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DabiMagne is the het ship between Toya Todoroki and Kenji Hikiishi from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Chapter 77 (BNHA Smash)

After the Stain incident got very popular in the My Hero Academia world, villains starts applying to be part of the LOV. The one who succeeds will be part of the Vanguard Action Squad (Without Mustard) to kidnap Katsuki. Meanwhile in the Anime/Manga only Touya and Himiko showed up to the 'election', in the BNHA Smash, they shows us how it's really done. When Kenji introduces herself, she introduces herself by saying "I live my life free, not tied down by anything. Call me Magne", she said. And then after that, she notices Touya who's staring at her with a bored/confused look (We can't really tell, but it looked more like confused). Magne suddenly hold the both of her cheeks with her hand while blushing at him, Touya turns confused and Magne mutters something while trembling and heart beat goes up, confesses to Touya that his stare making her feels that it licks her all over. Touya became confused and asks her again, what did she just say? She jumps to Touya to hug him while saying that Touya is the only one person who she will let to tie her down. Touya became very confused and asks what's going on while telling her to cut her actions (Which she didn't, of course).

After that, Magne starts hanging out with Himiko. The league goes minding their own businesses and then Himiko suggested to Tenko to play games, that way they could know each other (New members) better. Magne agrees and said that it sounded fun, but Shuichi disagrees, he angrily pointing at her and tells her that there's no time to waste on such silly games, LOV ain't League of Best Buddies, LOV are League of Villains! Magne approaches Touya, trying to flirt. She said to him that he (Shuichi) is such a hard-liner (For some reason, the mangaka decided to bold the word 'hard'). But... she didn't mind that, and after the sentence, there's a love emote (♡). Touya became annoyed and asks if she drunk because she have been acting 'strange' all day, which Oboro and Tenko thoughts that who knows Touya were so innocent? Like he couldn't even understand that Magne is flirting with him! When Tenko gets back to the LOV with foods only for himself, the league except for Himiko is mad at him and Magne said that she would've brought some foods for everyone while taking a glimpse at Touya who just giving her a "What?" bored look.

Chapter 85 (BNHA Smash)

When Tenko are throwing tantrums because it's too hot when the league mount hiking, in the section "Burning Love", Magne notices something is wrong with Touya, so she asked if everything okay, which Touya replies by telling her that he got metabolism issues (He is indeed a fire quirk user, but he were born with a skin that could tolerate ice, not fire, so it's much weaker, plus considering him having a fire quirk that are more powerful from his father's). Magne touches Touya's skin from the inside of his shirt and confirmed that yes, it is indeed burning all over. She told him that she thinks that she should keep her hand in there for sure, which Touya uncomfortably replies by saying it's unnecessary. Magne continues by offering him some Barley Tea, that she brewed herself. She told him that it will help him cool down his body, which Touya turns her down and telling her to just leave him alone and worry about herself. Magne nods and replies "Okay, but I'm yours for life"


Magne“Th-That thousand-yard stare... it feels like you're licking me all over with your eyes...”
Touya“Huh? What'd you say...?”
— Touya and Magne when they first met
“Fine, but you're the only one I'll let tie me down”
— Magne when she jumps at Touya to hug him
“Everything okay, Sweet Dabi?”
— Magne notices something is wrong with Touya
Touya“Listen, Magne. Just worry about yourself and leave me alone, okay?”
Magne“*Nodding* Okay, but I'm yours for life.”
— Touya and Magne when she worries about him


Due to Magne being deceased so early in the beginning of the Shie Hassaikai Arc (Murdered by Kai Chisaki), this ship isn't particularly popular around the My Hero Academia fandom. But this ship is her most popular ship in the fandom. This ship got overshadowed by the existence of Touya's other popular ships such as TogaDabi and ShigaDabi. BNHA Smash readers, mostly find this ship interesting in how Magne tries to get close with Touya, even when Touya just pushes her away innocently. What a sweet trope, and because Magne strongly hinted to like Touya, this gained fans. But there's currently only 5+ fics of them on AO3.



Dabi/Magne tag on AO3


BNHA Smash


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