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DARLING in the FRANXX is a romance and sci-fi anime series with a manga adaptation.


In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity is under constant threat from giant creatures known as klaxosaurs (叫竜 kyoryū), which are sub-divided into at least four categories based on their size: "Conrad", "Mohorovičić", "Gutenberg" and "(Super) Lehmann". Pushed to the brink of annihilation, the remnants of humanity are led by a mysterious organization known as APE to abandon Earth's now desolate surface for the relative safety of mobile fortress-cities known as Plantations. To defend the Plantations, children called parasites are raised to pilot giant mecha known as FRANXX (フランキス Furankisu) in boy-girl pairs. These children are artificially-created and have short lifespans. A team of ten parasites is assigned to the experimental Squad 13 of Plantation 13. One of them, Hiro, is a former pilot-candidate prodigy who can no longer synchronize with his partner and they both fail to complete the training program. While skipping his class's graduation ceremony, Hiro encounters Zero Two, an elite Franxx pilot with klaxosaur blood, red horns, and an infamous reputation as the "Partner Killer". The rumor is that Zero Two's partners will die after the third time. Despite this, after Zero Two's partner is killed during a klaxosaur attack, Hiro volunteers to become her new partner, or "darling".



Yūto Uemura (Japanese); Matt Shipman (English) as Hiro
Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English) as Zero Two
Yūichirō Umehara (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English) as Goro
Kana Ichinose (Japanese); Brittany Lauda (English) as Ichigo
Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese); Ryan Reynolds (English) as Zorome
Nanami Yamashita (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English) as Miku
Aoi Ichikawa (Japanese); Bryson Baugus (English) as Mitsuru
Saori Hayami (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado (English) as Kokoro
Hiroki Gotō (Japanese); Blake Shepard (English) as Futoshi
Shizuka Ishigami (Japanese); Leah Clark (English) as Ikuno


Souma Saito (Japanese); Justin Brinner (English) as Nine Alpha
Toshiki Masuda (Japanese); Daman Mills (English) as Nine Beta
Takuya Eguchi (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo (English) as Nine Gamma
Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English) as Nine Delta
Atsushi Tamaru (Japanese); Alejandro Saab (English) as Nine Epsilon
Nine Zeta (Non-Speaking)
Nine Eta (Non-Speaking)
Nine Theta (Non-Speaking)


Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese); Eric Vale (English) as Hachi
Marina Inoue (Japanese); Michelle Rojas (English) as Nana
Ami Koshimizu (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English) as Naomi



Delpha — the ship between Nine Alpha and Nine Delta
FutoKoko— the ship between Kokoro and Futoshi
FutoKuno — the ship between Futoshi and Ikuno
HaNa — the ship between Nana and Hachi
HiroIchi — the ship between Hiro and Ichigo
HiroMi — the ship between Hiro and Naomi
HiroZero — the ship between Hiro and Zero Two
IchiGoro — the ship between Goro and Ichigo
MitsuKoko — the ship between Mitsuru and Kokoro
MitsuKuno — the ship between Mitsuru and Ikuno
ZeroMitsu — the ship between Zero Two and Mitsuru
ZoroMiku — the ship between Zorome and Miku


HiroMitsu — the ship between Hiro and Mitsuru
HiroGoro — the ship between Hiro and Goro


IchiKuno — the ship between Ichigo and Ikuno
IkuNao — the ship between Ikuno and Naomi
MikuKoko — the ship between Miku and Kokoro
ZeroIchi — the ship between Zero Two and Ichigo


Teen Digit Trio — the ship between Goro, Hiro and Ichigo



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# portmanteau characters type
72 HiroZero Hiro/Zero Two het
35 MitsuKoko Kokoro/Mitsuru het
18 IchiGoro Goro/Ichigo het
13 ZoroMiku Miku/Zorome het
12 ZeroIchi Ichigo/Zero Two femslash
9 IchiKuno Ichigo/Ikuno femslash
5 IkuNao Ikuno/Naomi femslash
5 HiroIchi Hiro/Ichigo het
3 HiroMitsu Hiro/Mitsuru slash
2 MikuKoko Kokoro/Miku femslash
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