivans, asks for help from other B.S.A.A branches, including Sheva's West African branch. She says in her email to Nivans: “I was very sad to hear of Chris' recent disappearance. He was such a large part of the B.S.A.A, and he was a very important person to me, as well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The B.S.A.A West African Branch is always here for your support.”[1]





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