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Well, one tends to worry when they’re doomed to love a brilliant but reckless maniac who’s willing to risk his life for glory.
— Hugh Culber

Culmets is the slash ship between Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets from the Star Trek fandom.



After sustaining an ingury, Stamets is sent to the med bay where he is treated by Dr. Culber. Captain Lorca walks in and asks for a status report. Culber tells him that he almost pierced his frontal lobe, and Stamets sarcastically comments that its useless since it's used more for emotions and memory. Culber bites back that he'll save it in case he decides to have a feeling, but their bickering is interrupted by Lorca, who then begins to argue with Stamets over the spore drive. Fed up with Lorca, he asks Culber if he's done. Culber tells him that there's blood on his face, but he ignores the comment as he walks out.


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Michael Burnham and Culber go into engineering to talk to Stamets. He asks why Culber is with Michael, and what she wants. Culber tells him that she's worried about the spore drive's effects on the Tardigrade, and he agrees that the creature is slowly being killed by it, Michael wants to find a work around. Culber asks Stamets if anyone needs his help, and Culber counters that he's needed in the med bay.


Choose Your Pain

  • When walking into engineering Culber asks Michael to show him how to handle Stamets


Hugh“You should know that Lt. Stamets rarely, if ever listens to me.”
Michael“I can handle him.”
Hugh“Please, show me how.”
— Choose Your Pain
I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna stay right by your side. It'll be okay.
— Hugh


Star Trek fans had been waiting to see LGBT character for years within the franchise. Many were excited that there would be a character who was gay, although some fans argued that they didn't want the franchise "pushing an agenda", despite it being representative of minorities in every iterations. Fans who wanted it however, did have problems with the only show in the franchise that had LGBT characters, being on a streaming service that not everyone had access too.

Despite it being the most written ship in the Star Trek: Discovery tag on AO3, it took almost till the mid-season finale for it to become an official tag, despite even at the time, having more written about it than any other ship. Many fans where disappointed at this, as they had to use different means of finding works on the site. It is the most written ship for both characters.



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  • They are the first official canon LGBT couple in the Star Trek franchise.
  • Both characters are played by queer actors.
    • Both have also been in productions of Rent, although at separate times.
  • The couple had the first male/male kiss in Star Trek.
    • The first female/female kiss was with the pairing Lenzia. The two kisses were exactly 22 years and 13 days apart.



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