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Crimson Lotus is the het ship between Lie Ren and Ruby Rose from the RWBY fandom.


Ren and Ruby first meet in the beginning of volume 1 in the emerald forest. They eventually team up with the rest of their teams to take down a nevermore. In volume 2 ren and ruby are seen fighting against each other during the foodfight that Nora and Yang had started. In volume 3 they are then seen eating at a noodle stand with their teammates. They then both cheer each other on as team jnpr fights against team brnz and team rwby fights against team abrn. Later in volume 3 Ruby tells an injured Ren and Nora that she would find both Pyrrha and Jaune and that they could both count on her.

Ren, then decides to go on a journey to Haven with Ruby and the rest of his team. The two are shown to get along well enough. Later in two steps forward, two steps back, Ren angrily refuses Ruby's request of going into Kuroyuri to look for medical supplies and as a short cut. She then tells jaune that him and nora are gonna be fine when they all split up. In the volume 4 finale, he apologizes to her and Jaune for losing his temper during the fight against the Nuckelavee but he's surprised when she instead compliments his loss of temper, noting that it's good to let out your emotions sometimes.

In the beginning of volume 5, Ren is shown together with Ruby preparing dinner. He is trying to teach her how to cook and is quick to warn her that she is going to burn the food. Ruby then sits in amazement when Ren delivers a very heartfelt speech. In the beginning of volume 6 she directs Renand Jaune to mask the emotions of the citizens on the train. In the volume 6 finale, he expresses amazement of Ruby for petrifying a Leviathan. He then praises her which makes her blush.


Crimson Lotus is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly because ReNora, White Rose, Lancaster, Nuts and Dolts and Rose Garden are much more popular. While not much, fans of this couple were happy they spent more time together in volume 4 and most of volume 5. Fans also like that they're both named after flowers. They have a small fan base on tumblr.



Crimson Lotus posts on Tumblr


  • Their ship name comes from the fact that Ruby's main theme color is red (crimson is a shade of red) and Ren's name means Lotus in japanese.


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