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“I'll marry that woman”
— Cisco lightheaded after Cynthia kisses him

Cynco is the het ship between Cynthia and Cisco from the The Flash fandom.


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Gypsy is a collector from Earth-19 sent to retrieve HR Wells for breaking the law on inter-dimensional travel. Cisco is immediately attracted to Gypsy and steps up to defend Wells' life by challenging Gypsy to mortal combat. After battling through several earths (including Cat's office on Earth-38) Cisco comes out the victor and Gypsy cedes her life to him, as is law on Earth-19. Cisco refutes the claim and Gypsy takes off, but not before the two share a moment and almost kiss.

After Grodd the sentient gorilla mindcontrols Gypsy into bringing him to Central City, Cisco attempts to appeal to her heroic side, in order to get her to help Team Flash stop Grodd. Gypsy eventually agrees and works with Cisco. Cisco teases her relentlessly, claiming that she likes him and that is part of why she helped him. Gypsy responds with a fierce kiss in front of everyone, saying Cisco wouldn't be able to handle being with her.

When Team Flash battle Savitar, Gypsy suddenly appears and saves Cisco at a crucial point. Once they're safe Cisco's confused and they squabble. Cynthia tells him that she sensed that he was in trouble and came to rescue him.


Cisco“Wait a minute. How did you vibe that I was in trouble?”
Cynthia“Because we're connected... jackass”
— Cynthia saves Cisco


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On AO3, Cynco is the most written ship for Cynthia and the ninth most written for Cisco.



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