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Crowpool is the het ship between Leafpool and Crowfeather from the Warriors fandom.


Leafpool and Crowfeather realize their feelings for each other at the end of Starlight. Just as Leafpool is about to fall over the ravine, Crowfeather saves her life and confesses his love.

Their relationship builds through Twilight. They often sneak out of camp to meet each other at the border; Leafpool's most used excuse is gathering herbs. Not only is their relationship difficult since they are from opposing clans, but Leafpool is a medicine cat, meaning she has sworn to a life of chastity.

Close to the end of the book, Cinderpelt, Leafpool's mentor, discovers their trysts. Cinderpelt tries to make Leafpool break of the relationship, but Leafpool refuses and runs off. She goes to talk with Starclan, and Spottedleaf tells her to follow her heart. Since romance is often said to come from the heart, Leafpool believes she is being told to choose Crowfeather. She meets him at the border, and they run off together, past the clan territories. Thunderclan is left in shambles, and Cinderpelt is forced to reveal her apprentice's relationship.

Off with Crowfeather, Leafpool begins to doubt herself, missing her clan and sister. Though Crowfeather seems happy in their position, he reluctantly agrees to return when Leafpool asks. They rush to Thunderclan, just in time to help in the badger attack. However, Leafpool is too late, and Cinderpelt is killed. She mourns her mentor, realizing this would not have happened if she had not left. She breaks off her relationship with Crowfeather, and reaffirms her loyalty to Thunderclan and the medicine cat code.

Sometime afterward, she gives birth to her and Crowfeather's kits: Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit. As a medicine cat, this is even worse than falling in love, so she gives her kits to her sister, Squirrelflight, who passes them off as her own.


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On AO3, it is the most popular ship for both characters.


Hollyleaf is a warrior of Thunderclan. She is an ardent follower of the Warrior Code.

Jayfeather is a blind medicine cat of Thunderclan. He has strong mental abilities.

Lionblaze is a warrior of Thunderclan. Due to his power, he cannot be wounded in battle.



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